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If you're here to discover the most embarrassing stories of nakedness and humiliation, from the wild and wacky to the down right indecent, you've come to the right place.

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My Most Ebarrassing! Story by farrah101 - Aug 20 2010

My most ebrassing story was when my brother he was 17 and im 16 he invited me and hes 5 friends to the beach it was kinda weird he invited me cuz he never invites me anymore but he invited me so i went with him and hes 5 friends he was driving so we finially got to the beach we park but there was a loud noise he told me to check what was it so i hop off the car and check while i was looking my brother friends hop off too and they grabbed me one of them hold me still and they took all of my clothes of and they gave my clothes to my brother and my brother threw it and they grabbed me and took me to the beach and they shout aloud HEY EVERYONE LOOK AT THE NAKED GIRL! and ppl look bak and they started laughing and i ran away and they chase me and they hold me still to the wall and taking pictures of me like 100 of them and when they finish taking the picture they started putting them on facebook! then when they finish uploading them they took me to the car tied me up put something on my mouth and went to the beach and had FUN! and i was there trying to get off almost started crying but then wen like 2 hours pass they got a sunburn so they got so mad they started hitting me everywhere and they where slapping me hitting me touching my boobs and everything they touch it and they started kissing me and my brother was laughing and laughing and they started playing truth or dare my brother dare them to touch my boobs for like 30 seconds and he did and he dare hes other friend to touch my butt and they dare the other one to touch me everywhere and when they drive to the house no one was there so they take me to the shower and started washing me they put soap on my boobs everywhere and they took me to the living room and they started drawing on my body putting lots of mean stuff then they look at the window they saw that my crush came my crush is my next door neighbor so they took me outside and my crush was laughing and laughing and they said that i like him and my crush went to join them and my crush was slapping my butt and touching my boobs then when they were tired they took me outside in the backyard they took me to the sun and tied me up and then they started pouring hot and cold water on me then they wanted to throw me to the pool and they did then they went to my room got all of my clothes and threw them to the pool they started throwing pics of my undies and bra and when they let me there i got like a bad sunburn and i wanted to die and they were taking video of that and next day i went to school and everyone saw that video and there like gave me a nick name nakedbitch! and the bully! call everyone to the bathroom and when i wnet to the bathroom they lock me up all naked and i was knocking and i was late to class and the teacher was complaining saying to the class wheres FARRAH! and this girl said last time i saw her at the bathroom and see went to the bathroom she saw me knocking so she open the door and i fell and she told me WHAT IS WRONG WITH U AND I TOLD HER THE WHOLE STORY SO NOW SHE GAVE EVERYONE A DETENTION FOR 4 HOURS AND SHE TALK TO MY PARENTS AND MY PARENTS GROUND MY BROTHERS! and tehy got to the facebook erase the pics told my brothers friends mom they ground them and hit them hard!!!!!!! then at school everyone said srry and they hug me i beat up my brother friend and i beat my crush ass i told my cuzin to beat the heck out of my brother friends and my brother so then i beat my brother ass and they never mess wit me anymore

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Mastrubating by Humiliating - Dec 16 2011

So i was 18 and to get vaginal discharge you know what that is so my boy friend thinks I'm sexy and stuff because i Have nice tits and butt so I was MastrubatingSo I was doing this cause it makes me feel Humiliated I love the feeling when it's not real But my boyfriend walks in while im Mastrubating And tells like everyone on face book and has pictures so my Parents see this and think its funny so they embarrass me by posting pictures of me when I'm like 14 being all sexy and stuff but naked THAT'S NOT ALL m brother that day while I'm showering like I'm in my towel comes in and I forgot to shave my pubic hair so like makes fun of it and takes me outside iwas like 16 and he was 19 so he had college friends so he too me outside took my towel off and told his friends to come he locked the door OF COURSE UGH the smacked my boobs and took pics sooooii HUMILIATED NOT EVEN FUNNY maybe a little but really EMABBARRASING

