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If you're here to discover the most embarrassing stories of nakedness and humiliation, from the wild and wacky to the down right indecent, you've come to the right place.

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Sister And A Change??? by ryan s. - Dec 3 2011

Growing up I always jacked off to the site of my sister and her huge D cups. I did that till I was about probaly 13 or 14 years old. But once I hit puberty and I started growing my sister change. One night I really had to go to the bathroom so I ran to the toilet and I started taking a crap. I didn't even notice that my sister was half naked only in her bra and panties. She's just staring at my errection and starts to giggle. I tried to cover it up but my body was growing and I couldn't cover it all. But my sister just left. Later that night while I was sleeping(and I'm a heavy sleeper) I woke up with a start and find my sister pulling down my pants. She sees me and asks me what do I think??? I told her she's fucking crazy but then she does the most amazing thing ever she "accidentlly" falls over hits her huge boobs on the side of my bed and they pop out! After that she ask me what I think I'm all like oh fuck yeh those are fucking huge sis. She tells me to touch them touch them and so I do they feel amazing I'm getting a huge bonner and all of asudden my door bust open and my crush who is 18 (I'm only 15 at the time) comes in naked. At this point I'm fucking drolling. But then my sister just starts laughing and shows me a video camera. I was so fucking pissed off but I got to see and touch so big ass boobs!!!

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True Princess Leia Bikini Story by the listener - Oct 11 2013

When I was 9 years old, I didn't have a lot of friends. Therefore, I hung out with my brother and his friends. I was kind of a tag-along. He was 10, and I was younger than everyone in their group. Anyway, if you included me, which most of them didn't, their group consisted of 5 boys. Having said that, we were all real young, and liked to play silly games. One thing we did was act like we were characters in our favorite movies and get into adventures and stuff. One day, one of the boys suggested we played "Return of the Jedi." Our plan was to use sticks as light sabers and the bad guys would be pretend, so we would just strike the light sabers at air. As far as costumes, we decided to use bed sheets, towels, stuff from the Halloween box, and tinfoil armor and stuff for costumes. You know, silly kid stuff! Like, the boy that pretended to be Luke, for example, was able to find a black cape in the Halloween box and hide his light saber in it. You know, stuff like that. So, when it came time for us all to call the characters we were pretending to be, one boy called Han Solo, another boy called Chewbacca, my brother wanted to be a "white" Lando, and the last boy called Luke Skywalker. By the time it came to me, no other male characters were left, (none of the main ones anyway). Since there were no girls in the group, they all asked me to play Princess Leia. My first thought was, no way am I playing a girl's role! But they all used the whole "you're a chicken" technique and the whole "we need someone to play leia, so we beg you to do it" technique. One of the boys was even clever enough to point out that men played women in old Shakespeare plays back in medieval times. Even as a 10 year old, he was that clever! Anyway, so eventually I said yes, but made them swear not to tell anyone. After they did, I grabbed a white sheet to make into a robe and said that would be my costume. They all said no, however! They told me Princess Leia wore white white robes in the death star in one of the other Star Wars movies. They wanted to act out scenes from Return of the Jedi. I didn't remember what Leia wore in the Jabba the Hutt scenes in that film, but they all laughed and my brother's friend, (whose house it was), snuck off into his sister's bedroom for a minute or two. Here's the embarrassing part: he came out of his sister's room with a bikini in his hand. He handed it to me and told me that would be my costume. I went back to saying "no way," but I don't know why, somehow they convinced again, but it took longer. I'm not gay, but at 9, I was naive. Anyway, I guess Leia wore a gold bikini in Return of the Jedi when she was Jabba's slave, so I can see why they picked that. I once again, made them promise not to tell anyone. So I went to the bathroom to change. They all got to put their costumes on over their clothes. I was so embarrassed, I had to take mine off to put the bikini on. When I walked out there, it was real embarrassing to see them fully-clothed, and I was standing there in a girl's skimpy bikini. I remember it was green with white polka dots. The most embarrassing part was when his mom and sister came home. At first, his sister was annoyed that I was wearing her swimsuit, but after a few moments, she said to me, "for a boy, you look in a bikini." That was the most embarrassing moment of my life.

