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Wet Incident - by no name - May 9 2010

it was just a regular night over the summer. it was the usual of staying up late, drinking alot of soda before bed. well i woke up around 4 am, because i had a strange dream about peeing. i felt really odd and was about to go back to bed, that is untill i felt something really wet on my shorts. i looked down and noticed that i had an accident. my family was sound asleep (thank goodness) so i took the soiled sheets and hid them in a different room, then i replaced them. luckily my parents never found out cause if they did then i would probably be wearing a diaper right now. although i got off with out getting in trouble, it was still embarrassing knowing that me, a teenager wet myself in the middle of the night.

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Guys Shouldnt Wear Panties - by Bert14 - Jul 13 2011

I was with my cousin on vacation and we were in this clothing store where they keep the light low so its dark. Well i was wearing some skin tight girl purple panties because they feel comfortable. Well i was in the changing room and couldnt see and i was in my shoes and panties and i fell over and pulled the door open and i fell out and the door closed and it lock automatically so i was stuck in walking around the store and saw my cousin leaving (i was 14 he was 13) and i accidentily ran out into the wide open the mall as people laughed and took pictures and the mega screen in the center of the mall was zoomed in on me. I was so embarrassed. And to make it worse the door slammed so hard they cant open it so i had to walk out in my purple panties and we were gonna stop by this big hospital to check on a family member and my uncle and aunt made me get out! So i was laughed at all they way up to the 7th floor and harrassed in the elevators. My cousin even pantsed me when a huge crowd was waiting on me infront of the elevator! Im still trying to get back at him.

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Soccer Fart! - by Mischa - Feb 17 2011

i remember when i was 11 i was in the kids soccer team.Im one of the quietest person there.i dont poo everyday only once a week or so. so one day when we were warmimg up for another game i had gas on my stomach so i tried not to fart so i kept playing until i farted loud in front of a chatty annoying soccer mate.he said eww and told everyone including the coach that i hated him so i farted at his face. i was so red and embarassed that i wanted to go home really go home.when i went home i told my mum about it and my nanny and told them i dont wanna go back again they laughed and told me to tell the coach that i needed to poo that day that i had an diarrhea but of course i didnt say that after that i never went back to that soccer club EVER!

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Spanked Again - by coolaid - Mar 12 2014

I was at my friend's house and we were playing outside in the backyard and we messed up every thing. His mother came and was really mad because it takes a long time to clean up his backyard so she told me that if she didn't tell my parents she would have to spank me till I peed. So my friend went first and he came out crying and naked. I went in the room and she told me to get naked. So I did and then bent over her lap. She spanked me until I peed. I borrowed my friends tighty whities because my tighty whities were wet and smelled.

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Exposed!! - by Heart 2 Heart - Aug 8 2012

Omgzlez!! I'm 15 and this happened at school last year...the wounds are still fresh!! Anywhoozers, what happened was my biology class was walking back from taking the HSA or some official test like that. I was wearing a thick hoodie with a small tank underneath it. I was really hot and I decided to take my hoodie off. When taking my hoodie off the dude behind me slyly lifted my tank so I would take my tank off with my hoodie and it caught up against my bra strap!! I didn't know this and I thought the fabric was all balled up or something back there and my bra strap broke!! Omgzlez I was so hoodie, tank or bra....dudes were just staring at me and started clapping and whistling. I hate the fact that I am a DD at that moment. I just froze for a split second then I ran to the nearest bathroom. I just locked myself in a stall and get dressed and a bunch of my friends started yelling at those boys and they saw the whole thing of what that dude did. I came out of the bathroom and it got reaaaaaally quiet. But in my other classes, dudes where passing me notes saying I looked "DDelicious" and "Ddamn girl" and boys started calling me DeeDee was bad for a while...