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Camp Embarrassment by betheladdis281 - Nov 8 2013

I was 14 years old and my mom made me go to a stay away camp for 15 year old they still accepted me because of my great grades in school then a girl who was like the leader of the cabin said there was an initiation to get it. They all laughed the leader said " If you don't do the initiation we will prank you in horrible ways all summer". I said " Ok I will do anything the initiation is". Then she said it would be a surprise what it was going to be and had to wait till tomorrow. It was night so we all got into our bunk beds I was on the bottom they said I had to because I was a rookie. When I woke up there was 3 16 year old boys staring at me I asked " How did I get here" then I noticed I was on a floaty in the lake and it was in the middle and I was naked I screamed. Everyone was laughing and taking pictures and videos this was obviously the initiation. Then the leader said I had to stay there for an hour long did I care what she said yes because she could make me sleep outside so I had to stay there for an hour and no one got bored then a boy jumped in the lake that was worse because I was in a lake naked with a boy who was 16 and I was 14 and 3 quarters. When the hour was over I ran to my cabin and the girls said I was officially initiation ed I didn't listen I called my mom and she picked me up and me went home I didn't tell her the story I said something bad happened when I told my 3 bffs this story they felt sorry but they laughed I laughed to because I turned 15 that day

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Suck On It by Penny - Mar 15 2008

My neighbour, Alex, was over at my house one day, and we were on the trampoline. (BTW, he's 1 year younger than me) and we were jumping and fooling around like we usually do. We usually joke around and kiss each other on the cheek and everything. But I went to purposely fall down, and he landed at the same time as me. But his legs sorta flew open and I fell down right between them, and he started laughing. I jumped up and almost fell down ontop of him. Then, later on, I was kidding with him and said that if he grabbed my boob, which he did, that I was gonna bite his thumb (lame, I know, but it's a long story) so he did, and I grabbed his thumb, but he didn't think I was actually gonna bite him. But I did, and he said it didn't hurt. So I chomped down on his thumb, and he yelled out and laughed. Then he started yelling "Kiss it!" "Suck on it! Suck on it!" And he was shoving his thumb in my face, but what makes it super embarrassing is that my front door was open, and my dad was in our living room, and he heard everything that Alex was yelling, and it sounded so wrong..... But it was hilarous and even now he keeps on telling me to 'suck on it' and whenever he says that, people think he really means 'SUCK ON IT!'

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Locked Out My Sister! by Billy - Aug 10 2013

Now this isn't as embarrassing a story for me as it is for my sister! This one time as a prank I waited until my sister, who is 16, was in the shower. I then called down to her and she came down in only a towel so I grabbed the towel and pushed her out the door and locked it! She was completely naked with no way in! I decided then to make a call to the guy I knew she liked and told him to go to the backyard where my sister was pounding on the door! He did and the look on her face was priceless! When my parents found out about this they were furious and they let my sister punish me in whatever way she wanted! So she got me back by hosting a party with all my friends boys and girls and having me show up naked! It was embarrassing payback but still worth it!

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Annoying Brothers And His Friends by Isabelle - Jun 17 2011

When my aunt decided to take us all to the beach we all decided togo to the beach, but instead my aunt let us in the beach and went to the pool that was near the beach in the building in top floor with my uncle my brothers 4 friends came to meet him up there . We're all teenagers , well my top almost didnt fit me too small, My boobs almost showed .. So I decided not togo in the water . I relaxed a moment laying down on my towel in the sand . My brother and his friends were in the water .. 15 minutes passed I heard a sound but ignore it. Then when I woke up I was completly with no top on . I got a sun burned my brother and his friend taking pictures . When I was trying to find my to but it was rip into pieces . I ran to my aunts car was in the streets in the middle the car was close , My brother friend slap me hard on my face threw me to the floor and carried me and threw me in the water on the floating thing , And they kept pushing me , over again .

