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Wet Changing by Mina

If you have read my first couple stories I have the erge to pee when I am naked. When I was in the gym my husband was waiting to go. So I was taking a shower at the locker room. Well before I put my clothes on I sat down on something soft. Since no one was around I had to pee and peed right there and then. Though what I peed on was my clothes. I did not have any other clothes so I was naked. I covered myself with a towel and went outside. Everyone was staring and my husband asked me what I had done. I told him and said that we needed to get home. So we went outside and the wind blew my towel off. I hid behind my husband. He kept running and I was naked throughout the whole day. So my husband drives and now I ran inside naked. We are divorce (not becausee of this) and that is why I did not mention him in my stories.

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The Dot by v

It all started out when I was a Freshmen back in High school. As for any ordinary teenager. My friends and I had crushes, who we liked, dislikes and of course our First Love. I was in a program called "JROTC" and I thought this guy was pretty cute. He was an Let2 and I was a Let1, I didn't know how to approach him or whatsoever since I let my shyness overcome me. It's been pass 5 months and I still didn't know how to talk to this guy! One day, It was PT like always I was always the one who was late to class so they had this punishment whoever was late had to stand. There I was, wearing sweats and my PT shirt. Everyone looked at me like I was some stranger with a shock on each of their faces. I had no idea why but i didn't really mind them. As we were ordered to go outside to go do stretches my crush smiled at me! I actually felt good about myself... despite everyone starring at me like I was some weirdo. As PT ended I went to the lockers to change and BOOM I felt so embarrassed. I realized that I had period stein on the back of my sweats, not only I was embarrassed by my classmates in the classroom but my crush SAW IT! I knew from this point that I had no chance.

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Can't Catch A Break! by David R

So I'm sixteen and just started dating this girl I fell for two years ago. We have been good friends but she never saw me as more than that until about a month ago. I've taken her out and we enjoy each other's company, we both really like each other, but we can't catch a break from anything. We both have shall we say prior experience, she hasn't done much besides make out, so that makes me the experienced one. We have tried multiple time to get some time Alone and finally have our first kiss. We both want it to be something special, but we're both very impatient. So a few days ago we were letting our younger siblings hangout and have fun, we were supposed to be watching them but we decided to sneak off behind a shed and try and get some time alone. As I lean in to kiss her my little sister comes around the corner and starts singing Rick Astley. Ruined the moment. So later that same day we are on a walk, ignoring our siblings again, when I pull her in and try and pick up where we left off when a farmer in his tracker pulls up, gets out of his tracker, gets his smart phone out and says "Hold on my wife will love this" and waits for us to finish. We don't. So we walk back to where we left our siblings and discover them gone. We almost freak when around the bend comes my little sister dragging my girlfriend's little sister by the hand. They promptly turn around and go back the way they came. We try to resume,e what we were about to do when the farmer interrupted us when low and behold, her older brother drives up and gets out of his truck with his girlfriend who immediately pulls out her phone and tries to tape us. I have almost given up on kissing my girlfriend.

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My Teacher Saw My Butt by Canadian315

When i was changing at a public swimming pool (girl) i realized i was alone and didn\'t bother to change under a towel. Once i was naked i realized the zipper for my bag was stuck. As i was bent over trying to get it open, my math teacher walked in and got a good look at my butt. I awkwardly covered myself with my backpack and walked out of the changeroom and got changed in the stalls. Later, when i was leaving, i noticed my teacher was changing under a towel. When she noticed me she said she felt bad for her seeing my butt, and felt she needed to return the favor. Then she turned around, lifted up her towel and showed me her butt, which was much bigger then mine and just as pale. The next time i was there at the pool when she was, we ended up sharing a shower stall because it was so crowded. I felt really uncomfortable, and we both ended up covering ourselves, and then we both just kind of said what the hell, lets just be naked, and showed each other our junk

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Don't Bet Versus Your Sister by Frank1234

When I was fourteen, I made a bed against my older sister ( 16 ). The bet was that I couldn't get a 75% on my next math test. If I lost, I would have to masturbate in front of her and all of her friends whenever she asked me, but if I won, she had to do a personal strip tease for me every time I asked her as well. I attribute this loss to bullsh*t, because I got a 73% on the test. The worst part was, some of her friend's are the older sisters of some of the girls I knew from my classes, so when the time arrived for me to wank in front of them for the first time, there were about twenty girls, with a few of them that I actually knew. The girls used their phones to record the whole thing and I was so embarrassed. Still to this day she makes me wank in front of her and her friends. Never bet against your sister, EVER!

