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If you're here to discover the most embarrassing stories of nakedness and humiliation, from the wild and wacky to the down right indecent, you've come to the right place.

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But We Didn't Though!! by lauren_261194 - Feb 23 2011

I was staying at my friends Lilli's house one night when she was having a party. Well me and this guy Jack really hit it off and we was chatting and cuddling and just having a laugh all night, but when it got to about 11pm the house was really full and started to get really hot. We decided to go outside and mess around in the snow for a bit. We rolled around, had a snowball fight and kissed a few times. About 45 minutes later, our clothes were soaked and we were cold, so we stripped down to the basics, (shorts for him and a skirt and thin vest top for me) and we went back inside. So when we went back into the fron room where everyone was, we had basic clothes on, messy hair, we were out of breath and had red faces from the previous snowball fight. So obviousley Everyone took it the wrong way, and thought that we just had sex and they wouldn't shut up about it all night. Then at about 3am Jack decided it was too late and he was too drunk to go home so he stayed at Lilli's house too. Because we was both so drunk, we thought it would be a good idea to strip down to our underwear get into bed and cuddle up to each other in an attempt to warm up. Well that was a very bad idea. Our friends came in about half an hour later, ripped the duvet off us and take pictures of us drunk, half naked and in bed together, and put them all up on Faecebook. Now every time I see someone that went to that party, all I ever get out of them is 'how good is Jack in bed? ;)' or 'been in any beds with jack just latley ;)'. Im never going to live it down.

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Caught Dry-humping On The Sofa by Big Sky Heidi - Jun 20 2014

Last year, when I was 16, my boyfriend and I were watching the television. We thought we were alone, and started to make out on the sofa. I confessed that I was wearing a thong (my first time), and he got interested and reached under my skirt. I must admit that I raised my bum to make it easier, and he lowered it down to my ankles. He started touching my bottom down there, and it felt real good! As a matter of pact, he lowered his jeans and rubbed his thingy (now stiff) against my bottom so intensely that I had my first orgasm! I am shamed to admit that I groaned loudly! Suddenly my mother burst into the room, caught me with my skirt up around my waist, my thong on the floor, and my boyfriend touching me with his penis through his briefs. He totally lost control too; and wet his briefs! She was totally mad, made my boyfriend go home, and spanked me for the first time in seven years! She forbade me from seeing him again. Anyway, she grounded me for three months, and is making me go to the priest that night and tell all! I know I was so very wrong and totally deserved it. Yet, it felt really good, and I sometimes pleasure myself I am still a virgin, and plan to stay one until I marry. I know she is ashamed of me and think I'm a tart although I'm still technically a virgin.

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Naked And Embarrassed by melody - Oct 10 2009

This is my most embarrassing story; I mean truly, it's so awful... So, it happened a couple of years ago. I was at the beach with some friends, in my bikini and I lay on my back to sunbake. The sun made me drowsy and I guess I dozed off. The next thing I know, I wake up on a corded beach, totally and utterly naked, my friends and their and my stuff is gone, the only thing left is my bikini and me...my bikini shredded into tiny little pieces! But the worst bit...I was horribly, terribly, painfully sunburned. All over. Especially my...private parts because you don't usually put sunscreen on them. I was in so much pain for the sunburn but I hobbled to the parking lot to burned to even cover myself up. I looked for 20 minutes but my friend's car wasn't there. I was in really bad pain from the sunburn by now so I groan but hobble on up to the lifeguard station. Apparently, have the worst sunburn they have ever seen! (I had been asleep for like, 4 and half hours). I ad to lie down on a bench while 2 of them slathered on some lotion...both were all males! My age! They tried to be professional but you could tell they were delighted. After they rubbed on heaps of clear lotion, they told me to just sit tight and walked away! Leaving me uncovered, naked! Worst of all, as I lay there, red faced, 2 teenage boys walked in and were waiting for a lifeguard, and saw me. Let me tell you. They weren't as professional the them lifeguards. It was so humiliating finally made it home where I had to tell my embarrassing tale to my friends...they had cut up my bikini while I slept. Boy did I chew them out!