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Swim Meet Embarrassment by Kumar - Jun 26 2013

I was 18 and I was in the final 50 meter boys freestyle race. I was very excited to get my chance to beat the rest and come first place. For the whole week I had been preparing for this event. Everyone from my town was at the meet. Parents and students filled the stands. The race started and i got an early lead. I mustered all my strength and held off the rest to come first place. I jumped out of the pool in Joy as i threw my hands in the air. However, all i could hear was laughter as i realized that my trunks had come off halfway through the race. I quickly covered myself...but it was too late.

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The Toilet Im A Teen Boy by brandonfinch - Aug 24 2012

I was going to the toilet as a boy when i piss i stand up so i was pissing then my sister thats 30 walks in and sees me peeing

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One Dark Morning... by Hana - Feb 27 2011

I woke up to my mom yelling that the bus was here. I threw on the first things I found. I ran to the bus just in time. I sat and read. I am not the most popular girl in school. I read alot of books, and get good excersize. My boyfriend says I have nice boobs and a hot butt or something, which makes me blush and feel good. He is 16 and I'm 15. Anyways, The bus arrived at school, and we all got off. The first class is PE. We ran on the track. I was running, and as I was, I noticed some people laughing. I looked around. They were pointing and laughing at me. I noticed I didn't put on a bra this morning. I blushed, but kept running, boobs throwing themselves around. I also noticed that the shirt I was wearing was ripped down the front so that it was barely held together. As I was running, the gym teacher, Ms.Clair, grabbed the back of my shirt. "Young lady, go to the changing room and put this on!" She said. I started walking over there, then I felt a cool breeze. I looked down, and Noticed she ripped my shirt off! I every one was laughing at me, especially the boys. I decided not to get embarresed, but to go with it. I ripped off my short skirt, and started dancing with only my panties on. Then I ripped those off. At this point, every one stopped laughing and just watched me dance. Then, a boy ran over to me and smacked my bare ass. I started shakin' it, and dancing in a very sexy way. I shaked my breasts, and gyrated my hips. The boys, who all had boners, ran over to me, and patted my ass, grabbed my breasts, and started stripping themselves. It was really fun. I lost alot that day. I was kicked out off the school, for example. I also lost my virginity when a boy came over naked and stuck his dick in my vagina... It was fun, but in the end, nothing good came of it.

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Driving Across Arkansas In Our Bras by Anemone - May 28 2014

Well, my friend Jessica and I were driving from Oklahoma City to Franklin as the last leg of a longish trip, and we were getting a bit restive (and peevish, if you must know). Anyway, we were approaching Arkansas, easily the most boring state of the fifty! I mean like turbo-boringgggg! We talked about dares. Jessica dared me to drive across Arkansas t-shirtless, just in my bra. To egg me on, she took off her t-shirt. Now I wasn't going to chicken out, so I peeled mine off too. We flung them in the back seat, vowing not to put them back on until we had reached Memphis. We figured we could do it, if we didn't require pee stops, so the dare was on! We were making good time, past Russellville, Conway, and places never to be seen unless magnetic forces draw us off the interstate. However, bad news! An Arkansas State Trooper started to follow us, and OH shit! He had is light on! No way of shaking him, so I pulled over. Here this state trooper sauntered over to the car, determined to enforce the laws of Arkansas as he was sworn to do and issue a citation. Only to find two women in dressed in shorts and only their bras. He asked, "What's going on?" I explained that we had a dare going on, they we were planning to drive across Arkansas without our t-shirts. For some reason or other, it made cosmic sense to him. "You're bored, aren't you"" I had to agree that I was. "Well, I won't write you up for speeding; but keep under the speed limit until you're Tennessee's problem." His facial expression might be described as a s**t-eating grin. He was as good as his word. He let us go with a warning, and a comment. "That's a nice shade of pink you're wearing!"

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