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Embarrassing Builders Bum! by Sophia - Mar 1 2010

I was in year 6, the first year of my new school and my class was in the hall rehearsing for a christmas play I think. Anyway, I was sat at the front of the hall on the floor with all the other girls, and the boys were at the back. Some other kids were on the stage rehearsing. When I heard all the boys start hysterically laughing and shouting. I turned around and all of a sudden they all started shouting BUILDERS BUM, BUILDERS BUM! I turned bright red and turned back around. I was so embarrassed I was frozen and didnt even pull my trousers up! So they all got a long stare! One of the girls next to me tried to put her coat behind me to hide it and turn me around, but it was too late. Do you think the boys or the girls will ever forget it? I know I won't. Everytime I think about it I cringe. Now I have done a lot of very embarrassing things in my life, but this just puts the icing on the cake!

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Floating Swimsuit by Yuu-chi - Dec 22 2013

It was a hot summer day, and my family and I have gone on vacation to the pool. We laid down the blanket and went in for a swim. It was a pool with salt water so I didn't have to worry about not being able to float(since I didn't know how to swim that well). I went in with my brother and we kept arguing with each other and making races trying to beat one another, when I finally notice something was odd. A few feet away, there it was, my swim suit. I tried going there but mom spotted me and told me the section there was for adults, so I had to get out of the pool naked, go around and tell her my swimsuit was on her side, all the while people were staring at me and laughing to their hearts' content. There happened to be a kindergarten girl I knew there, and she just stared at me. I was so embarrassed! The stares and laughter followed me till I returned to my blanket, wrapping myself with a towel and hiding behind my fathers' back. Back then I wanted to cry, now when I recall it, I burst out laughing!

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Mean Sisters by manders - Apr 5 2013

So I'm 16 and I have 2 older sisters (one is 18 and one is 21) and they each had 2 friends over that I know and I'm close with their friends as well. My parents were gone, and I was in my room on facebook. All of the sudden, my sisters and their friends bursted into my room, and my sisters both grabbed my underwear giving me the biggest wedgie ever! then they carried me downstairs by my underwear and hung me on the back of a door. Then, they all started taking all of my clothes off except for my underwear (because I was hanging on the door by my underwear) then they took my down and tied my hands and feet together and tied my down so that my butt (with my panties wedged in it) was sticking up in the air and they each took a turn spanking me. If that wasn't bad enough, the put peanut butter up my butt then hung me on the back of the door again and I was hanging there naked except for my panties for 45 minutes. They finally let me down, but then I found out that they videotaped the entire thing, and said that if I didn't do what they said for the next month, they would show it to my crush, friends, and anyone they wanted.

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Prank Call Goes Wrong! by Gabie - Sep 21 2010

(My name's Jessica!) Ok so i was over at my friends house and she was having a sleep over. We had all the friend group their too and we were all taking it in turns to do random prank calls. It was my turn an i dialled a random number i pretended i was indian. I said "Can i speak to jamaze now please?" And the other person on the other end of the line said "Im sorry Jessica but your friend is not here at the moment." And it turned out it was my mom i rang! She knew it was me because only that morning i was doing my indian acent!

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The Lost Bet by clocksarecool - Mar 20 2011

I made a bet with my best friend that said if the Stealers won in the Superbowl(of '11), then he had to run butt naked through a rural trail in a park forest. The same fate awaited me if the Packers won. Well, of course, I ended up losing and I ran a full three miles stark naked. When I got back, my clothes were gone and I ws stuck in the middle of a city park. Worst experiance of my life!

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This Happen Yesterday At Class by Amy2201 - Sep 18 2010

Ok now this is very embarrassing no one willl forget it happen yesterday. We went to P.E so i was sitting down and we went to take a trip around the field so i went there walking then my friends hurry to the bathroom emergency so i went walking there alone and this 3 guys were in back of me. So i was walking and everywhere i go they r there in back of me and i kept walking then we stop to sit down and drink water then the 3 guys were like to each other laughing and then i told this guy if i had something in my face he reply no. And then my friend comes and saids Wtf! i reply What? she goes u have a sign in ur back saying take my clothes off and fck me. Then im like so embarrassed cuz everyone was like laughing then this guy is like u have something under ur shirt then i took my shirt to see cuz i thought i had something under wich i did but by accident i took both of them and my bra show and then the 3 guys took the back part then im with my boobs out then i screamed and run away Soo embarrassing!!!!!!!! then everyone was like laughing now they got a nick name for me Boobgirl! it was freaking embarrassing i hate those 3 fat fck ! .

