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My Stupid Brother by Ruby - Feb 9 2011

I was a 12 year old boy and my brother Jake was 15 me my dad and my brother were all going to see my cousins bike racing competition in Manchester so we spent the night in a hotel me my brother always just where are boxers to bed but I was wearing Dennis the mennis pants witch were way too small we had some teenagers next door and my dad was getting angry because they were so loud so me and my brother got out of bed and waited by the door my brother was looking through the key hole and suddenly cracked up laghing he told me there was a funny old lady outside so I pushed him out the way I bent over and my brother grabbed my pants I fell over and landed half way out the door my brother grabbed my pants off my ankles and kicked me outside I was stark naked in the corridor I was stuck outside clutching my balls really tight then some slightly drunk female teens came passed they laghphed there heads of one of them pushed me ove and one lent over and pulled my tingy really hard and I screamed my brother herd and opened th door and told um to f off he let me inside and made we aware not to tell dad and if that isn't bad anogh the next day my mum came round beacause she was at work last night and she made me share a shower with her in the girls toilets we normally do on holiday and I needed th toilet really bad and the toilets where just opposite the showers so I just nipped across I herd someone come in and go in the toilet so quickly made my way out I opened the door and got half way and there was a girl around my age just next me waitin for her friend I quickly clutched my balls and was about toknock for my mum to let me in when I slipped and let go off my balls and quess what my penis became irrect then about a month later the same girl moved to my school in my class and told everyone

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The Evil Gym Class Girl by SerenaLove - Sep 10 2014

I was taking a shower in the girls locker room during gym class when I was 16 years old ( a few weeks from 17 ). None of the girls in the class really liked me, because I was doing better than they were and I guess they thought I was making them look bad. Our teacher seemed to really like me, and I enjoyed being in a class with him occupying it, and I guess the other girls hated that. Anyways, the our teacher said that he was going to be absent for the last fifteen minutes of the class, so we finished earlier. After I was done with my shower, I went stark nude towards my gym bag, which wasn't there anymore. After I noticed that, girls behind me grabbed me, brought me into the gym and tossed me into the hallways. I knocked on the door begging for them to let me in, but they didn't care. The bell was about to ring in only a few minutes and I was left naked in the hallways... I tried to go around and find the other entrance to the gymnasium, but the door was locked shut. I looked at the time and there was only twenty seconds left before the bell was about to ring! I quickly tried to run to the secretariat to see if they had any clothes for me, but that was at the other side of the school, and I was too late! The bell rang and hordes of students came out of their class rooms and saw me completely naked, trying to get past them as quick as I could. Some guys spanked my butt and grabbed my breasts for a few moments until I was surrounded and everyone took photos of me and started to play around with my body. Very quickly the principal of the school came to my rescue, gave me a big coat and called my mom to come and pick me up. He expelled the girls in my gym class thankfully, but that doesn't mean I'm not reminded of the situation from all the other people at school who fondled my body... so embarrassing...

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Soccer Fart! by Mischa - Feb 17 2011

i remember when i was 11 i was in the kids soccer team.Im one of the quietest person there.i dont poo everyday only once a week or so. so one day when we were warmimg up for another game i had gas on my stomach so i tried not to fart so i kept playing until i farted loud in front of a chatty annoying soccer mate.he said eww and told everyone including the coach that i hated him so i farted at his face. i was so red and embarassed that i wanted to go home really go home.when i went home i told my mum about it and my nanny and told them i dont wanna go back again they laughed and told me to tell the coach that i needed to poo that day that i had an diarrhea but of course i didnt say that after that i never went back to that soccer club EVER!

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Forgot Girlfriend's Anniversary by Lothlorien - Aug 9 2013

nmarried to a guy. I knew about him, but he didn't know about me. Maybe jealousy is why I forgot their 20th wedding anniversary when it was 5 years ago, so I came to her house b/c I wanted to go to our favorite restaurant where we eat duck and dance on Friday nights together. But when I got to the house there he was, and I had to pret5end I was a Chinese delivery dude but I had no food or didn't look Chinese. Anyway he found out who I was, so they got divorced, we ended ojujr relationship, and I found a new girlfriend the next day.

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Naked 0.0 by Stephanie.Kingsley - Mar 6 2015

Ok so me and my best friend were at a theme park we were also with my brother and his best friend who I have a crush on. So I wanted to impress him by going on a really "scary" water ride so, "Lets go on this one" I say "Oooh your brave" Says my crush So we go on and i'm wearing a bikini under my shorts and t-shirt so I take that off and go on. "Mmm I'd like to bang you" My crush says My crush wispers I hear him but, pretend not to notice. Then I realize him getting a boner. I'm exited but, worried because my mom is also there with his mom and my friends mom. "Umm Steph your bikini top is lose her let me fix it" My friend says. "Oh Ok thanks" I say So we go on and were going up the hill. My crush is sitting right next to me. He starts bringing his hand closer and closer to my pussy until he unleashes my bikini bottom strings. I start getting wet and he slowly gets to my pussy. Once he's there he starts fingering me softly. And I start moaning. I let him do it even more. Then he starts unleashing my bikini top. Then it falls of and, we start going down the hill. My bikini bottom and top fly off and the time were at the bottom of the water ride I stand up and i'm NAKED! I freak out and I look at crush and he's laughing. I stare at him. Were dating now.

