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The Shower Scene by GamerPlaysGames - Nov 22 2015

So my i moced into a house but theres this large window right beside the shower and i am stupid so i forgot to close them then i showered and measured my boobs and checked the nipples then shook them then masturbated dried ky hair then masturbated again then i checked my boobs for their nipple hair then i started shaving and waxing my parts then i look throught the window and the whole football team is there I AM MORTIFIED and i try and close the window but its stuck and the door knob falls off and its a tiny bathroom so im stuck there and usually i would ask my mom to get it for me but i had the house to myself cuz they went to disneyland for 2 weeks and i would run to my room if i was home alone so i start running but tht made my large boobs jiggle faster and higher and the guys started getting a ladder to get a better view so im panicking and i fall on the floor and im in doggy position trying to help myself up and i hear this outside my window U FORGOT TO SHAVE UR PUSSY AND Try and hide behind a table that looks EXTREMELY small then they break in take me down somehow and didnt fall from the ladder they get me drunk so i have sex with the hottest one there in public on a building roof then it gets too rough and he drops me on the floor i get a few cuts and i have fainted but they leave me there and i didnt realize i was naked so when i woke up i decided to go to the mall to shop for clothing food ect. And ppl start whistling and i just notice and pay for a huge plant and go back home wow the best day ever ? -.-

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Tenant Troubles by sonotcool - Sep 20 2013

So I just moved in to a new place, and my bathroom faucet leaks terribly. So I told my landlord and he set up an appointment with a plumber to get it fixed. Now as a single person I of course have a vibrator that I decided to stash under said faucet in my bathroom. Well I had forgotten all about where I placed it and went to go grocery shopping in the morning, and when I came back the plumber was already there and what was sitting out in the open on my bathroom floor but the bright pink vibrator!!! And if I wasn't there to let the plumber in my landlord must have been and I can only hope that he did not see it as well

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Naked At Wine Gala by Akki - Nov 6 2014

I was once asked to work as a waiter at a wine gala. This was in my college days. Once I got to the event, I realised that I had to wear a toga. The guy helping me change into it noticed that I was wearing black underpants. He asked me to remove them. I did so. The toga was then wrapped around me. I was handed a tray of drinks and headed out. The first hour went by but I noticed that the pun holding my toga together was not as firm as I thought it was. Decided to put my tray aside and head back to the dressing area but before I could, I was approached by two ladies who started admiring my toga. To my horror, one of them slipped her finger under the pin and took it out! The entire toga felt to the ground. There was silence and then laughter! Lots of it. I politely handed the tray to the lady, covered up my front and ran towards the dressing area. But by then, they all had a look:-)

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Umm Football Me Crap by rosestonton - Aug 23 2012

I was playing a 3v3 football im a 24 year old girl now my team was loseing 3-2 so we all had a plan so we where all in this little shed me and my team striped naked to have a 5 min shower but when we came out are clothes where gone thay just lifed are knickers and bras now my team put £50 in to win thay did the same so if we did not play we lose £50 or get embarrassed by the other team so we did i was in goal now it was a pen and my knickers where up my ass so wedgie + just knickers and bra + embarrassed = somehow i win my team 5-4 so we got £100 i was embarrassest but won

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Stain For Life! by Foziwi - May 23 2013

My embarrassing story has two parts 1st Initial Phase I have been very timid person when I was young, once in my class when I was in 5th std I wanted to go to washroom to pee but the teacher in class refused to let me go so I waited and for next two periods in class teacher did the same, and in the end it became so urgent that I had to pee in my pants. It humiliated me in front of all my friends and teachers and had to live with that ruined image pretty much throughout the high school. 2nd Relapse After passing my high school I was happy that I don't need to face it all again but after two years I bumped into that teacher who refused to let me go, in a mall she was with her kid, I greeted her respectfully and didn't felt ashamed to make eye contact as i passed that phase, she greeted me nicely as well. But after 5 minutes her kid came running to me and said you wet your pants in school, I felt bad. and that was the most embarrassing moment of my life.