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Evil Brothers - by Heather - Oct 31 2010

Ok i have evil brothers too got 3 and me alone Ok so when i was taking a shower i finish it in time and i put a towel on me then i was walking with a towel everywhere Trying to find my purple dress. So since i was walking everywhere to find it i was trying to look everywhere up stair down stair basement laundry kitchen everywhere rooms. Then i saw a sign everywhere saying If u want ur purple dress follow the arrows so i follow them and it took me outside so when my brother is like u want it i was trying to get it from him and my other brother was in back of me and they yank the towel of me and when i was completly naked they started laughing so i ran everywhere to my room. Then i noticed that i had a long jumprope i got it and tied a huge rock that my little sis gave me for my bday ik weird so i went to my window i open it and put the rope really down then i hit them wit the rock and they fell it was hilarous and thats how it happen.

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My First G-string - by darkdemon - Feb 10 2010

Well i was 14 and i was in class that is when i had my first pair of G-Sring on when it was time to turn in my math test to the teacher i was the last one to hand in my math test and when i dropped my papper i picked it up and that is when my class started laughing at me because my pink G-string was showing and i was the first one to be wearing a G-string in my class and when it was time for lunch i did not want to go for lunch so i want home for lunch because i knew my school would be talking about me and my G-string and when i got back to school every one was still talking about me one kid shouted out to me and sayed hey pinky were did you go for lunch that got me really embarrassed and so the rest of the school year every one started to call me pinky.

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Can't Catch A Break! - by David R - May 18 2013

So I'm sixteen and just started dating this girl I fell for two years ago. We have been good friends but she never saw me as more than that until about a month ago. I've taken her out and we enjoy each other's company, we both really like each other, but we can't catch a break from anything. We both have shall we say prior experience, she hasn't done much besides make out, so that makes me the experienced one. We have tried multiple time to get some time Alone and finally have our first kiss. We both want it to be something special, but we're both very impatient. So a few days ago we were letting our younger siblings hangout and have fun, we were supposed to be watching them but we decided to sneak off behind a shed and try and get some time alone. As I lean in to kiss her my little sister comes around the corner and starts singing Rick Astley. Ruined the moment. So later that same day we are on a walk, ignoring our siblings again, when I pull her in and try and pick up where we left off when a farmer in his tracker pulls up, gets out of his tracker, gets his smart phone out and says "Hold on my wife will love this" and waits for us to finish. We don't. So we walk back to where we left our siblings and discover them gone. We almost freak when around the bend comes my little sister dragging my girlfriend's little sister by the hand. They promptly turn around and go back the way they came. We try to resume,e what we were about to do when the farmer interrupted us when low and behold, her older brother drives up and gets out of his truck with his girlfriend who immediately pulls out her phone and tries to tape us. I have almost given up on kissing my girlfriend.

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Caught Naked...again - by Mina - Apr 3 2009

If you have read my first story I was really embarresed. This one is more embarrassing. One time I went to the beach and it was so hot. So i decide to go back hame after a little sunbathing. So i unhook my top bikini and lay there. I guess I dozed off because when i woke up it was 8 pm. So I pick up my towel, put it in my car and went to the ocean so i could piss. The waves were really coming and my bottom straps were undone. So when I run out I am completely naked. So I drive away. When I get back to my apartment. I rap myself in my beach towel and head upstairs. When I got inside I relized I had forgotten my work keys in my car so I run out and when my door closes I am naked. Unfortanatly I did not notice till I get to the car. And again I had to go pee. i thought If I ran fast enough I could make it. Though while I was running I slipped on my pee and was nocked out. In the morning some dude wakes me up. God. I ran to my apartment, and noticed most of the cars were gone and it was 11 am. And wouldn't you know it I have a note on my door with pictures of my chest and vagina and says Nice Bod. R U a hore. Signed Macayla. Oh god who got the photo.

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Brothers Are Sick - by betheladdis281 - Nov 13 2013

My brother is 17 and I am 13 and my other sister is 15 and we were bored so we decided to play truth or dare. I dared my brother to call our dad and say that he threw an 18 and up party but he backed down ( in this t or d we get to back down twice) then it was my turn my sister dared my strip so then I did it was so weird since my BROTHER was there. Then my brother dared my sister to twerk she didn't. Ok yatha yath yatha when I finished all my back downs my sister dared me to be my brothers servant for a WEEK and i have to do the most embarrasing things first I have to be nakid the whole time even when he threw a party and he made me dance infront of his guests which were all boys and I was NAKED well thats it

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