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Christmas Surprise by neverbeennakedb4 - Mar 25 2010

i'm not sure if i would call this embarassing!. a few years back, when i was married too my first wife, i went with her to spend xmas day with her widowed mother, whom was about 60 years old. after dinner i was so bloated that instead iof helping my wife and her mother to wash up, that i went into the nice cooler living room to relax and let it all go down. i had been on the whiskey too, which tends to make me dowsey the mother in law seemed a bit annoyed with me, and i could hear her through the wall, "he'd better not go to sleep". she said, "no he'd better not". said my wife agreeing with her. so, i fell asleep. a bit later i woke up with my eyes still shut, and with some circus on the tv in the background, i suddenly felt myself all cold? i was a bit drunk, and incimpos mentous. i opened my eyes and i could see and hear my wife and her mother and even her next door neighbour lady friend looking at me wierdly, and a bit towards the edge of the settee i saw a familiar set of clothes all folded up neatly. i rubbed my hands over my torso, and found to my amazment that my shirt wasn't on me, then i looked even further and found that i was sitting in front of them completly naked. they burst out laughing at my confused face. to this day i will never know how the 3 of them undressed me,without me knowing about it. when i reached out to retrieve my clothing, the neighbour snatched them away, and took them next door with her. "we'll gteach you to sleep, whilst the rest of us works" said the mother in law. as much as i moaned, they never let me near a single article of clothing for the rest of the day. as punishment, i had to stay like that. i'm not sure if i was embarassed as such, because i had been drinking for most of the morning whilst waiting for lunch to be served. in fact, i laughed it off, but only because the mother in law was once a nurse, and she would have seen it all before. but, how would they have done it, and i was sitting down all the time i was sleeping. that will always be a mystery too me.

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Princess Leia Bikini Story by the listener - Nov 12 2013

When I was 9 years old, I didn't have a lot of friends. Therefore, I hung out with my brother and his friends. I was kind of a tag-along. He was 10, and I was younger than everyone in their group. Anyway, if you included me, which most of them didn't, their group consisted of 5 boys. Having said that, we were all real young, and liked to play silly games. One thing we did was act like we were characters in our favorite movies and get into adventures and stuff. One day, one of the boys suggested we played "Return of the Jedi." Our plan was to use sticks as light sabers and the bad guys would be pretend, so we would just strike the light sabers at air. As far as costumes, we decided to use bed sheets, towels, stuff from the Halloween box, and tinfoil armor and stuff for costumes. You know, silly kid stuff! Like, the boy that pretended to be Luke, for example, was able to find a black cape in the Halloween box and hide his light saber in it. You know, stuff like that. So, when it came time for us all to call the characters we were pretending to be, one boy called Han Solo, another boy called Chewbacca, my brother wanted to be a "white" Lando, and the last boy called Luke Skywalker. By the time it came to me, no other male characters were left, (none of the main ones anyway). Since there were no girls in the group, they all asked me to play Princess Leia. My first thought was, no way am I playing a girl's role! But they all used the whole "you're a chicken" technique and the whole "we need someone to play leia, so we beg you to do it" technique. One of the boys was even clever enough to point out that men played women in old Shakespeare plays back in medieval times. Even as a 10 year old, he was that clever! Anyway, so eventually I said yes, but made them swear not to tell anyone. After they did, I grabbed a white sheet to make into a robe and said that would be my costume. They all said no, however! They told me Princess Leia wore white white robes in the death star in one of the other Star Wars movies. They wanted to act out scenes from Return of the Jedi. I didn't remember what Leia wore in the Jabba the Hutt scenes in that film, but they all laughed and my brother's friend, (whose house it was), snuck off into his sister's bedroom for a minute or two. Here's the embarrassing part: he came out of his sister's room with a bikini in his hand. He handed it to me and told me that would be my costume. I went back to saying "no way," but I don't know why, somehow they convinced again, but it took longer. I'm not gay, but at 9, I was naive. Anyway, I guess Leia wore a gold bikini in Return of the Jedi when she was Jabba's slave, so I can see why they picked that. I once again, made them promise not to tell anyone. So I went to the bathroom to change. They all got to put their costumes on over their clothes. I was so embarrassed, I had to take mine off to put the bikini on. When I walked out there, it was real embarrassing to see them fully-clothed, and I was standing there in a girl's skimpy bikini. I remember it was green with white polka dots. The most embarrassing part was when his mom and sister came home. At first, his sister was annoyed that I was wearing her swimsuit, but after a few moments, she said to me, "for a boy, you look cute in a bikini." That was the most embarrassing moment of my life.