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Using Our Bras As A Tip Jar by Brandi - Jun 14 2014

When I worked as a caffeine goddess (barista), Several of us were interested in applying research principles in the workplace setting. This was, of course, just for the desire to increase the total amount of knowledge, there was no pecunitary interest on any of our parts! Anyway, the counter had a tip jar; but being a coffee shop, much of the clientile did not feel any special immediacy to contribute in the form of tips, although the management clearly expected that part of our earnings would be covered with said tips. We decided to experiment. Specifically, would varying the type of container for tips influence the results? Therefore, we tried a standard glass jar, a coffee cup, a go-cup with the local sports team's logo on it, a go-cup with a rival team's logo, and a tray. In general, we found that the local team's go-cup (the Saints) resulted in 22% greater tips. We then decided in all frivolity to use one more condition: a bra as a tip container! We each contributed the bra de jour on different days (depending on who was the cashier). Anyway, when the bra was used as a tip container, tip amounts increased by 52% over the tip jar baseline! Very clearly, customers were very willing to express their support of our efforts if this was the means to do so. We did observe, somewhat to our surprise, that several customers would casually attempt to view the tag giving the size of the bra. They must be really data-driven! Moreover, we assumed that our contributers would be mostly men. However, we concluded that women also increased in their tip tempo as well. We found out why later: Apparently some female tippers thought it was some sort of feminist statement! We each experienced a mild embarrassment in being braless under our t-shirts due to nipple outlines showing; but we soon got used to it!

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Candy Corn Cutie by Cre8ive - Jan 10 2012

So my boyfriend of three years asked me to take some cute pictures of me almost naked such as bra and underwear or just covering certain parts. It was around Halloween so I had a bright idea to cover myself just in candy corn. I perchased some candy corn and rubber cement. I've used rubber cement tons of times so I didn't think it would b a problem to use it to apply candy corn to my boobs. So wen I got home I set up the camera and glued candy corn to my nipples using rubber cement. Took a cuple pictures laying down with candy corn all ovr me and glued to my nipples. Wen I was done with the pictures i noticed my nipples were tingly. So I took off the candy corn (more or less pealed them off painfully ... :/) my breasts started to sting horribly so I ran to the bathroom naked and tryed to peal off the rubber cement. Small blonde hairs I was unaware existed on my breasts pealed off with it making the pain worse. After I finally got the glue off I looked in the mirror only to find my boobs to be bright red where the glue last was. My nipples were soooo sensitive for three weeks after that but I sent my cute pictures to my boyfriend who will nvr know the rest of the storie... Was the worst way to find out Im alergic to rubber cement :/

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Spanked By My Friend's Mom by coolaid - Mar 12 2014

I was at my friend's house and we were pming outside in his backyard. He and I messed every thing up. His mother was mad beciase it takes a long time to clean the backyard She said to me that if she didn't tell my parents she would have to spank me till I peed. I agreed not wanting my parents to know about it. My friend went first and he came out crying naked. When I went in the room she told me to get naked. I did and then bent over her lap. She spanked me until I peed. After that I borrowed my friends tighty whities because my tighty whities were wet and smelled. I came out crying naked. It was painful and embarrassing. I was naked and spanked by my friend's mom

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Sooo Embarrassing by Praise - Jul 29 2011

I tend not to wear anything to bed nor use a blanket on hot night. So on my b-day it was really hot and my class and my teacher decided to give me a little surprise visit so there i am sleeping fully expose vagina butt and boobs and my whole class and my teacher walk into with a video camera and my teacher woke me up it was Soooooooooooooo embarrassing and none of my friends or my teacher are gonna forget

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Really Really Embarrassing!!! by Amy2201 - Sep 7 2010

Once i was at the beach with my bff and my other one and 2 guys there my 2 bff said they were coming back so i went to the water and then i was there relaxing then eric comes and grabbed my boobs and im like running and taking hes hands off and he still doesnt let go. Then the other one came and did the same thing then they rip my bathing suite and one of them went underwater and took my bottom one and im like running then this group of guys laugh then my 2 bff were like What happen im like explaing them and running then they ran and got her extra clothes and she told me to put it on (Thanks soo much zoey)

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