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Accident In My Pants by zcat - Dec 13 2012

This is the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me. ok i was out with my friends at this party, there were lots of cute guys including my crush! I drank a lot of coffee beforehand and i arrived needing to pee quite a lot. i decided i wouldn't run to the bathroom because it was rude so i held it as long as i could but then had to give up and go. so i went to the bathroom but there were two people in there doing youknowwhat so i had to leave. i was really desperate by now, holding myself. then my crush came up to talk to me!! i was soo desperate i felt sick! then he touched me on my arm and said something and i just lost control and peed all down my legs and i was wearing a miniskirt so everyone saw! MORTIFIED xx

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Friends Saw My boner by The tanticle - Mar 8 2012

I just finished 10th grade and one of my friends had a sleep over. It was a pretty boring night. We all just stayed up late watching movies. I had to go to work early the next day so I set a loud alarm. When it went off everybody woke up. I turned it off fast and got up from the floor where I was sleeping, not remembering I only had boxer briefs on and my morning erection. Of course the girl I had a crush on there saw it and said nice tent u got going there in your beds. I was so embarrassed.

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Towel Trippers by lepord & T-rex - Mar 28 2013

i was at my cottage with my mom,grandmpa,uncle,his kids,his friend and her 2 kids.her daughter is my age and supper hot her name is Kiara.for a few days we started to get used to eachother more and hang out alot.But one day my 2 little cousins were fishing on the dock, i was swimming near the shore and kiara was playing with her little cousin just a few feet away from me.we were joking around until she told me i had a fishhook caught to the butt of my swim trunks.i didnt beleive her until she pullede on the line i was attatched to and my little cousins at the end of the line holding the rods and laughing their heads off.she had to bend over and try and get me was one of those big hooks with 9 tiny hooks to get out.after 15 minutes of that they didnt wanna come out so she yelled for my mom.i had to strip naked on the small shore while my mom wraped a towel around me.kiara didnt look but when i was going into my cottage my cousins thought it would be funny to step on my towel while i was walking.unfortinatly i wasnt holdin g on tight enough and the kids ran away with my towel. so there i was standing butt naked penis and all,exposed infront of a girl i liked. and get this i was in too much shock to cover myself and she was too much shock to cover her eyes.i turned blood red. :$

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Panties Exposed In Class by Saltalamaccchia - Aug 13 2010

the button broke on my pants in the morning before school. and i fell asleep during class. the teacher woke me up and told me to walk to the front of the class and do five jumping jacks so i could wake up i had to pee really bad. everyone was watching right as my pants fell down to my ankles and my icarly panties were exposed to everyone ( white pair with yellow trim and miranda cosgrove on the front). i was so nervous that i started to pee and i drenched them. my new nickname is Pee Pee was humiliating...

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Suck On It by Penny - Mar 15 2008

My neighbour, Alex, was over at my house one day, and we were on the trampoline. (BTW, he's 1 year younger than me) and we were jumping and fooling around like we usually do. We usually joke around and kiss each other on the cheek and everything. But I went to purposely fall down, and he landed at the same time as me. But his legs sorta flew open and I fell down right between them, and he started laughing. I jumped up and almost fell down ontop of him. Then, later on, I was kidding with him and said that if he grabbed my boob, which he did, that I was gonna bite his thumb (lame, I know, but it's a long story) so he did, and I grabbed his thumb, but he didn't think I was actually gonna bite him. But I did, and he said it didn't hurt. So I chomped down on his thumb, and he yelled out and laughed. Then he started yelling "Kiss it!" "Suck on it! Suck on it!" And he was shoving his thumb in my face, but what makes it super embarrassing is that my front door was open, and my dad was in our living room, and he heard everything that Alex was yelling, and it sounded so wrong..... But it was hilarous and even now he keeps on telling me to 'suck on it' and whenever he says that, people think he really means 'SUCK ON IT!'

