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Bathing Suit Disaster by Swanton - Jun 19 2011

I was invited to a swimming party when I was about 16. My mother was strict and would only allow me to wear a one piece since there were going to be boys at the party. Mom and I went shopping and finally found a bathing suit we both could agree on in all white. I was amazed at the amount of attention I got from all the guys at the party despite the fact I wasn't wearing a bikini. It wasn't until I went to the restroom and looked in the mirror that I realized that the bathing suit was completely transparent when wet.

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Camp Embarrassment by betheladdis281 - Nov 8 2013

I was 14 years old and my mom made me go to a stay away camp for 15 year old they still accepted me because of my great grades in school then a girl who was like the leader of the cabin said there was an initiation to get it. They all laughed the leader said " If you don't do the initiation we will prank you in horrible ways all summer". I said " Ok I will do anything the initiation is". Then she said it would be a surprise what it was going to be and had to wait till tomorrow. It was night so we all got into our bunk beds I was on the bottom they said I had to because I was a rookie. When I woke up there was 3 16 year old boys staring at me I asked " How did I get here" then I noticed I was on a floaty in the lake and it was in the middle and I was naked I screamed. Everyone was laughing and taking pictures and videos this was obviously the initiation. Then the leader said I had to stay there for an hour long did I care what she said yes because she could make me sleep outside so I had to stay there for an hour and no one got bored then a boy jumped in the lake that was worse because I was in a lake naked with a boy who was 16 and I was 14 and 3 quarters. When the hour was over I ran to my cabin and the girls said I was officially initiation ed I didn't listen I called my mom and she picked me up and me went home I didn't tell her the story I said something bad happened when I told my 3 bffs this story they felt sorry but they laughed I laughed to because I turned 15 that day

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Ticklish Shower Embarrassment by Jcows - Jan 26 2015

