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Embarrassing Moments!

If you're here to discover the most embarrassing stories of nakedness and humiliation, from the wild and wacky to the down right indecent, you've come to the right place.

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V Ebmarsing by 72978

one day iw as walking to the store and then i was robbed of my innocence hte end

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Swim Suit Fail by Abrowneyedgirl

Ok so this is my story, my best friend has a pool and she invited me and a couple friends round for a swim and a dinner, also her older brother my major crush was going to be there. So I was so excited and I picked out a really pretty swim suit from the shop, my crush hates bikinis so I got a two piece which was just revealing enough, the bottom was just panties pretty much but hey it looked pretty good. Anyway we had a swim and heaps of fun with the group. When the time came to get out the guys got out first and got changed and then the girls followed. So me and Chrissy get out of the pool chatting away and I was having trouble wrapping my towel around my waist so my crush wouldn't think I was a loose girl, he likes modesty. So I managed to get my towel on. So me and my friend walked to the change room and we had to go past my crush to get there. So here's me walking towards my crush heart thumping and we caught each others eye and he looked at me and I saw approval in his ice blue eyes and then he winked at me! ^.^ but my bubble popped when I got directly in front of him. My towel... Fell off!! So I'm standing there legs showing right infront of the guy who I tried to impress. >.< the rest of the guys whistled and hooted and when I looked back at my crush he was bright red and his face in his hand laughing, I think he knew I was trying to impress him lol so he handed me my towel and I walked to the change room embarrassed beyond beleif.

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This Happen Yesterday At Class by Amy2201

Ok now this is very embarrassing no one willl forget it happen yesterday. We went to P.E so i was sitting down and we went to take a trip around the field so i went there walking then my friends hurry to the bathroom emergency so i went walking there alone and this 3 guys were in back of me. So i was walking and everywhere i go they r there in back of me and i kept walking then we stop to sit down and drink water then the 3 guys were like to each other laughing and then i told this guy if i had something in my face he reply no. And then my friend comes and saids Wtf! i reply What? she goes u have a sign in ur back saying take my clothes off and fck me. Then im like so embarrassed cuz everyone was like laughing then this guy is like u have something under ur shirt then i took my shirt to see cuz i thought i had something under wich i did but by accident i took both of them and my bra show and then the 3 guys took the back part then im with my boobs out then i screamed and run away Soo embarrassing!!!!!!!! then everyone was like laughing now they got a nick name for me Boobgirl! it was freaking embarrassing i hate those 3 fat fck ! .

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I Embrace My Brother by shanya

This story is about me and brother i\'m 17 year old my brother is 24 year old today in the morning i went at the washroom for pee accidentally i didn\'t lock the washroom door then my brother came in while i was on toilet seat it was western style pot so it didn\'t show my private part bt he see me in that position then he quickly came out bt still it was really embracing becoz me and brother don\'t talk much and not like a frnd so this situation was really hell i still feel horible for this

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Always Dress Before Moving Furniture by Mars

My girlfriend tricked me and I was dumb enough to fall for it lol. I was at her apartment, and we were waiting for a new sofa to arrive. The guys were late so I figured I would take a quick shower. I got done and was wrapping the towel around me when she called out to come help her. So I step out of the bathroom to see the door wide open and the sofa sitting out in the hallway. Apparently, she told the guys to just leave it in the hallway and that we would bring it in the rest of the way. She asked me to grab one of the ends, and without thinking I said, "Sure". We lift up the sofa and it was pretty heavy! I asked her why she did not just have the guys bring it in for her and she said she was sure we could handle it. I did not notice at the time, but she had maneuvered herself to where she was the one backing into the apartment and I was out in the hallway. The sofa was about halfway through when it got stuck so we started to turn it, and thats when it towel fell off!! I yelled to her to put the sofa down because that my towel dropped, and she said, "Nope! We almost got the sofa in!". So there I was, standing in the hallway naked holding a sofa in my hands and a towel pooled around my feet lol!!! I pressed my boobs against the sofa so that they were covered, but my butt was in full view of anyone who might have happened to come down the hallway. After a very long few minutes we finally got the sofa unstuck, and got it in her apartment. After putting the sofa down I ran to grab my towel and shut the door. She was laughing her ass off at this point, can not say I blame her lol!

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The Toilet Im A Teen Boy by brandonfinch

I was going to the toilet as a boy when i piss i stand up so i was pissing then my sister thats 30 walks in and sees me peeing

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Jabob Sartorius by 72978

i met him and he asked me for nudes so i was like okay. When i went into the amgcon place i realized my nudes were on the big screeen. i was so embarresed and all of the girls were laguhing and jaboc was jerking off and it was s o bad

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The Basketball Game by Billy

My girlfriend told me that she could beat me in a basketball game one day and I immediately laughed in her face and said "if you beat me I would play a whole other game with you naked!" She took it literally and I was confident that I would win so we bet that. Well the day came that we were going to play and she was much better than I thought! We played a game up to 50 and she won 50-47! So right there in the middle of the park I stripped naked and we played another game! A few people giggled as they walked by and a bunch of people looked shocked! I know for sure my naked body is saved on a bunch of strangers phones! Even after this my girlfriend wouldn't give back my clothes so I had to walk home along a main road naked! It was so embarrassing!

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Sister And A Change??? by ryan s.

Growing up I always jacked off to the site of my sister and her huge D cups. I did that till I was about probaly 13 or 14 years old. But once I hit puberty and I started growing my sister change. One night I really had to go to the bathroom so I ran to the toilet and I started taking a crap. I didn't even notice that my sister was half naked only in her bra and panties. She's just staring at my errection and starts to giggle. I tried to cover it up but my body was growing and I couldn't cover it all. But my sister just left. Later that night while I was sleeping(and I'm a heavy sleeper) I woke up with a start and find my sister pulling down my pants. She sees me and asks me what do I think??? I told her she's fucking crazy but then she does the most amazing thing ever she "accidentlly" falls over hits her huge boobs on the side of my bed and they pop out! After that she ask me what I think I'm all like oh fuck yeh those are fucking huge sis. She tells me to touch them touch them and so I do they feel amazing I'm getting a huge bonner and all of asudden my door bust open and my crush who is 18 (I'm only 15 at the time) comes in naked. At this point I'm fucking drolling. But then my sister just starts laughing and shows me a video camera. I was so fucking pissed off but I got to see and touch so big ass boobs!!!

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Nice Im A 14 Year Old Boy by brandonfinch

Now i come from a clean famley now i dont wank but last night i got bord and for the 1st time ever i wanked it was so good so i went to bed woke up at about 4am and umm well i jazzed my boxz i was so embarrest becuse my mum and sis does all the woshing so i had to go and put them in the bin so i was ok but today my sis walks in y me and my mum was sittinf down with the tv on she walks in with my boxz and shows mum it was embarrassing

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