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I Went For A Run, And Everyone Saw Most Of My Breasts! by Julia E. - Jun 7 2014

I bought this brand new super sexy sports bra. The only problem was, it was a size to small for me. (I have huge 28L breasts, but the biggest sports bra available at the time was 28K.) I was also wearing short running shorts. My boobs didn't fit all the way into my bra, but my breasts were very firm, so instead of the sides sticking out, my breasts pushed the bra outwards. So every time I took a step, my boobs bounced a little, and everyone could see the sides, underneath, and top of my breasts.

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sex Fail by anongal - Jun 29 2011

So, I was 16 and I had been with my boyfriend for 2 years, you'd think after that long we'd get bored even a little? NOT AT ALL. We were still having sex 5 times a day. And whast worse, he lived in his parents house. Even at age 21.. Well most of the time having music on was a big help. He also loved to cover my mouth and pull my hair. Which was super kinky to me. One day, for once, NOONE WAS HOME! the whole pack except he and I had gone up north for 5 days. Which was the first time in our entire relationship the house was free of obstacles. So of course, we got right into it. Candles, collars oils. Right on the livingroom floor. We had been going at it for just about an hour, I was free to moan like a....well I dont know. Like a woman having a great orgasm. We loved heavy metal and loved playing it rough, so I bet you can guess what is going to happen, well no you cant. While he was holding me in the air ramming me the whole nine yards. It turned out, that just an hour or so into thier trip, they got into an accident- the trailer had lopsided and the vehicle turned over. Noone got hurt, but -yes- you guessed it- the whole family. Crying and trembling, came into our livingroom sex dungeon...Fall blown porno like sex, even the 9 year old got a full view. So what does he do? he drops me, I land on a candle, burn my ass and inner thigh and start screaming like a - well not a woman having an orgasm. His mother wanted to help, but I jsut got up and ran, past the 4 siblings, the mom, the dad, the dog. And left my bf standing there naked... I was never the same. Thank goodness he's now my ex and ;I dont HAVE to face them EVER again!!!!!!!!!!!yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes!

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Stripped By Bullies by ac - May 13 2013

I have several embarrassing stories but I will start by telling the one that started it all. In kindergarden I was small for my age and I had a speech impedement the school was a k-6 grade school and for some reason the staff thought it was a good idea to have the kindergardeners and sixtth graders to have recess together. There were three sixth grade girls who had been bullying me the whole year, mostly making fun of the way I sounded, but this time they went a little further during recess they hollared at me to get my attention. When they got to me they wasted no time in pushing me to the ground, one held me down, one stripped me and the other one collected my clothes from the stripper. As if being forcefully stripped in school isn't bad enough they then carried me around the playground and then into the school as the bell was ringing. Finally a teacher intervened and made them put me down as soon as I was back on the ground I ran to the only place that didn't have students nearby... outside. The teachers never did come to collect me or give me something to cover myself with so I found a bush to hide behind and thought about what to do next about 30 minutes later my mom showed up with clothes to put on unfortunately she brought my younger brother who found the whole situation hilarious I got dressed and my mom took me home early where I was later ridiculed by my siblings

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Ebrassing!!! by farrah101 - Aug 30 2010

