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I Go To The Washroom And... by GamerPlaysGames - Nov 22 2015

I go to a near y washroom but it was the MENS washroom and i was in hina cuz of some wierd family meeting and the toilets are on the floor so im squating and a man accidently comes AND HES SMOKING HOT he surprisingly had something to do there and he had brown hair and blue/grey eyes he slowly walks over to me and squats to pee AND I SCREAM WHAT R U DOING He said he needed to go really badly and this was the only stall i suddenly lise balance and he falls and he starts peeing on my face and i land on his penis and i accidently opened my mouth b4 fainting so i was sucking on his penis when i FAINTED idk wht happened cuz i fainted but i wake up to me sucking his dick and hes hard then he cums everywhere in my mouth i swallow and scream he closes my mouth and falls again i accidently do a half summer salt so my pussy is sticking out AND HE FUCKING LICKS IT LIKE REALLY IM A STRANGER DONT LICK ME U FUCKING PERV he continues i cant help myself but moan and when i am turned on i stay like that i dont resist i am just there so we get caught and get kicked out and for punishment the owner shreded my panties and ask me to wear my skirt 6 centimeters above my bellybutton that means half my ass is showing and its all wet there i did not notice and my socks that went to my knees were dripping with pee and he rips haldf my t shirt and i was not wearing a bra cuz i liked it when i didnt wear a bra and idc tht my nips showed and when he ripped it it showed half of my boob and half of my nips and he makes me look like an extreme whore and then i went into the public ppl looked at me strangly and some dudes in a allyway licked me everywhere so i got turned on OF COURSE started cumming and they pushed me so i had bruises and i looked like a prostitute and ppl asked How much? I just yell SHUT UP there ends my sad meeting

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Gag-a-rama by Barry - May 1 2010

I used to date this girl named Sara and she loved to playfully do role-playing. It might seem kinda weird but we had a lot of fun. One of the roles that she liked to play was being my Dominatrix. One of my most embarrassing moments came from one of these role-plays. Sara had taken me to the mall to buy some thong panties and took me back to her place. When we arrived at her house, her ex-boyfriend and two of his friends were there waiting for us. She asked me to strip down to my thong panties and perform fellatio on each of the guys while she watched. It took her awhile to persuade me, but she did. I slurped on the first two guys and worked them very thoroughly - they both finished in my mouth. Sara had me swallow each time. Then her ex-boyfriend started to force-feed me and even hard-core gagged me repeatedly for like 20 minutes. Sara seemed to love it. When he was done with me, I felt like a total slut but Sara said it was great. I felt sooo embarrassed about it. That was the first of about 20 times that role play was played out for Sara and I.

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Im A 24 Year And I Got The Shits by rosestonton - Aug 27 2012

Now i was going put on the roads with my friend befor we rent she dared my to drink a 3 l bottle of coke so i did so i hoped in her two setter car and off we went no toilets for over 500 miles so i need to pee this is a road with little cars on and nothing no house no shops no anything so she stoped the car and looked away so i pissed and it was hot so she shed let ride there in are bikinis so i stripped so did she got back in the car i. Was bord so she shed strip naked so i did and she then stoped the car and shed something was wong with the back tier so i got out and checked she then drove off leving me naked then she came back so i put my bikini on but as we where driven along i had diarrhea from the coke and needed the toilet i cant ask her to stop y i shit so there was only 200 mials lifed but then i shit my bikini she looked at me stoped the car and asked me did you just shit yourself i shed yer she shed go make a hole so i went maked a hole i went she lent me hers so she was bottemless it was embarrassing she shed its alk right just next time think off diepers

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Sex Fail by anongal - Jun 29 2011

So, I was 16 and I had been with my boyfriend for 2 years, you'd think after that long we'd get bored even a little? NOT AT ALL. We were still having sex 5 times a day. And whast worse, he lived in his parents house. Even at age 21.. Well most of the time having music on was a big help. He also loved to cover my mouth and pull my hair. Which was super kinky to me. One day, for once, NOONE WAS HOME! the whole pack except he and I had gone up north for 5 days. Which was the first time in our entire relationship the house was free of obstacles. So of course, we got right into it. Candles, collars oils. Right on the livingroom floor. We had been going at it for just about an hour, I was free to moan like a....well I dont know. Like a woman having a great orgasm. We loved heavy metal and loved playing it rough, so I bet you can guess what is going to happen, well no you cant. While he was holding me in the air ramming me the whole nine yards. It turned out, that just an hour or so into thier trip, they got into an accident- the trailer had lopsided and the vehicle turned over. Noone got hurt, but -yes- you guessed it- the whole family. Crying and trembling, came into our livingroom sex dungeon...Fall blown porno like sex, even the 9 year old got a full view. So what does he do? he drops me, I land on a candle, burn my ass and inner thigh and start screaming like a - well not a woman having an orgasm. His mother wanted to help, but I jsut got up and ran, past the 4 siblings, the mom, the dad, the dog. And left my bf standing there naked... I was never the same. Thank goodness he's now my ex and ;I dont HAVE to face them EVER again!!!!!!!!!!!yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes!