So, hey. Today I am a 24 year old man. I had quite a few embarrassing incidents in my time, this is probably one of the worst: So at the time I was a fifth grader, maybe a bit more or less. It was that age when everybody is really embarrassed about their body and being naked and stuff, even among members of the same sex. I was at a friend"s house with a few other guys, maybe four or five, all dudes, and we were playing soccer. By the time the game was over, we were all sweaty and really hot, and since we were suppose to meet up with a few girls later and, as said, we were embarrassed about being naked aroung each other - we decided to take turns having a shower at the place. Now I was kind of evil back at the time, you know, being a kid, and I remember the first or second guy who took a shower being like my nemesis or something. So ehile everybody was hanging down stairs, I said I wad going upstairs to use the bathroom. When I saw the bathroom door and heard the water flow, I knew it was my chance to humiliuate him omce and for all. So with a devious grin, I sneaked up, openned the door extremely quietly, without him even noticing and closed it behind me. I was already smiling with pleasure, thinking of the mischeif I was about to do. I sneaked up to the shower curtain and pulled it wide open, and his naked, wet, pale butt was right in my face. I literally fell backwards and started laughing histericly as he blushed rose red and could not decide which side is more important to cover. He told me to get out, he did not yell because he was afraid the other boys would hear and come see what all the fuss was about. Eventually I left him alone, and I headed back downstairs, thinking I have gotten away with my little prank and that no one will ever know. I couldn not possibly be any more wrong. In a matter of fact, revenge came less than an hour later (well, you know - Karma is a bitch), when it was MY turn to shower. I think I was the last to go in, or maybe one before the last - I did not really wanna go in because I was afraid of payback but I convinced myself he did not have the guts to do anything. So I took my clothes off and put them by the door, and stepped into the shower. I closed the curtain and took a shower and everything went fine. Now, this might be a good oportunity to mention that I was AMAZINGLY ticklish, all around my body. It was aweful. The only one who knew about it was the boy I taunted earlier, my "nemesis". He also knew how much being tickled embarrassed me (BTW today I am a lot less ticklish, I do not really know why). So the shower went fine, but when I stepped out I found out that my clothes were nowhere to be seen. I was standing there, wet and naked, hyterrically looking for any piece of clothing. Of course I found nothing. Luckily, the towel was still in it"s place, and it was actually quite big, which is the reason I ever aggreed to lay foot outside the bathroom door. I wrapped the towel around my waist,since I did not know how to tie it I held it with my hand. I stepped outside the bathroom, wearing absoloutly NOTHING but the towel. The corridor was empty, so I started walking towards my friend"s room. Just as I entered, the lights went right open and all of the guys were standing there. As I was still wearing the towel, they were just giggling. Even though I was feeling very embarrassed, I should mention I was a pretty short kid, therefor the large towel covered my waist and most of my legs and gave me a certain confidence, so I started looking around for my clothes, trying to ignore them. But just then, my nemesis" voice behind me asked how come I was not laughing with everyone, and that towel is really not a good colour on me. He said he had and idea how to fix both problems, and with those single words, he stuffed his fingers into my armpits and wiggled them with a great grin on his face, making me screech with laughter and drop my towel, to the great joy and laughter of my friends. It was horrible. They were just rolling around with lauhter. I am pretty dark, somewhere around light cinnamon, (but with really noticible tan lines), but I am sure even through that colour my blush was visible. I was SO embarrassed and I tried to cover myself up, but they would not let me: One guy grabbed my arms and lifted them high over my head, while another started tickling my underarms mercylessly, making me laugh and screech and move my body hysterricly trying to avoid the fingers. As I metioned earlier I am ticklish ALL AROUND, so very soon they discovered the special reactions rubbing my ribs would provide, squeezing my sides and inner thighs and tickling my belly. The most aweful moment was when the discovered my corch: Until then, I did not even know I was ticklish there! But my laughter and smiling made them continue and explore so appearently stroking fingers up and down my butt cheeks and around my hips would make me jump around and scream in laughter. We were so young none of this had any sexual meaning to us, so with me being the only carrier of the embarrassment they kept going, until they finally pinned me down and tied me to the bed, tickling me and taking pictures of my naked butt cheeks. They never acctually spread the photos or did anything really bad with them, but they did use to taunt and blackmail me with them for quite some time, until we became more comfortable with ourselves and it became nothing but an inside joke.

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Dress Malfunction by nicki apples:) - Mar 11 2013

My mom and I were shoppng for dress for the homecoming dance, and I saw this really cute short dress I wanted. the only problem was they did't have it in my size:( so I had to get it two sizes bigger. So I went to the dance with a whole bunch of baby pins stabbing me. So when a slow song came on me and my bf went out to dance. I felt the dress slipping but I though my big boobs would hold it up until the end of the song, but then my bf spinned me and my dress fell down to my ankles. I was standing there completely naked and on top of that I forgot to shave my vag.:/ talk about embarassing.

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Privates Exposed!! by Shinobiwun11 - Dec 20 2012

I was at a huge party with some friends. It was the biggest party of the year and everyone was there. This girl I really liked was having shots with me and flirting a lot, and she wanted to fool around. So we went to a room and started messing around. She took off her top and let me play with her privates, and then she started taking off my pants and pulled my underwear down. When she did that and looked at my privates, she gasped and her eyes got big and I guess she was excited at how big I was. It must have really turned her on and we started having sex. I started to put it in her and it wasn't easy, she was really tight and it wasn't going in. I asked if she was a virgin and she said not even close, so I got some lube but it wouldn't go in. I pushed harder and finally the head went in and she started screaming. I didn't think I was that big but she stopped me and said she couldn't take it. I was disappointed and she felt bad so she tried to give me a bj, but she couldn't get much in her mouth, so we got dressed and went back downstairs. she went to her friends and I went to mine. Later that night when more people left, her best friend grabbed me and asked if she could see my dick. Her friend told her I was big and she wanted to see, and she grabbed my crotch and she got really excited. We went up to another room and she wanted to have sex. I told her the last one couldn't take it and she said she could, so I started putting it in and it took a while but finally it got partly in and we started having sex. I was so drunk I started pounding her vagina like crazy, and she was screaming her head off and cumming all over the place, and I looked down and she was bleeding. I asked if she was on her period and she said no, so I must of been tearing her up pretty bad. Afterwards she said I was by far the biggest she's ever had and couldn't believe I was so big, and she never came so many times before. She was freaky and wanted to take pictures, so she snapped a few with her Iphone. I told her to keep them private and she said ok, but the next week I had random girls coming up to me wanting to see it. It was flattering but very embarrassing and I felt like a piece of meat and being used for my large member. I am not a mindless sex animal I do care about other things, it just annoying to deal with that all because the girl I liked couldn't take my penis.