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Candy Corn Cutie by Cre8ive - Jan 10 2012

So my boyfriend of three years asked me to take some cute pictures of me almost naked such as bra and underwear or just covering certain parts. It was around Halloween so I had a bright idea to cover myself just in candy corn. I perchased some candy corn and rubber cement. I've used rubber cement tons of times so I didn't think it would b a problem to use it to apply candy corn to my boobs. So wen I got home I set up the camera and glued candy corn to my nipples using rubber cement. Took a cuple pictures laying down with candy corn all ovr me and glued to my nipples. Wen I was done with the pictures i noticed my nipples were tingly. So I took off the candy corn (more or less pealed them off painfully ... :/) my breasts started to sting horribly so I ran to the bathroom naked and tryed to peal off the rubber cement. Small blonde hairs I was unaware existed on my breasts pealed off with it making the pain worse. After I finally got the glue off I looked in the mirror only to find my boobs to be bright red where the glue last was. My nipples were soooo sensitive for three weeks after that but I sent my cute pictures to my boyfriend who will nvr know the rest of the storie... Was the worst way to find out Im alergic to rubber cement :/

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Really Really Embarrassing!!! by Amy2201 - Sep 7 2010

Once i was at the beach with my bff and my other one and 2 guys there my 2 bff said they were coming back so i went to the water and then i was there relaxing then eric comes and grabbed my boobs and im like running and taking hes hands off and he still doesnt let go. Then the other one came and did the same thing then they rip my bathing suite and one of them went underwater and took my bottom one and im like running then this group of guys laugh then my 2 bff were like What happen im like explaing them and running then they ran and got her extra clothes and she told me to put it on (Thanks soo much zoey)

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Dirty Pervert by Gabie - Sep 21 2010

Ok so one day i was eating lunch like a normal day then the phone rang. I picked it up and it was my Best friend Adam. He said do you wanna come hang out later on and i said yea because we allways ask eachother to hang out it felt normal. I took my coat because it was raining and when i got there he said "Omg! Are you allright? Do you want to put your clothes in the wash? I'll give some of my clothes." I said "Yeah, ok thx." So he took me into the laundry room and he started to help me take my clothes of but then it got out of hand. He started touching my boobs and putting his hands down my waist to my butt then he slid my trouses of and sunk his hands in my pants! I slapped him hard across the face. "What the hell do you think your doing?!" I shouted at him. "What do you mean?" he said. "Well your hands were in my pants and my bra!" i shouted. "Sorry. i'll get some clothes." he said. he hugged me i hugged back. Then when he came back he put this wierd think across my mouth and tapped me to a wall! He stripped me naked and kept on nibbleing on my boobs! He then took his clothes of and started whispering dirty things in my ear. He then had sex with me! I was a virgin until then! He then took a camera and took a picture of his penis in my vangina! He then decided to get a little to out of control hitting me and stuff. He then went to sleep leaving me there! I could just reach some scissors and i cut the duck tape. I then put my clothes on and called my older brother to come and beat the living shit out of him. He did just that and he said sorry and i then beat the living shit out of him too. But sadly he posted the pics on facebook and now we can't get them of.

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Embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!! Story!! by Amy2201 - Sep 6 2010

Once i was at my house i was getting ready togo to my boyfriend house so i brush my hair and dress up very nicely with a blue and green,purple dress it wa full with decoration. When i was done i put a very lovely necklace its a heart with a picture inside of me and him. Then i took my brother car (My car wasnt working) then i see it doesnt have gasoline and i didnt wanna stop in the middle of the street just cause it didnt have gasoline so i decided togo walking. I walk then rain was coming i got out a very!! long jacket that is up to my knee so i cant get my dress wet so i ran and ran til i fall in a puddle of water and dirt it was like mudd so i fell there and ruin my jacket good thing not my dress. I took my jacket off and ran then i look at my left and right see no cars coming and ran then i ran to my left and then went straight to this apartment and headed to the house that was close to the apartment FINIALLY IM THERE!!. I knock on the door and it open so i went inside and said hi and everything then hes like "What the heck happen to u"? then i answer back "It was raining too much and my brother car didnt have no gasoline" Then he answer "Oh next time tell me to pick u up and he smile" so did i. Then i was like freezing then hes like oh let me take ur dress to the washer im like no thx wat could i put under hes like just ur bra and ur underwear then im like no its wet to but im ok then he grabbed and took me to the laundry and took all of my clothes off im like give me my clothes bak then i was yelling and he didnt listen and wash it then hes like taking me to hes back yard he got water and he threw it to me im like running saying STOP! STOP! STOP! THEN HE TOOK ME INSIDE THEN HE PUT A TOWEL ON ME AND MY CLOTHES FINIALLY DONE I PUT IT ON FAST THEN IM LIKE LEAVING AND CURSING HIM. Then i said WE R OVER!!! Then hes like NO! Then he got me hes like i was trying to help and i push him then he grabbed me and put me against the wall and kiss me i slap him and said fck u motherfcker dont be kissing me u fcking inbred looking he did look a little bit like one then i embarrassed him my brother came and embarrassed him and everything

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