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Stain For Life! by Foziwi - May 23 2013

My embarrassing story has two parts 1st Initial Phase I have been very timid person when I was young, once in my class when I was in 5th std I wanted to go to washroom to pee but the teacher in class refused to let me go so I waited and for next two periods in class teacher did the same, and in the end it became so urgent that I had to pee in my pants. It humiliated me in front of all my friends and teachers and had to live with that ruined image pretty much throughout the high school. 2nd Relapse After passing my high school I was happy that I don't need to face it all again but after two years I bumped into that teacher who refused to let me go, in a mall she was with her kid, I greeted her respectfully and didn't felt ashamed to make eye contact as i passed that phase, she greeted me nicely as well. But after 5 minutes her kid came running to me and said you wet your pants in school, I felt bad. and that was the most embarrassing moment of my life.

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Mixing Up Slippery Lotion And Normal Lotion by GamerPlaysGames - Nov 22 2015

So i put on lotion daily but i ran out and my mom bought a new one she bought the wrong one i put the lotion usually near my butt and legs and its super slippery so i trip at school like i always do then my panties fly off and land on my crushes head ( btw were wearing school uniforms so we have to wear skirts ) someone pantses me im just trying to cover up my hairy areas cuz i hate shaving/waxing then they put my panties back on and gove me a wedgie when im in the air the string goes up into my butt crack and i think i asked them super sexily or something? Cuz they start drooling and i just say Please let me out then i winked so they would let me out they did then proceeded to strip me and i blanked out

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Teachers by Lucybabes - Apr 18 2012

Ok so i am female 14, i have private lessons with my swimming teacher at school, and the female changing rooms were locked, so i had to get changed in the male, and my swimming teacher said don't worry noone else was there. So i went into the changing rooms and stripped naked and went into the shower, i thought i heard someone come in, but i didn't think anything of it. So i got out the shower and walked round the corner to get changed, and saw 5 male teachers getting changed! 2 were even naked, i screamed and they saw me and went red, inconveniently my stuff was on the other side of the room! But they told me not to worry about it, it would be our secret, i got changed and left, it was soooooo embarassing. They haven't mentioned it to me, but it was still embarassing, and somehow everyone in my year knows!

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Craigslist "oops..." by Emmy&Ems - Jul 25 2014

This all started when I had a bad break-up. I found out my Army boyfriend was married, and it sure as hell wasn't to me. Well, a few months after the usual chaos and sadness and anger that comes with something like that, I tried to start dating again, and it wasn't going well; I very soon got sick of being stood up, ignored, lied to and rejected in every way, and because my ex had been deployed before we broke up, I hadn't had sex in a very long time. It is at times like this that you wish you had a friend to help. And I did, though I'm not sure how much help he was. My best friend told me "go out, have fun, get laid. Don't put emotions into it, find someone you don't know, and show them the door after." So, I went on Craigslist. I tried talking to a few guys who turned out to not be what I was looking for, and then finally found a man I thought I could really have some good times with. He was a bit older than me, late 20s or so, and a single father. He lived close by, and once he got used to the idea of me being 8 years younger than him, we were starting to really get into the idea. And then some things he told me started to sound familiar. Too familiar. And I found out why. I had not only sought out a casual sexual relationship with a man who had gone to school with several of my co workers, but who was also a very good friend of my older brother. A man who's house I had been at only a few days earlier. Things got very awkward very fast, and my only small comfort is that we both promised not to tell my protective older brother, or the countless people we both know. But, when it does eventually leak out at some stoned and drunk night at his house, I will forever be known as their friend's "slutty little sister who screws around on Craigslist with older men", and something tells me this is only going to get worse. Soon I am going to have to go down to his house (that he shares with another of our friends) and face the lot of them. My best friend's voice is ringing in my ears, echoing in my head: "...find someone you don't know... someone you don't know.... you don't know.... don't know..... don't..........."

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Stark Naked In My Living Room by cmb - Dec 17 2008

I had just moved in to my new council house and ordered a load of stuff from the catalogue. I was told a date and time between 9am and 12pm. On the day of my stuff being delivered, I waited until just after 10am to take a shower. I was getting out, my door knocked, so I ran down the stairs in just my towel to let the guys in. Apologising to them about me being in just a towel and showing them to the kitchen. The two men was taking my washing machine in to my kitchen from my living room. Just then the men had to run out to the van to fetch something. So i decided to wedge through the door and the machine when I got stuck and my towel fell of! To my horror I could not move or reach the towel. The men then walked in along with the other delivery men. They stood there for a minute while I was stuck in between the machine and door stark naked. Just then one of the guys grabbed my towel and helped me out. As i thought my day could get no worse, i was about to run of with my towel round me when i tripped anf fell right on to back, AGAIN stark naked. I could have died! OH the SHAME!!! ANON

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Stripping On A Rollercoaster by GamerPlaysGames - Nov 22 2015

Like the other story i wrote i always fall everywhere but when i dont wear panties and wear a skirt and fall ppl just help but this time its different i went to a rollercoaster and my friends dared me to start stripping when the ride begins cuz its nighttime and there was barely anyone but i didnt know tht this ride takes alot of pictures and i thought i was with my friend and i sit down with a hot guy from my class and he was the most popular in school so when i started stripping i lost my top cuz it was going super fast when i was taking my pants off it landed on his face i didnt notice and he starts to stare at my boobs and my friends were sitting behind me and undid my bra andi lost my clothing except for my panties and my friends ran away and this guy just started to take my panties off it took a while but he did and he threw it over the edge and stared at me intensly then took tons of pictures and when the ride was over the football team was there and they picked me up tied my hands and took me into the forest and left me there i broke free but i was being followed by 1 person on the football team he helped me and walked with me home and now everyone has a picture if me naked GREAT

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