About when i was 15 i was going to school walking and it was raining and i was running and finially i made it to school so i got to class and the teacher was saying what we need todo for a project and she said ima pick ur partner and i was soo nervous that i was sweating soo she put me wit alex and she said start doing ur project outside with ur partner and alex and me needed to pick a place so we pick the place under the tree where theres shade cuz it was SUPER!!!SUNNY!! soo he was starting todo it and me 2 he had a crush on me and my cuzin since 3rd soo he looks at me and i was doing my project and he got off my pony tail im like UMMMM..... why did u took my pony tail off hes like i love ur hair long wit ur beautiful face im like Aww thx and i pick it up then im like one minute gotta go to restroom so i went to the restroom and i walk the stairs cuz in r school there stair so he went to the other side and when i got to the restroom i was picking up my hair and then someone put there hands in my mouth and then it took me to the rest room and it was alex!! and then he started kissing me and i push me off and ran and he grabbed me and i fell in the grass then he fell too then hes like plzz i really wanna kiss u im like leave me alone then i was walking away from him and i look down and i see that my pants is off and i ran away i was with underwear and then i put my pants on and went under the tree and he came and said srry for wat i did is just i really like u then he look at me i look bak and smile :) then he smile bak and he kiss me i got soo furious IM LIKE STOP KISSING ME I ONLY SMILE AT U CUZ U SAID SRRY BUT IT DOESNT MEAN I LIKE U THEN THE BELL RING AND I WENT HOMEE EARLY THEN MY BROTHER WAS LIKE WOW U REALLY HURT THAT GUY FEELING IM LIKE WELL HE KISS ME AND I DONT LIKE PPL KISSING ME WHEN I SAID STOP!! HES LIKE OH WELL HES REALLY SAD IM LIKE ILL GO CHEER HIM UP IM LIKE WHERE IS HIM AND MY BROTHER IS LIKE HES IN THE BACKYARD SO I WALK TO THE BACKYARD AND MY BROTHER FRIENDS AND ALEX TOOK ALL OF MY CLOTHES OFF !! then they got me and threw me to the pool im like screaming saying STOP!! BUT THEY STARTED LAUGHING THEY GOT THE WATER BALLONS AND THREW IT TO ME IM LIKE STOPP AND COUGHING SO THEN WHEN I LOOK UP A BUCKET FULL OF MUDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY BROTHER FRIEND THREW IT AND ALEX IS LIKE CRACKING UP THEN THEY LEFT AND ME TRYING TO COVER MY SELF AND THEN I DIDNT WANNA GO INSIDE SO I CLIMB TO MY ROOM MY HOUSE IS REALLY BIG AND IT HAD STAIR SO I SEE THE ROPE THAT MY BROTHER ALWAYS USE TO SPY ON ME AND LOOK IN MY ROOM SO I GOT THAT ROPE CLIMB AND I SAW MY WINDOW OPEN IT AND FELL AND FELL TO THE CARPET I DID LIKE A FRONT FLIP SOO I OPEN THE DOOR WENT TO THE SHOWER ALL CRYING THEN I WAS WASHING MY SELF THEN I CAME TO MY ROOM AND STARTED CRYING THEN I SAID TO MY SELF WELL FCK IT IM NOT GONNA CRY FOR THAT I NEED A STOP BEING A pussy AND KICK THERE ASSES SO WHEN I SAW THEM WATCHING THE VIDEO I GOT MY ALEX AND PUNCH HIM AND I GOT THE VIDEO TAPE PUT IT IN THE FLOOR AND JUMP ON IT AND THREW IT TO MY BROTHER THEN I GOT ALLL OF THE CD AND THREW IT TO MY BROTHER FRIEND THEN I STARTED KICKING MY BROTHER AND HE FELL AND I STARTED OUNCHING HES FRIEND SO THEN THEY GOT SOO FURIOUS AND THERE LIKE SRRY SRRY AND IM LIKE PUNCHING THEM AGAIN IM LIKE LAUGHING AND THATS ALL IT EAS EBRASSING AND FUNNY

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The Towel And Dog by amypicsxx - Oct 22 2010

well where to begin i guess here. me and my exboyfreind were on holiday in turkey with a ground floor apartmant but thats enough background for now we had just been for a long walk so i was gonna take a shower and go swimming well myex boyfreind took all my clothes and told me they were outsideturns out they werent but i went out with just a towel on big mistake my boyfreind thought it would be funny to take my towel off now im completly naked and locked out now because while i was stunned by what happened my boyfreind locked the door it gets worse a man was walking his dogs without leads on stopped to talk to talk to someone a few apartments away leaving his dogs to investigate the knocking well i was bent over out of breath when one of the dogs licked my pussy i was so taken back by this i fell over the one who licked my pussy continued even though i was kicking it the other decided to lick my tits i managed to get up but only onto all fours one started humping me from behind my ex boyfreind then saved me

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