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The Full View by GamerPlaysGames

I wear short skirts idk why i still do but my skirt was in my pantie so my ass was sticking out ppl were taking pictures and i was walking around town like that WOW im super smart -.- the next day its my first time i try wearing a mini skirt without panties and some boys at school would pants other ppl or slid under girls skirts to look at their panties well they slid under me and they just layed there and i had NUUU idea until i hear talking under me and hes just saying damn girl and i shrieked and sqauted cuz thts always my response to thigs like this andhe pulls me down lower and i fall he starts licking me and starts fongering me cuz this was b4 school started then he starts licking me again and im getting too turned on to even move and he just knocks me over and lifts up my shirt and hes starts stripping me and takes me to the boys locker room and i need help he starts tieing me to a chair and all the boys are just turning me on by fingering/lickingbor pinching my nips and i start to cum im trying to hide it but i was a virgin and they toom my virginity away from me blood is everywhere and just that second my crush looks at me and starts to lick me im getting too turned on and they end up getting in trouble but no one knew i was here and i got locked in but a boy sticked around and gave me some clothes but i never knew who he was i know he was a student cuz he was shorter then the principle sooo where is my prince charming?

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Nice Im A 14 Year Old Boy by brandonfinch

Now i come from a clean famley now i dont wank but last night i got bord and for the 1st time ever i wanked it was so good so i went to bed woke up at about 4am and umm well i jazzed my boxz i was so embarrest becuse my mum and sis does all the woshing so i had to go and put them in the bin so i was ok but today my sis walks in y me and my mum was sittinf down with the tv on she walks in with my boxz and shows mum it was embarrassing

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A 'cheeky' Summer by Nicky247

I'm a guy. I was 17. It was summer. I live right next to, in fact pretty much on, a beach. Me and A LOT of friends were meeting up for a lovely day at the beach, sounded fun. NOTHING COULD GO WRONG, RIGHT?.....Well, I was preparing to go out, I knew what shorts I wanted to wear, and I knew my mates would want to go swimming in the sea. My Father's words rung in my ear ''You never wear boxer shorts under your swimming trunks''. Seemed fairly common sense to me. But this would turn out to be a HUGE mistake....I left my house, the walk to the beach took less than 5 minutes, but there were SO MANY PEOPLE, you could barely see 5 feet in front of you. I met up with my friends, and after about 30 minutes my friend came up to me and said ''Uhh, mate...why is your ass on show?''...I proceeded to check, and the shorts I chose had a HUGE HOLE IN THE BACK. It was MASSIVE. I don't know how I didn't notice the breeze. All the girls were either laughing or shrieking in terror. I will never live it down. And I am still teased about it to this day.

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Boob Dialed My Mom... by GamerPlaysGames

I was at school and i didnt know i accidently "Boob dialed" someone and that some1 was my mom and i was getting it on with my bf and she heard everything and got furious she actually drives to the place were at and starts yelling but i could barely heard and he was fingering me under the covers and i had an orgasm and of course i moaned EXTREMELY LOUD that ppl were near the windows and watched and i got grounded of course but super funny

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Ebrassing Story by farrah101

Another time when i was 15 my aunt invited me and my brother to this pool party my brother was 16 at that time and my aunt said u could invite anyone u want soo my brother invited hes friends and i didnt wanted to invite mys soo i didnt and when we got to the pool my brother was diving in and i was still changing so hes friend told him wat takes farrah so long then my brother is like i dont no then he went to look for me then i was still changing cuz it was hard to put my bathing suite i was in the top part soo my brother and hes friend open each door and my door wasnt lock so when they open the door they saw my boobs and i scream so they can get out and he grabbed me by the arm and then he went to the group of bunch of teen and then the teen were laughing soo hard there was only boys soo then my brother friend took me to the room where u change ur clothes and they kept me in there and my brothers friend and my brother were in there saying to me take ur undies and im like nooo wayy and they hold me still and took it off and im like trying to get out when i escape the teen were there taking me bak to the room and i was like covering myself but they tied me to the wall and they were making fun of me and there like cutting my clothes soo i cant put them and my brother went out cracking up and hes friends were like putting cold water and ice on my body and they got my bathing suite and started breaking it and they were touching my boobs wit the ice and then he turn me around and slap my butt and they kept me in there for like 1 hour and half and when it was time togo home i needed to go all naked and everyone laughing then when my brother was driving us i was in the very back seat all tied up and instead taking me home they took me to another place where is like a club for boys only but there was not alot of boys they were like 7 or 10 i dont really no soo i didnt wanna hop off but they drag me and everyone look at me and try not to laugh but they did soo there like wat room do i put her in and there like room 109 and they kept me there while they were partying and then they all went to the same room as me and they started throwing pics and they dare me to do lots of stuffs until i slip and i fell each of them had turn todo watever they want todo to me and one of them was touching my boobs one of them was slapping my boobs and they where slapping my butt putting peanut butter on my butt and jelly on my boobs and the bad thing is i was tied but cover my mouth cover and tied my feets hands against the wall and then they put me to the closet with one guy they dare me to have sex wit him but i didnt he just touch my boobs and lick the jelly and peanut he was there wit me like an hour he was doing something to my boobs then he slap me cuz i was getting mad and i was screaming a little loud soo then he got my boobs and he hit them and got my ass and slap it and punch it til i fell then he sck my boobs eww i hate my freaking life he was holding my boobs and everyone throwing pics :(

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