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The Day I Learned About A douche by candy - Apr 27 2013

Ok so my whole family went on taxation when I was 12. We were at the beach. I was laying in the sun and mom and all the girls was goin shopping. I didn't want to go stay I stayed back with my uncle. Well I feel asleep out in the sun for a while so when I woke up I went on inside to the bathroom. While I was in there I noticed what looked like an air freshner. It had a flowerdy sent but I didnt knw how to get it together. So my 12 year old little self takes the package to my uncle and asks him how to put the sir freashner together. He just looks at me and tells me to wait for my mom. Needless to say I learned that day that a douche was not an air freshner. And my family still picks on me about that!!!!!

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Bikini Prank by Embarrassing - May 17 2013

I had gone to sleep on the beach. I was with 30 guys from my class. While I was asleep one of them had cut the straps of my bikini and as soon as they started tickling me I got up and my bikini fell off and I ran to find something to cover me up but they had taken photos and videotaped itand they put it on the internet.I was so angry and dumped my boyfriend who did it.

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Horrible Uncle by mad max - Nov 7 2010

We were Having a bbq for my 16th bday and, i was getting a shower before getting ready and my uncle walked in and saw me naked, he then went and told my friends i had a small weener, so when we were setting the garden up before every1 came my mates pinned me down and stripped me and took a photo of me, and showed every1 then to make matter worse my uncles son who is 12 started laughing and saying his was even bigger than mine, so my uncle was told him to show every1, so he did so my mates took the piss out of me becoz my younger cuz had a bigger weener than me, it was so embarrissing

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Im A Teen Boy by brandonfinch - Aug 23 2012

I was playing footy with my two bros one is 21 the other is 31 so i was in goal it was just a little kick about i saved some and had some put in but one shot i striched my leg to stop the shot and stoped it but then my 21 year old bro shed you have ripped the leg of your jeans i rent in the house embarrassest

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Sisters Revenge by Billy - Jul 27 2013

My older sister was talking to this guy she liked once and I thought it would be funny to pants her in front of her crush so I did! She turned bright red and told me she'd get me back but I thought nothing of it. Later that week on a late start school day I was having my morning shower when my sister started screaming! I ran down to see what was happening and she ripped off my towel and pushed me out the door! I pounded on the door but it was no use! I knew my sister was driving me to school so I started to get nervous! I knew my sister wasn't mean enough to drive me to school completely naked! But she did come back out with pink flip flops and a dress! It was horrifying as soon as I got to school I changed into my gym clothes and wore those the rest of the day! Needles to say that was the last time I messed with my sister!

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Mean Sisters by manders - Apr 5 2013

So I'm 16 and I have 2 older sisters (one is 18 and one is 21) and they each had 2 friends over that I know and I'm close with their friends as well. My parents were gone, and I was in my room on facebook. All of the sudden, my sisters and their friends bursted into my room, and my sisters both grabbed my underwear giving me the biggest wedgie ever! then they carried me downstairs by my underwear and hung me on the back of a door. Then, they all started taking all of my clothes off except for my underwear (because I was hanging on the door by my underwear) then they took my down and tied my hands and feet together and tied my down so that my butt (with my panties wedged in it) was sticking up in the air and they each took a turn spanking me. If that wasn't bad enough, the put peanut butter up my butt then hung me on the back of the door again and I was hanging there naked except for my panties for 45 minutes. They finally let me down, but then I found out that they videotaped the entire thing, and said that if I didn't do what they said for the next month, they would show it to my crush, friends, and anyone they wanted.

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Spanked Again by coolaid - Mar 12 2014

I was at my friend's house and we were playing outside in the backyard and we messed up every thing. His mother came and was really mad because it takes a long time to clean up his backyard so she told me that if she didn't tell my parents she would have to spank me till I peed. So my friend went first and he came out crying and naked. I went in the room and she told me to get naked. So I did and then bent over her lap. She spanked me until I peed. I borrowed my friends tighty whities because my tighty whities were wet and smelled.

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The School Play by Katrina - Jun 27 2006

My embarassing moment was when I was in my school play. I was the lead character and was about to go on. Of course, when you are back stage is the worst time to need to go to the bathroom. I had to pee soooooooo bad so I ran to the bathroom an got back just in time. I walked out on stage and the crowd started dying laughing. I was getting nervous because I didn't do anything funny and I didn't know what they were laughing at. A boy next to me told me that my dress was messed up (it was like a 50's play so I had to wear a dress) and I looked down and saw the front of my dress stuck in my underwear. The whole school and their families and friends were all there and no one let me forget about how stupid I looked.

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Too Relaxed by sirius - Jan 17 2014

Most embarrassing moment ever - One time I picked up this really hot guy off the street and we went back to his place. He was rimming me and I farted in his mouth LOLZ!!! I saw him often because he lived nearby but I had to avoid him at all costs after that.

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The Lost Bet by clocksarecool - Mar 20 2011

I made a bet with my best friend that said if the Stealers won in the Superbowl(of '11), then he had to run butt naked through a rural trail in a park forest. The same fate awaited me if the Packers won. Well, of course, I ended up losing and I ran a full three miles stark naked. When I got back, my clothes were gone and I ws stuck in the middle of a city park. Worst experiance of my life!

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