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My Most Ebarrassing! Story by farrah101 - Aug 20 2010

My most ebrassing story was when my brother he was 17 and im 16 he invited me and hes 5 friends to the beach it was kinda weird he invited me cuz he never invites me anymore but he invited me so i went with him and hes 5 friends he was driving so we finially got to the beach we park but there was a loud noise he told me to check what was it so i hop off the car and check while i was looking my brother friends hop off too and they grabbed me one of them hold me still and they took all of my clothes of and they gave my clothes to my brother and my brother threw it and they grabbed me and took me to the beach and they shout aloud HEY EVERYONE LOOK AT THE NAKED GIRL! and ppl look bak and they started laughing and i ran away and they chase me and they hold me still to the wall and taking pictures of me like 100 of them and when they finish taking the picture they started putting them on facebook! then when they finish uploading them they took me to the car tied me up put something on my mouth and went to the beach and had FUN! and i was there trying to get off almost started crying but then wen like 2 hours pass they got a sunburn so they got so mad they started hitting me everywhere and they where slapping me hitting me touching my boobs and everything they touch it and they started kissing me and my brother was laughing and laughing and they started playing truth or dare my brother dare them to touch my boobs for like 30 seconds and he did and he dare hes other friend to touch my butt and they dare the other one to touch me everywhere and when they drive to the house no one was there so they take me to the shower and started washing me they put soap on my boobs everywhere and they took me to the living room and they started drawing on my body putting lots of mean stuff then they look at the window they saw that my crush came my crush is my next door neighbor so they took me outside and my crush was laughing and laughing and they said that i like him and my crush went to join them and my crush was slapping my butt and touching my boobs then when they were tired they took me outside in the backyard they took me to the sun and tied me up and then they started pouring hot and cold water on me then they wanted to throw me to the pool and they did then they went to my room got all of my clothes and threw them to the pool they started throwing pics of my undies and bra and when they let me there i got like a bad sunburn and i wanted to die and they were taking video of that and next day i went to school and everyone saw that video and there like gave me a nick name nakedbitch! and the bully! call everyone to the bathroom and when i wnet to the bathroom they lock me up all naked and i was knocking and i was late to class and the teacher was complaining saying to the class wheres FARRAH! and this girl said last time i saw her at the bathroom and see went to the bathroom she saw me knocking so she open the door and i fell and she told me WHAT IS WRONG WITH U AND I TOLD HER THE WHOLE STORY SO NOW SHE GAVE EVERYONE A DETENTION FOR 4 HOURS AND SHE TALK TO MY PARENTS AND MY PARENTS GROUND MY BROTHERS! and tehy got to the facebook erase the pics told my brothers friends mom they ground them and hit them hard!!!!!!! then at school everyone said srry and they hug me i beat up my brother friend and i beat my crush ass i told my cuzin to beat the heck out of my brother friends and my brother so then i beat my brother ass and they never mess wit me anymore

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My Mom Saw Me Naked!!! by Thinnerkat - Feb 18 2014

One day in the last summer I was 15 and it was just me and my mom home and I went to take a shower when I got out my mom went to sleep then I walked past her but then she got up and started to tickle me and I loved the feeling when she touched near my tip of my penis! I accidentally dropped my towel, butt naked I tripped over the towel on my back my mom seeing everything and she was wearing no panties just a long shirt and I saw her vagina and I got hard and she noticed and said I know your embarassed so she said its fine to get horny when you see one since she believes you should get used to looking at a girls private parts at a young age she let me jerk off and touch her vagina and after that I'm never embarassed for her to see my penis I love it because now I want to have sex with her!

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Tenant Troubles by sonotcool - Sep 20 2013

So I just moved in to a new place, and my bathroom faucet leaks terribly. So I told my landlord and he set up an appointment with a plumber to get it fixed. Now as a single person I of course have a vibrator that I decided to stash under said faucet in my bathroom. Well I had forgotten all about where I placed it and went to go grocery shopping in the morning, and when I came back the plumber was already there and what was sitting out in the open on my bathroom floor but the bright pink vibrator!!! And if I wasn't there to let the plumber in my landlord must have been and I can only hope that he did not see it as well

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Bikini Prank by Embarrassing - May 17 2013

I had gone to sleep on the beach. I was with 30 guys from my class. While I was asleep one of them had cut the straps of my bikini and as soon as they started tickling me I got up and my bikini fell off and I ran to find something to cover me up but they had taken photos and videotaped itand they put it on the internet.I was so angry and dumped my boyfriend who did it.