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Soccer Fart! by Mischa - Feb 17 2011

i remember when i was 11 i was in the kids soccer team.Im one of the quietest person there.i dont poo everyday only once a week or so. so one day when we were warmimg up for another game i had gas on my stomach so i tried not to fart so i kept playing until i farted loud in front of a chatty annoying soccer mate.he said eww and told everyone including the coach that i hated him so i farted at his face. i was so red and embarassed that i wanted to go home really go home.when i went home i told my mum about it and my nanny and told them i dont wanna go back again they laughed and told me to tell the coach that i needed to poo that day that i had an diarrhea but of course i didnt say that after that i never went back to that soccer club EVER!

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Wet Incident by no name - May 9 2010

it was just a regular night over the summer. it was the usual of staying up late, drinking alot of soda before bed. well i woke up around 4 am, because i had a strange dream about peeing. i felt really odd and was about to go back to bed, that is untill i felt something really wet on my shorts. i looked down and noticed that i had an accident. my family was sound asleep (thank goodness) so i took the soiled sheets and hid them in a different room, then i replaced them. luckily my parents never found out cause if they did then i would probably be wearing a diaper right now. although i got off with out getting in trouble, it was still embarrassing knowing that me, a teenager wet myself in the middle of the night.

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My Mom Saw Me Naked!!! by Thinnerkat - Feb 18 2014

One day in the last summer I was 15 and it was just me and my mom home and I went to take a shower when I got out my mom went to sleep then I walked past her but then she got up and started to tickle me and I loved the feeling when she touched near my tip of my penis! I accidentally dropped my towel, butt naked I tripped over the towel on my back my mom seeing everything and she was wearing no panties just a long shirt and I saw her vagina and I got hard and she noticed and said I know your embarassed so she said its fine to get horny when you see one since she believes you should get used to looking at a girls private parts at a young age she let me jerk off and touch her vagina and after that I'm never embarassed for her to see my penis I love it because now I want to have sex with her!

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A 'cheeky' Summer by Nicky247 - Jul 15 2014

I'm a guy. I was 17. It was summer. I live right next to, in fact pretty much on, a beach. Me and A LOT of friends were meeting up for a lovely day at the beach, sounded fun. NOTHING COULD GO WRONG, RIGHT?.....Well, I was preparing to go out, I knew what shorts I wanted to wear, and I knew my mates would want to go swimming in the sea. My Father's words rung in my ear ''You never wear boxer shorts under your swimming trunks''. Seemed fairly common sense to me. But this would turn out to be a HUGE mistake....I left my house, the walk to the beach took less than 5 minutes, but there were SO MANY PEOPLE, you could barely see 5 feet in front of you. I met up with my friends, and after about 30 minutes my friend came up to me and said ''Uhh, mate...why is your ass on show?''...I proceeded to check, and the shorts I chose had a HUGE HOLE IN THE BACK. It was MASSIVE. I don't know how I didn't notice the breeze. All the girls were either laughing or shrieking in terror. I will never live it down. And I am still teased about it to this day.