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First Time At Nude Beach by Jimbo6647 - Nov 8 2013

I was 28 years old when this happened to me. I am a nice looking guy with a nice muscular body but always had insecurities about my body. I thought one way to overcome some of these insecurities was to go to a nude beach. Being from the midwest, I never an opportunity to go to one until I had to attend a conference for work in Miami. I decided to arrive a day early and go to a nude beach. It was something I wanted to do and thought it would be a way never to see any of these people again. So, I arrived in Miami, checked in and went straight to the nude beach. I was really nervous so stayed in my bathing suit for like the first hour. I looked around and no one was even paying attention to me. So, I removed my bathing suit and laid there to sunbathe naked. Again everyone was minding their own business so I was feeling comfortable. I decided to stroll down by the water. My heart was pumping loudly as the thought of people looking at my naked body. I think my hands were even shaking. I stood in the water up to my knees just to cool off. Out of the corner of my eye, I felt like there were people standing there looking at me. I started to feel insecure. Finally I turned to see who was looking at me. As I turned my head, I heard someone call my name, "Chris?" I turned and saw three ladies who I work with and they were completely clothed. They were also attending the conference but I had no idea they were coming down a day early too. They were walking the beach and strolled into the nude beach area. There was nothing I could do. I just stood there, completely naked. They got closer to me and started making small talk, talking about where I was staying, how my flight was, etc. They were all in their 40's so they were trying to be respectful, keeping eye contact with me and not looking down. I was still humiliated, standing completely naked next to 3 women that I work with everyday. Then one lady broke the ice and asked if I am a nudist. I am now really embarrassed as the subject of my nudity has come up in conversation. I told them that it was my first time. Then for the first time I caught their eyes looking up and down my body. The all took a few steps back so they could great a better look at my body. They said I had nothing to be embarrassed about. It was at that point that I was feeling totally exposed. One of the ladies then walked behind me and commented that I had a great ass. They all giggled and made me turn around and show them my butt. One lady commented how cute it was that I had alittle hair in my crack. Everytime I looked into their eyes, they were looking down at my cock. I was really uncomfortable and embarrassed. I kept saying I was going back to my blanket but they kept talking to me, making me stay there knowing how uncomfortable and embarrassed i was. I could feel my face turning red and my heart was pounding. They were then commenting on different parts of my body, abs, biceps, but the worst was my legs. They were all commenting on my quads but I know they were staring right at my cock. How was I going to face these ladies at work, ladies I worked with everyday? I finally excused myself and said I was going back to my towel. As I walked away, they stood there and watched me. I felt so violated. As I laid there re-living that experience, it was both humiliating. The next week at work, they told everyone that they saw me naked. Some of the younger girls in my office would tease me saying it wasn't fair that some women saw me naked and they didn't. But they always made suggestive comments like they have seen my body. Thank godness there were no pictures - or was there???

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The Look Of Fear by Arizona - Jun 26 2012

So it was a hot Thursday in mid summer and while im being stupid and flipping my hair after swim practice, i walk into a pole right? So blood is draining out of my nose and there i am in the changing room, More then half naked, i slip in the small pool of my nasty nose blood. while scurrying to keep my ballance and hideing from my friends, i run into an open locker and fall backwords over the bench in the middle of the walk way. About a good 45 minutes later i wake up to a loud cellphone ringtone, dried blood all over my face and towel, and of coarse....a pitch black locker room :c

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Revenge!!! by Koolio - Apr 30 2013

These 3 girls always terrorized me in my freshman and sophomore years. They were a year older than me. When I was a junior I got invited to a beach party where there were mostly seniors. I was invited because I owned a parasailing boat. The 3 girls wanted to go parasailing so I hooked them up. They said eww why are u here and starting making fun of me. I attacked ropes to each of there bikini tops and bottoms. The ropes were attached to a pole anchored to the ground. They took off and when they got a couple hudred feet, the rope ended and pulled all their bikinis off!!! They started screaming yelling to let them down. I let them down at the beach and everyone saw them naked!!! They started screaming for their bikinis back but their bikinis were ripped. They started crying and we videotaped it all. They got teased everyday and they left me alone.