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Panties Exposed In Class by Saltalamaccchia - Aug 13 2010

the button broke on my pants in the morning before school. and i fell asleep during class. the teacher woke me up and told me to walk to the front of the class and do five jumping jacks so i could wake up i had to pee really bad. everyone was watching right as my pants fell down to my ankles and my icarly panties were exposed to everyone ( white pair with yellow trim and miranda cosgrove on the front). i was so nervous that i started to pee and i drenched them. my new nickname is Pee Pee Panties.......it was humiliating...

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Hair Fail by Alexxiiiaa - May 24 2013

Last summer I highlighted my hair. I liked it, but when I would tie my hair in a pony-tail, it would leave a skunk mark right down the middle of my head. So I decided I wanted to change my hair to a warm brown. When I rinsed my hair out, it turned out red!! I have to go to softball practice tomorrow and it is going to be so embarrassing!! At lease I don't look like a skunk anymore... :)

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Stolen Clothes At The Beach! by Billy - Jul 27 2013

On a hot summer day I decided to go to the beach with a few friends. We decided to go in the water for a swim so I left my shoes and shirt along with my phone and wallet on the sand. After we got out I went to get my stuff but it was all gone! I searched for hours but I couldn't find it! I had to take the bus for 45 minutes to my house with no shoes and no shirt

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I'm Not Cautious Enough by Tigerlilly - Feb 5 2014

Im a 14 year old girl btw....ok this happened last week..I was crushing on this Arabic guy for 4 months when we finally got to know each other well he invited me to his house for dinner one night but unfortunately his parents don't like white girls. Over dinner they discovered that I'm not a bad seed so they let me stay friends with their son. They were going to the movies like they do every Friday so they let him and me stay home to watch a movie. I sat on his floor texting my mum letting her know I would be home later when I saw him laying on his bed. Without hesitating I hopped on his bed and put my arm around him and cuddled into him. He rubbed his hands on my head and I looked up at him. Nervously he kisses my lips softly. I crawled up and kissed his lips again but longer. We didn't stop until I was in my bra and panties and I was kissing his neck until his dad walked in saying he forgot his keys. I went red and sat up immediately he went red too. His parents never invited me over again.

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Stripped While Parasailing by Koolio - Apr 30 2013

I'm 17 and I'm 5 foot 11 inches tall. Last summer, I had a girlfriend who always pressured me to have sex but I've always said no. Her best friend's dad owned a parasailing boat. One day, they invited me to go parasailing on the beach. I've always wanted to go parasailing and was looking forward to it. When I got there, my gf immediately brought me to the parasailing boat. I go all hooked up and she hooked a rope on my bathing suit. The rope was attached to a pole lodged in the ground. When I took off I was initially having fun. Then, the rope ran out of line and my swim trunks came off. I was screaming help but I was only calling attention to myself. I used my hands to cover my penis. I screamed for the boat to stop and they started pulling me in, when they unhooked me I jumped in the water and wouldn't get out. My girlfriend and her friend couldn't stop laughing. I was completely mortified!!!! She wouldn't give me my trunks unless I got out and took them. After 2 hours in the freezing water I decided to make a run for it. When I got there they said that they wouldn't give me my trunks unless I removed my hands from my crotch. I finally removed my hands and they couldn't stop laughing!!! I looked down and saw that my penis was shrunk down to just a nub. They said that a 2 year old had a bigger penis than that. I said "PLEASE give me my trunks back, I would do ANYTHING!!" They said that I had to go back in the water for 10 minutes, so I did. They got a 2 year old and told me to come out. They said that they had to compare my penis to the 2 year old's so I did, we stood side by side and they took a picture. My penis was only half them Size of the 2 year olds!! They started laughing uncontrollably and started to call attention to myself. They finally gave me my trunks when I threatened to tell their parents and deans. They lost the pictures when I threw their camera in the water. But the damage was a Ready done.

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Im A 24 Year And I Got The shits by rosestonton - Aug 27 2012

Now i was going put on the roads with my friend befor we rent she dared my to drink a 3 l bottle of coke so i did so i hoped in her two setter car and off we went no toilets for over 500 miles so i need to pee this is a road with little cars on and nothing no house no shops no anything so she stoped the car and looked away so i pissed and it was hot so she shed let ride there in are bikinis so i stripped so did she got back in the car i. Was bord so she shed strip naked so i did and she then stoped the car and shed something was wong with the back tier so i got out and checked she then drove off leving me naked then she came back so i put my bikini on but as we where driven along i had diarrhea from the coke and needed the toilet i cant ask her to stop y i shit so there was only 200 mials lifed but then i shit my bikini she looked at me stoped the car and asked me did you just shit yourself i shed yer she shed go make a hole so i went maked a hole i went she lent me hers so she was bottemless it was embarrassing she shed its alk right just next time think off diepers

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