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Umm Football Me Crap by rosestonton - Aug 23 2012

I was playing a 3v3 football im a 24 year old girl now my team was loseing 3-2 so we all had a plan so we where all in this little shed me and my team striped naked to have a 5 min shower but when we came out are clothes where gone thay just lifed are knickers and bras now my team put £50 in to win thay did the same so if we did not play we lose £50 or get embarrassed by the other team so we did i was in goal now it was a pen and my knickers where up my ass so wedgie + just knickers and bra + embarrassed = somehow i win my team 5-4 so we got £100 i was embarrassest but won

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Mastrubating by Humiliating - Dec 16 2011

So i was 18 and to get vaginal discharge you know what that is so my boy friend thinks I'm sexy and stuff because i Have nice tits and butt so I was MastrubatingSo I was doing this cause it makes me feel Humiliated I love the feeling when it's not real But my boyfriend walks in while im Mastrubating And tells like everyone on face book and has pictures so my Parents see this and think its funny so they embarrass me by posting pictures of me when I'm like 14 being all sexy and stuff but naked THAT'S NOT ALL m brother that day while I'm showering like I'm in my towel comes in and I forgot to shave my pubic hair so like makes fun of it and takes me outside iwas like 16 and he was 19 so he had college friends so he too me outside took my towel off and told his friends to come he locked the door OF COURSE UGH the smacked my boobs and took pics sooooii HUMILIATED NOT EVEN FUNNY maybe a little but really EMABBARRASING

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Boob-tastic by yorsinda - Apr 23 2011

Last summer, I was invited to one of my older friend's summer pool party at her gigantic house. When I was getting ready to leave for the party, I couldn't find my bikini top. At the time, I was a C cup, and since I couldn't find any of my bikini tops, I thought it would be a good idea to wear my sisters instead, but she was a D cup. I thought that if I tightened the bikini extra tight, I wouldn't have a problem..but I was wrong. Throughout the whole party, I kept almost having it slip right off me, which would be super embarassing since most of the people at the pool party were guys who were all older then me (I was 16 at the time). A couple of hours passed and we all decided to have a cannon ball contest to see who could do the biggest cannon ball. When it came to be my turn, I made sure that I tightened my top before jumping but I guess that wasn't good enough because when I performed the best cannon ball possible, I couldn't even tell wether the top was still on the whole time so when I came back up from the water and all eyes were turned on me.. I had no idea that my boobs were COMPLETELY uncovered for everyone to see. A bunch of guys started hollering and when I looked down, all I could think was FML. I started looking for the bikini top and it took me a good five minutes to find it since it sunk to the bottom of the pool before I could get it back. Right after I found it, I put it back on and decided to stay out of the pool for the rest of the party while all the guys tried to untie my top once again to see the barely hidden treasure. I had to wait 2 hours until I could get picked up. After this incident, I'm always sure that I have a well fitted bikini top before going swimming, or better yet.. A one peice!

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Orphaned by coolaid - Mar 12 2014

My parents were going to Ohio state and they left me at an orphanage because it was a business trip. So they were supposed to be back in 2 weeks but bad weathering caused them to com back two years. The orphanage was really big and the boys were in one room and the girls were in the other room. I was the youngest out of all the boys and girls. One time I had opened the bathroom door on a 12 year old girl naked taking a shower. So she told one of the nuns and I had to stand in front of the girl have my tighty whities exposed and then lift my shirt over my belly button and then bend over and get spanked with a fly swatter. It was so painful and embarrassing. I peed my pants on the nun's lap and she spanked even harder. I went to my room and all the boys try to comfort me but I just keep crying with my tighty whities on and a white shirt. During January the nun had me spanked for not clean up my bed. After I got spanked one of the girls gave me a wedgie in my tighty whities until my tighty whities rip. Again I run up naked and I locked my self in one of the bathrooms until it was bed time. Another time I had slept late and didn't wake up on time. I was woken up by a wedgie and while one of the boys gave me a wedgie the other nun spanked me at the same time with a belt. And they didn't stop doing this till the end of the day luke at 12:00 I didn't get any sleep and fell asleep during a lesson and I got hanged by a wedgie in the middle of the room while people spanked me with a branch or a cane. They kept doing this until two of my tighty whities rip off and then I have to stand in the girls bedroom naked with my purple butt. They laughed at me and my mega small penis. My parants later spanked me with a belt because I was so naughty.

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Fun At The Park by TIFF000 - Mar 17 2011

i remember one day in school i was walking home with my boydriend, jake and we stopped at the park. there was nobody there and we went umder the bridge an we were kissing and hugging an stuff and we were soo clever just hiding alone. the next day two of the most popular girls in school were like so how was jake last night? omg i was sooo embarased. now they say that all the time and i regret ever doing that

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