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My Revenge by betheladdis281 - Nov 8 2013

Well my sister embarrassed me in front of my crush now for some payback. I called sister Kylie to get down she saw that her crush was there she blushed and I said owe do you want to see some scrapbook of my sister I got the most embarrassing ones and showed him all the pictures then he lost interest in my sister and they never talked again.

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Tipsy sex With My Brother...! by AnaMarx - Sep 7 2014

My brother decided to host a party one Saturday night when our parent's weren't around. He invited a few of his friends and he said that I could join in the party if I wanted to as well. At first I wasn't so sure, but I decided to have a little fun. I was 16 and my brother was 19. Though I wasn't supposed to drink alcohol at my age, I still drank some, enough to get me quite tipsy. After everyone left with their friends that came with them and stayed sober, my brother and I sat down on the couch. We're very close, as in we barely fight and we like to do stuff together. He, also tipsy, decided to start and tickle me. After a while of uncontrollable laughter he stopped. Our lips were so close to each other and for whatever reason, I started to kiss him. Neither of us seemed to want to stop: We kept making out using our tongues within the kiss. My brother slowly started to take off my tank top and undo my bra as I unbuttoned his vest. Eventually we both were completely naked. He sucked on my breasts, we both gave each other Oral sex, and then we decided to give each other REAL sex... My brother sat me on his lap and put his penis inside my downstairs. It was my first time ever having a penis inside of me like that, so I was both scared and excited. My brother started to hump me and thrust his penis deeper in my as I moaned and bounced on his lap. I noticed that I started to bleed from down there, but my brother didn't want to stop, and neither did I. It felt so f*cking good! I didn't think it could get any better until my brother decided to suck on my breasts at the same time. A few times I had orgasms, but eventually my brother was at his peak. He ejaculated inside of me: All of his cum! That's when I remembered he wasn't wearing a condom... I wiped the blood and cum that was dripping from my downstairs and my brother's penis only to fall asleep and wake up the next day, cuddling with him naked... After he woke up alongside me, we decided to get dressed and go check myself to see if anything was bad. Thankfully for the both of us, I was lucky enough to not get pregnant, and neither me or my brother are the holders of a sexually Transmitted Infection. But my gosh... my first time was with my own brother, when we were both tipsy and without protection! It was so embarrassing for us, and it still is now!

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Umm Football Me Crap by rosestonton - Aug 23 2012

I was playing a 3v3 football im a 24 year old girl now my team was loseing 3-2 so we all had a plan so we where all in this little shed me and my team striped naked to have a 5 min shower but when we came out are clothes where gone thay just lifed are knickers and bras now my team put £50 in to win thay did the same so if we did not play we lose £50 or get embarrassed by the other team so we did i was in goal now it was a pen and my knickers where up my ass so wedgie + just knickers and bra + embarrassed = somehow i win my team 5-4 so we got £100 i was embarrassest but won

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Realisations by Malinda - Mar 16 2014

I was in Norwich and the beach there was just WOW! It had HUGE waves, and when I get hit by one I just fall! It is a VERY crowded beach with more than 300 people there for sure! I was just standing there, a massive wave hit, I fell. Everyone around me started staring, SO many teenagers, little kids, TONS of boys, even parents and grandparents. I looked back thinking they're looking at the beach and the waves, and then I realised that my swimming kit top just fell... My whole chest was showing and EVERYONE had seen everything and I grabbed my top and couldn't even put it on properly. I left the beach that second and everyone was eyeing me and laughing, winking etc. What a great holiday -_-

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7th Grade Dress Disaster by EmbarrassingEmily - Apr 5 2012

when I was in the 7th Grade, I went out to practice dancing with my class. After the lesson was over, I had stepped on something slimy and had to wash my feet with a nearby tap. It had been raining heavily for the past 5 days so the mud was wet and slippery. I was very careful with my footing until my friend distracted me and i fell down on my butt. And when I got up, there was a large brown wet patch on the back of my dress. Embarrassed, I got up and washed the back of my dress, and my foot. But still it was wetter than before and my other lesson was about to begin. I quickly went to the maids' room and called a maid and asked weather there were any more unused uniforms I could have. I got one but it was Extremely large. I couldn't wear it, so I went to my class as fast as I could.It was a good thing I was sitting in the corner of the last row, because I could slide against the wall and quickly sit down on my chair before anyone notices the back of my dress. If I had been on the front row, all the boys and girls would have seen my wet patch.

