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We All Done It My Towel by rosestonton - Sep 1 2012

Right i went for a shower and came out btw im a 24 year old girl so i came out with my towel on and it was so i how so i dident put my clothes on any way i sat down for a bit then the door was being knocked so i no my bff was there shes a girl so went to the door opend the door boom towels on the floor my bff seeing me naked cars going by cant get much wose as soon as i bent down to pick up my towle she had her mum and dad with her nice

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Boob-tastic by yorsinda - Apr 23 2011

Last summer, I was invited to one of my older friend's summer pool party at her gigantic house. When I was getting ready to leave for the party, I couldn't find my bikini top. At the time, I was a C cup, and since I couldn't find any of my bikini tops, I thought it would be a good idea to wear my sisters instead, but she was a D cup. I thought that if I tightened the bikini extra tight, I wouldn't have a problem..but I was wrong. Throughout the whole party, I kept almost having it slip right off me, which would be super embarassing since most of the people at the pool party were guys who were all older then me (I was 16 at the time). A couple of hours passed and we all decided to have a cannon ball contest to see who could do the biggest cannon ball. When it came to be my turn, I made sure that I tightened my top before jumping but I guess that wasn't good enough because when I performed the best cannon ball possible, I couldn't even tell wether the top was still on the whole time so when I came back up from the water and all eyes were turned on me.. I had no idea that my boobs were COMPLETELY uncovered for everyone to see. A bunch of guys started hollering and when I looked down, all I could think was FML. I started looking for the bikini top and it took me a good five minutes to find it since it sunk to the bottom of the pool before I could get it back. Right after I found it, I put it back on and decided to stay out of the pool for the rest of the party while all the guys tried to untie my top once again to see the barely hidden treasure. I had to wait 2 hours until I could get picked up. After this incident, I'm always sure that I have a well fitted bikini top before going swimming, or better yet.. A one peice!

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Driving Across Arkansas In Our Bras by Anemone - May 28 2014

Well, my friend Jessica and I were driving from Oklahoma City to Franklin as the last leg of a longish trip, and we were getting a bit restive (and peevish, if you must know). Anyway, we were approaching Arkansas, easily the most boring state of the fifty! I mean like turbo-boringgggg! We talked about dares. Jessica dared me to drive across Arkansas t-shirtless, just in my bra. To egg me on, she took off her t-shirt. Now I wasn't going to chicken out, so I peeled mine off too. We flung them in the back seat, vowing not to put them back on until we had reached Memphis. We figured we could do it, if we didn't require pee stops, so the dare was on! We were making good time, past Russellville, Conway, and places never to be seen unless magnetic forces draw us off the interstate. However, bad news! An Arkansas State Trooper started to follow us, and OH shit! He had is light on! No way of shaking him, so I pulled over. Here this state trooper sauntered over to the car, determined to enforce the laws of Arkansas as he was sworn to do and issue a citation. Only to find two women in dressed in shorts and only their bras. He asked, "What's going on?" I explained that we had a dare going on, they we were planning to drive across Arkansas without our t-shirts. For some reason or other, it made cosmic sense to him. "You're bored, aren't you"" I had to agree that I was. "Well, I won't write you up for speeding; but keep under the speed limit until you're Tennessee's problem." His facial expression might be described as a s**t-eating grin. He was as good as his word. He let us go with a warning, and a comment. "That's a nice shade of pink you're wearing!"

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Soccer Fart! by Mischa - Feb 17 2011

i remember when i was 11 i was in the kids soccer team.Im one of the quietest person there.i dont poo everyday only once a week or so. so one day when we were warmimg up for another game i had gas on my stomach so i tried not to fart so i kept playing until i farted loud in front of a chatty annoying soccer mate.he said eww and told everyone including the coach that i hated him so i farted at his face. i was so red and embarassed that i wanted to go home really go home.when i went home i told my mum about it and my nanny and told them i dont wanna go back again they laughed and told me to tell the coach that i needed to poo that day that i had an diarrhea but of course i didnt say that after that i never went back to that soccer club EVER!