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Tied To Lampsost by flower girl - Oct 17 2012

I still cant belive this happend, once my boyfriend at the time tied me to a lampsost and i sed oooh kinky and he sed just wait,yanked my pants sown and panties,lifted my top and bra then told everyone to take pics and do what they want so they all had sex wiv me,fingerd me till i cumed and shave my pubes off!( i am very developed for my age,13) it was so embarasing

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Dirty Pervert by Gabie - Sep 21 2010

Ok so one day i was eating lunch like a normal day then the phone rang. I picked it up and it was my Best friend Adam. He said do you wanna come hang out later on and i said yea because we allways ask eachother to hang out it felt normal. I took my coat because it was raining and when i got there he said "Omg! Are you allright? Do you want to put your clothes in the wash? I'll give some of my clothes." I said "Yeah, ok thx." So he took me into the laundry room and he started to help me take my clothes of but then it got out of hand. He started touching my boobs and putting his hands down my waist to my butt then he slid my trouses of and sunk his hands in my pants! I slapped him hard across the face. "What the hell do you think your doing?!" I shouted at him. "What do you mean?" he said. "Well your hands were in my pants and my bra!" i shouted. "Sorry. i'll get some clothes." he said. he hugged me i hugged back. Then when he came back he put this wierd think across my mouth and tapped me to a wall! He stripped me naked and kept on nibbleing on my boobs! He then took his clothes of and started whispering dirty things in my ear. He then had sex with me! I was a virgin until then! He then took a camera and took a picture of his penis in my vangina! He then decided to get a little to out of control hitting me and stuff. He then went to sleep leaving me there! I could just reach some scissors and i cut the duck tape. I then put my clothes on and called my older brother to come and beat the living shit out of him. He did just that and he said sorry and i then beat the living shit out of him too. But sadly he posted the pics on facebook and now we can't get them of.

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Suck On It by Penny - Mar 15 2008

My neighbour, Alex, was over at my house one day, and we were on the trampoline. (BTW, he's 1 year younger than me) and we were jumping and fooling around like we usually do. We usually joke around and kiss each other on the cheek and everything. But I went to purposely fall down, and he landed at the same time as me. But his legs sorta flew open and I fell down right between them, and he started laughing. I jumped up and almost fell down ontop of him. Then, later on, I was kidding with him and said that if he grabbed my boob, which he did, that I was gonna bite his thumb (lame, I know, but it's a long story) so he did, and I grabbed his thumb, but he didn't think I was actually gonna bite him. But I did, and he said it didn't hurt. So I chomped down on his thumb, and he yelled out and laughed. Then he started yelling "Kiss it!" "Suck on it! Suck on it!" And he was shoving his thumb in my face, but what makes it super embarrassing is that my front door was open, and my dad was in our living room, and he heard everything that Alex was yelling, and it sounded so wrong..... But it was hilarous and even now he keeps on telling me to 'suck on it' and whenever he says that, people think he really means 'SUCK ON IT!'

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Accident In My Pants by zcat - Dec 13 2012

This is the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me. ok i was out with my friends at this party, there were lots of cute guys including my crush! I drank a lot of coffee beforehand and i arrived needing to pee quite a lot. i decided i wouldn't run to the bathroom because it was rude so i held it as long as i could but then had to give up and go. so i went to the bathroom but there were two people in there doing youknowwhat so i had to leave. i was really desperate by now, holding myself. then my crush came up to talk to me!! i was soo desperate i felt sick! then he touched me on my arm and said something and i just lost control and peed all down my legs and i was wearing a miniskirt so everyone saw! MORTIFIED xx

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The Accidental Art Class Strip by AliceCleave - Aug 2 2014

My best friend had told me that her art teacher required help for certain things, and thzt if any of the students had friends that were willing to help them, that it would be appreciated. She asked me, and I didn't have anything else to really do, with my boy friend out of town, so I said yes. As I got there, all of the students sat down around circular wooden platform. there were about thirteen of them, maybe? About seven of them, if not more, were boys. The teacher told me to come with her into her office room, and told me to strip naked and pose so that the students could paint me. I obviously got really nervous and tried to protest, but in the end, I didn't want to let my best friend or the teacher down, so I grew a pair ( if that makes any sense, since i'm a girl ), took off my clothes and went out. I sat down on the platform, and the teacher told me to lean a little bit backwards, using my arms to keep steady, and spread my legs. Now that was embarrassing, considering two boys were right in front of me and could see everything! I was told not to move at all, so I did my best to obey it... My best friend was so guilty after the session that she said she would do anything to pay me back for this. But I didn't really mind... it was an honest accident, but I still know that to this day, she regrets that accident and feels bad for it.

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