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Beaten Up By A Girl In The 6th Grade by steve450 - Aug 5 2013

This is a true story that happened to me in the 6th grade. I suppose I was about 12 years old at the time and it involved 3 girls I went to school with, Stacy, Lisa and Christine. I was out with a friend after school and we were just hanging around, browsing in a record store. Well, in walked 3 of our classmates, the 3 girls mentioned above. Our school had about 100 students per grade and all of us had gone to school together since 1st grade so we knew each other quite well. However these girls and I traveled in different circles and we didn’t normally socialize. Well we exchanged minor small talk, and all of us left the store around the same time. It was winter and there was plenty of snow on the ground, so my friend and I made a few snowballs and threw them at them, which they too responded by throwing a few back. To me this was my misguided way of flirting with them. This went on for a few minutes before they became tired of the little game and started to walk off. Well I was enjoying this and didn’t want it to end, so I pursued them maybe 50 feet behind and continued to throw a few snowballs at them every block or so. After about 10 minutes of this they really began to grow tired of it and began telling us, mostly me, to knock it off. I persisted. What I really wanted was their attention again, but my method obviously was not working. To add the visual to this, we all attended a Catholic elementary school, and since it was right after class let out, we were all dressed in our school uniforms. For them it was maroon plaid skirts and white shirts, and my friend and I grey pants, white shirts and ties. I always wore my uniform impeccably so I’m sure my tie was real straight, never loosened at the top and shirt neatly tucked in. Being winter all of us were wearing coats, but it was relatively warm that day despite the snow on the ground so they were light and open. As for the girls, Stacy was an attractive athletic blonde haired girl, Christine was petite and cute and Lisa, a red head, more or less average. All were nicely figured and put together and of course, I was attracted to them (as I was to just about anything female at that age). As for myself, I would not have classified myself as good looking, although allot of the girls at the time from the way they interacted with me seemed to disagree. I was blonde, and despite being tall and skinny, I heard some of the girls in my grade refer to me as “absolutely adorable”. As for my personality, I definitely was not part of “the popular crowd”, but I venture to think I was considered one of the nicest guys in school. While I was not overly religious I none the less always tried to live by a motto “to serve, and not be served.” I always tried to practice the concept of putting others ahead of myself. I would do just about anything for anyone, sometimes to the point where I was taken advantage of. I was the kind of guy that if I had one pen and you forgot yours I would give you mine and then just do without. That was just the way I was. Unfortunately, today I was being an ass. When hormones are firing you don’t think with the right brain. With me still in pursuit they cut through a park. After persisting more, Stacy very angrily turned around and shouted at me “knock it off”! Finally this sank through the thick layers of my adolescent scull that they were DONE. So I ceased. But I had one last perfectly formed snowball I had made in my hand which I needed to get rid of. So I tossed it high in the air in the general direction the girls were heading. All day I don’t think I hit these girls with 1 snowball. I could not hit the side of a barn standing 6 feet from it. Well this last snowball came down like a mortar shell right onto the back of Stacy’s neck. I’m sure half of it went down her shirt. When I saw this happen I was speechless. She spun around with a look in her eye like a bull seeing red and ran up to me. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head down. Then she started kicking. The first kick hit my thigh and did nothing. The next 3 landed straight between my legs, mercilessly smashing my balls each time. It happened so fast I couldn’t react. All I heard was her friend Lisa yell “STACY NO”! The 3 kicks are hard to remember individually. It was mostly a shockwave, then quickly followed by indescribable pain. She let go of my hair, and at that moment I realized there was no way I was going to be able to remain standing. I was almost unable to breathe. I began slowly doubling over trying to grasp what just happened. Then, apparently Stacy had backed up and took a very carefully aimed final full force kick, which hit my nuts completely dead on and with way more force than any of the previous 3. Probably 2 seconds had passed between the 3 kicks and this one. I didn’t see it coming at all and I swear for a moment I could feel my testicles in my throat. I collapsed instantly. It was as if my legs had been removed from under me. I went down so fast her foot was still partly between my legs as I fell. She almost fell