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Stripping On A Rollercoaster by GamerPlaysGames - Nov 22 2015

Like the other story i wrote i always fall everywhere but when i dont wear panties and wear a skirt and fall ppl just help but this time its different i went to a rollercoaster and my friends dared me to start stripping when the ride begins cuz its nighttime and there was barely anyone but i didnt know tht this ride takes alot of pictures and i thought i was with my friend and i sit down with a hot guy from my class and he was the most popular in school so when i started stripping i lost my top cuz it was going super fast when i was taking my pants off it landed on his face i didnt notice and he starts to stare at my boobs and my friends were sitting behind me and undid my bra andi lost my clothing except for my panties and my friends ran away and this guy just started to take my panties off it took a while but he did and he threw it over the edge and stared at me intensly then took tons of pictures and when the ride was over the football team was there and they picked me up tied my hands and took me into the forest and left me there i broke free but i was being followed by 1 person on the football team he helped me and walked with me home and now everyone has a picture if me naked GREAT

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A 'cheeky' Summer by Nicky247 - Jul 15 2014

I'm a guy. I was 17. It was summer. I live right next to, in fact pretty much on, a beach. Me and A LOT of friends were meeting up for a lovely day at the beach, sounded fun. NOTHING COULD GO WRONG, RIGHT?.....Well, I was preparing to go out, I knew what shorts I wanted to wear, and I knew my mates would want to go swimming in the sea. My Father's words rung in my ear ''You never wear boxer shorts under your swimming trunks''. Seemed fairly common sense to me. But this would turn out to be a HUGE mistake....I left my house, the walk to the beach took less than 5 minutes, but there were SO MANY PEOPLE, you could barely see 5 feet in front of you. I met up with my friends, and after about 30 minutes my friend came up to me and said ''Uhh, mate...why is your ass on show?''...I proceeded to check, and the shorts I chose had a HUGE HOLE IN THE BACK. It was MASSIVE. I don't know how I didn't notice the breeze. All the girls were either laughing or shrieking in terror. I will never live it down. And I am still teased about it to this day.

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Stripped While Parasailing by Koolio - Apr 30 2013

I'm 17 and I'm 5 foot 11 inches tall. Last summer, I had a girlfriend who always pressured me to have sex but I've always said no. Her best friend's dad owned a parasailing boat. One day, they invited me to go parasailing on the beach. I've always wanted to go parasailing and was looking forward to it. When I got there, my gf immediately brought me to the parasailing boat. I go all hooked up and she hooked a rope on my bathing suit. The rope was attached to a pole lodged in the ground. When I took off I was initially having fun. Then, the rope ran out of line and my swim trunks came off. I was screaming help but I was only calling attention to myself. I used my hands to cover my penis. I screamed for the boat to stop and they started pulling me in, when they unhooked me I jumped in the water and wouldn't get out. My girlfriend and her friend couldn't stop laughing. I was completely mortified!!!! She wouldn't give me my trunks unless I got out and took them. After 2 hours in the freezing water I decided to make a run for it. When I got there they said that they wouldn't give me my trunks unless I removed my hands from my crotch. I finally removed my hands and they couldn't stop laughing!!! I looked down and saw that my penis was shrunk down to just a nub. They said that a 2 year old had a bigger penis than that. I said "PLEASE give me my trunks back, I would do ANYTHING!!" They said that I had to go back in the water for 10 minutes, so I did. They got a 2 year old and told me to come out. They said that they had to compare my penis to the 2 year old's so I did, we stood side by side and they took a picture. My penis was only half them Size of the 2 year olds!! They started laughing uncontrollably and started to call attention to myself. They finally gave me my trunks when I threatened to tell their parents and deans. They lost the pictures when I threw their camera in the water. But the damage was a Ready done.

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Bathing Suit Disaster by Swanton - Jun 19 2011

I was invited to a swimming party when I was about 16. My mother was strict and would only allow me to wear a one piece since there were going to be boys at the party. Mom and I went shopping and finally found a bathing suit we both could agree on in all white. I was amazed at the amount of attention I got from all the guys at the party despite the fact I wasn't wearing a bikini. It wasn't until I went to the restroom and looked in the mirror that I realized that the bathing suit was completely transparent when wet.

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The T-back Of The Tiger by Barry - Nov 24 2012

My ex-girlfriend and I had been dating about 3 months, when I went over to her house for the day. We had went hiking and both of us were sweating by the time we got back. We were going out with some of her girlfriend to a club that night, so we both wanted to take showers before we went. I brought a change of clothes for going out but forgot to bring a clean pair of underwear. I told her that I would go back to my place to get ready but she wanted me to stay at her place. She offered to let me wear a pair of her undies. I agreed for her sake but asked her to pick a pair of her panties that were not overly effeminate. She brought me a silky tiger-print thong panty. I glared at her but tried them on and - surprisingly - they fit pretty well. They did not cover much but they were comfy. We went out to the club and she must have told her girlfriends about the panties. While I was standing talking to one of her girlfriends, the other two snuck up behind me and gave me a quick wedgie in that tiger-print thong. They were laughing so hard and I was laughing too - I fell to my knees and they just kept holding on to that thong panty. A lot of people saw it and I was totally embarrassed. Her friends started calling me "tiger" and still ask me, whenever they see me, if I'm wearing thong panties. It is so embarrassing!

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