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Spanked By My Friend's Mom by coolaid - Mar 12 2014

I was at my friend's house and we were pming outside in his backyard. He and I messed every thing up. His mother was mad beciase it takes a long time to clean the backyard She said to me that if she didn't tell my parents she would have to spank me till I peed. I agreed not wanting my parents to know about it. My friend went first and he came out crying naked. When I went in the room she told me to get naked. I did and then bent over her lap. She spanked me until I peed. After that I borrowed my friends tighty whities because my tighty whities were wet and smelled. I came out crying naked. It was painful and embarrassing. I was naked and spanked by my friend's mom

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Mean Sisters by manders - Apr 5 2013

So I'm 16 and I have 2 older sisters (one is 18 and one is 21) and they each had 2 friends over that I know and I'm close with their friends as well. My parents were gone, and I was in my room on facebook. All of the sudden, my sisters and their friends bursted into my room, and my sisters both grabbed my underwear giving me the biggest wedgie ever! then they carried me downstairs by my underwear and hung me on the back of a door. Then, they all started taking all of my clothes off except for my underwear (because I was hanging on the door by my underwear) then they took my down and tied my hands and feet together and tied my down so that my butt (with my panties wedged in it) was sticking up in the air and they each took a turn spanking me. If that wasn't bad enough, the put peanut butter up my butt then hung me on the back of the door again and I was hanging there naked except for my panties for 45 minutes. They finally let me down, but then I found out that they videotaped the entire thing, and said that if I didn't do what they said for the next month, they would show it to my crush, friends, and anyone they wanted.

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Do You Want A Bite by bigmike - Aug 24 2011

im 15 me and all my school friends decided to play a joke on the school retard, one of my friends took out a cheese sandwich from his bag and took it to the toilets, we all waited wondering what was going on, a while late he came out and showed us he had cum in the sandwich he told us all to do it and we will feed her, so we all took it in turns to take it in the toilets, Once we had all finished we wrapped it in foil and acted casual. we all began to talk about food when we stood next to him, i then pulled out the sandwich and offerd it to him, he accepted the sandwich and began to open it, all of a sudden these big tough guys came over and asked what we were doing with one of there brothers, we all acted innocent, the retard showed his brother th sandwich and he was very angry my friends ran away and i was left, the pinned me down and forced the sandwich in my mouth, i gagged and was sick but they made me eat it again. i thought this was the worst part but then the all started to pee piss on me, all of a sudden the biggest guy go his dick out and started to cum all over me, when the others saw this they copied and before i knew it i was covered in white goo,.....but it got worse, the kid we were trying to bully shit on me and rubbed it all over my face and hair. iit was horrible, i then had to walk around school coverd all day as i live in a rural area and had no way of getting home, im now known as shit cum face buttie eater, i hate my life, i have no mates

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Gag-a-rama by Barry - May 1 2010

I used to date this girl named Sara and she loved to playfully do role-playing. It might seem kinda weird but we had a lot of fun. One of the roles that she liked to play was being my Dominatrix. One of my most embarrassing moments came from one of these role-plays. Sara had taken me to the mall to buy some thong panties and took me back to her place. When we arrived at her house, her ex-boyfriend and two of his friends were there waiting for us. She asked me to strip down to my thong panties and perform fellatio on each of the guys while she watched. It took her awhile to persuade me, but she did. I slurped on the first two guys and worked them very thoroughly - they both finished in my mouth. Sara had me swallow each time. Then her ex-boyfriend started to force-feed me and even hard-core gagged me repeatedly for like 20 minutes. Sara seemed to love it. When he was done with me, I felt like a total slut but Sara said it was great. I felt sooo embarrassed about it. That was the first of about 20 times that role play was played out for Sara and I.

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Guys Shouldnt Wear Panties by Bert14 - Jul 13 2011

I was with my cousin on vacation and we were in this clothing store where they keep the light low so its dark. Well i was wearing some skin tight girl purple panties because they feel comfortable. Well i was in the changing room and couldnt see and i was in my shoes and panties and i fell over and pulled the door open and i fell out and the door closed and it lock automatically so i was stuck in walking around the store and saw my cousin leaving (i was 14 he was 13) and i accidentily ran out into the wide open the mall as people laughed and took pictures and the mega screen in the center of the mall was zoomed in on me. I was so embarrassed. And to make it worse the door slammed so hard they cant open it so i had to walk out in my purple panties and we were gonna stop by this big hospital to check on a family member and my uncle and aunt made me get out! So i was laughed at all they way up to the 7th floor and harrassed in the elevators. My cousin even pantsed me when a huge crowd was waiting on me infront of the elevator! Im still trying to get back at him.

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Hair Fail by Alexxiiiaa - May 24 2013

Last summer I highlighted my hair. I liked it, but when I would tie my hair in a pony-tail, it would leave a skunk mark right down the middle of my head. So I decided I wanted to change my hair to a warm brown. When I rinsed my hair out, it turned out red!! I have to go to softball practice tomorrow and it is going to be so embarrassing!! At lease I don't look like a skunk anymore... :)

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