on top of me as she nearly lost her balance. My memory of the next part is a little blurry. I remember her friend Lisa coming up behind her and giving her a shove and screaming at her “STACY YOU NEVER DO THAT TO BOYS!!!” I also remember her saying to her a few other things like “What is wrong with you?!” and “You just don’t kick boys there”! While Lisa scolded her friend I was laying on the ground moaning, whimpering, and rolling around writhing in pain and clutching my crotch with both hands putting whatever effort I could toward trying not to cry. To me that would have been the ultimate humiliation, to burst out crying in front of these girls. A couple of tears rolled down my face but I managed to otherwise contain it. Pretty soon a complete nauseous feeling overwhelmed me. My next concern was trying to not throw up. Luckily I was successful in holding that back too, but it was touch and go for minute. The only thing that seemed to help at all was laying in a fetal position with my hands between my legs, which I did for a quite a few minutes, slightly rocking and quietly moaning. My friend was long gone, don’t know what happened to him. It was just me laying there with these 3 girls standing over me not really knowing what to do. At one point I placed my hand on Stacy’s shiny black shoe (I remember it distinctly) and just squeaked out a little high pitched “I’m sorry”. I forced it out at that moment as hard as it was to do primarily because I just didn’t want her to kick me anymore. I didn’t think she would but I wanted to do all I could to prevent it anyway. At one point Christine said “I think he might really be hurt”. Stacy said “He’ll be alright, my brother does the same thing when I do it to him”. But to test the theory they decided to try to sit me up. The first attempt didn’t work and I just had to roll back over into my now usual fetal position. I told them to please give me a minute. A few minutes past and they were finally able to sit me up. I again apologized to Stacy, this time I was a bit more able to be sincere. What I had done was so out of character for me. She knew me and she had to know I would never have done it on purpose, but I didn’t bother trying to excuse myself. It was my fault it happened and that was the only fact that mattered. I sat there for another minute getting really cold and somewhat wet as the snow melted under me. After letting me sit for a bit longer and recover some more I think they noticed I was getting really cold. They surrounded me, put their arms under mine and slowly helped lift me up, then supported me as they moved me back a couple of feet to a short wall, where I was able to sit. I was so not feeling well at this moment and sure I looked a bit green. I still wasn’t breathing normal. At least one hand never left my crotch. Having it there was almost involuntary. Anyone who this has happened to can tell you the pain is very strange after it happens. One moment you feel almost OK, like you’ll be able to deal with it, and then a moment or two later its unbearable again. So I sat there waiting for the waves of pain to subside. Once again I apologized to Stacy and the other girls as well and to my surprise Stacy said “I’m sorry I did that to you too. Its just that you got me so mad”. We mutually apologized a few more times. Stacy finished by saying “I’m glad you’re ok and again, I’m really sorry”. I suspect she was embarrassed by the whole incident too. At this point Lisa suggested she get her mom to drive me home. No, no, no, no, no. This would add another whole level of humiliation to the entire thing. So at that point I mustered up all I had and said, no, I think I’m ok now and slowly stood up. My knees were shaking. I spent a few moments very slowly tucking my disheveled shirt neatly back in and pulling my tie nice and straight again, somehow trying to restore some of the dignity I just lost. Once done I started to slowly limp away. At that moment the girls let out this spontaneous giggle. I know I was quite a sight. They asked again if I was ok and if I needed any help home or anything. My balls were throbbing in pain still, but I assured them I was fine and slowly limped off. My guess is I had been laying in agony for around 15 minutes. My house normally would have been a 10 minute walk but it probably took me a half hour to get home that day. I slinked to my room and applied cold compresses to my aching balls. Through some miracle they did not swell up much. The next day I went into school and was thoroughly and completely berated by all the guys in my class. I was the butt of all kinds of jokes – “I didn’t know you played football” “I heard you had scrambled eggs this morning”, “heard Stacy went nuts on you” - one even gave me a bag a crushed walnuts – in case I needed to replace mine. The “friend” who was with me blabbed what happened to everyone. I figured all the girls in my class knew, and many of them overheard the jokes, but interestingly none of the girls ever joined in, made any fun or brought it up in any way. Thankfully girls are much more mature than boys in the 6th grade.

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