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sex Fail by anongal - Jun 29 2011

So, I was 16 and I had been with my boyfriend for 2 years, you'd think after that long we'd get bored even a little? NOT AT ALL. We were still having sex 5 times a day. And whast worse, he lived in his parents house. Even at age 21.. Well most of the time having music on was a big help. He also loved to cover my mouth and pull my hair. Which was super kinky to me. One day, for once, NOONE WAS HOME! the whole pack except he and I had gone up north for 5 days. Which was the first time in our entire relationship the house was free of obstacles. So of course, we got right into it. Candles, collars oils. Right on the livingroom floor. We had been going at it for just about an hour, I was free to moan like a....well I dont know. Like a woman having a great orgasm. We loved heavy metal and loved playing it rough, so I bet you can guess what is going to happen, well no you cant. While he was holding me in the air ramming me the whole nine yards. It turned out, that just an hour or so into thier trip, they got into an accident- the trailer had lopsided and the vehicle turned over. Noone got hurt, but -yes- you guessed it- the whole family. Crying and trembling, came into our livingroom sex dungeon...Fall blown porno like sex, even the 9 year old got a full view. So what does he do? he drops me, I land on a candle, burn my ass and inner thigh and start screaming like a - well not a woman having an orgasm. His mother wanted to help, but I jsut got up and ran, past the 4 siblings, the mom, the dad, the dog. And left my bf standing there naked... I was never the same. Thank goodness he's now my ex and ;I dont HAVE to face them EVER again!!!!!!!!!!!yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes!

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Pee Pee Play by Megan - Jul 26 2011

I was the main role as a circus girl and on our last night my parents, 4 siblings including 3 older sisters and 1 older brother along with a video camera came to the play. Our drama teacher gave us soda before and I had basketball before the show so I drank 4 glasses. Right before my lead I really had to pee so and since my costume is a one piece I can't go in the show but I tried and all the bathrooms were used so I found a dark empty electric room I threw off my clothes and was about to pee when my teacher came looking for me about to open the door when I ran into a closet I had not seen before then the lights clucked on and I saw rows and rows of people I was on stage! I peed my leg for a minute completely naked all on video the audience laughing and I think my teacher stole ny one piece! So embarrassing.

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Sister by coolaid - Mar 11 2014

I was 8 years old and I had got a new pack of tighty whities so I put them on and we were going to the beach. So I put my speedo on and a shirt and we went to the beach. So I was building a sand castle in just my speedo. Apparently some of my tighty whities were showing. And my sister thought of something. I went swim and she swam with me. I ducked under a large wave but I felt something in the back of ny butt. It was my sister giving me a wedgie. She lifts me off the ground and puts me in one of the ladies lockers in the ladies bathroom. She also took my speedo so I was left in my tighty whities. A couple of ladies come in but they ignore me. My sister comes in and pulls on my legs which causes my tighty whities to rip. After that she takes me naked and spanks me till the end of the day. Then I have to go home naked with only a short shirt. When I got home my brother wedgies me till all of my underwear rips. My sister took me naked to wallmart and bought me a new pack of tighty whities. She spanks me with one of her belts if I do something bad

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Worst Moment Eva Xx by Worst moment eva xx - Jul 26 2011

Well i was about 8 when this happened... I was waiting for the bus as me and my exbezzie were coming home for mcdonalds with her sister and the doors around us were glass and i was tired with waiting for the bus. So i decided to lean on the glass doors well i wish i hadn't.....The bus had just turned there and i fell right through the door thinking i wass leaning on glass worst of all my crush and all the other people were laughing histerical at me. What a cringe.

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The Towel And Dog by amypicsxx - Oct 22 2010

well where to begin i guess here. me and my exboyfreind were on holiday in turkey with a ground floor apartmant but thats enough background for now we had just been for a long walk so i was gonna take a shower and go swimming well myex boyfreind took all my clothes and told me they were outsideturns out they werent but i went out with just a towel on big mistake my boyfreind thought it would be funny to take my towel off now im completly naked and locked out now because while i was stunned by what happened my boyfreind locked the door it gets worse a man was walking his dogs without leads on stopped to talk to talk to someone a few apartments away leaving his dogs to investigate the knocking well i was bent over out of breath when one of the dogs licked my pussy i was so taken back by this i fell over the one who licked my pussy continued even though i was kicking it the other decided to lick my tits i managed to get up but only onto all fours one started humping me from behind my ex boyfreind then saved me

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