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Im A 24 Year And I Got The shits by rosestonton - Aug 27 2012

Now i was going put on the roads with my friend befor we rent she dared my to drink a 3 l bottle of coke so i did so i hoped in her two setter car and off we went no toilets for over 500 miles so i need to pee this is a road with little cars on and nothing no house no shops no anything so she stoped the car and looked away so i pissed and it was hot so she shed let ride there in are bikinis so i stripped so did she got back in the car i. Was bord so she shed strip naked so i did and she then stoped the car and shed something was wong with the back tier so i got out and checked she then drove off leving me naked then she came back so i put my bikini on but as we where driven along i had diarrhea from the coke and needed the toilet i cant ask her to stop y i shit so there was only 200 mials lifed but then i shit my bikini she looked at me stoped the car and asked me did you just shit yourself i shed yer she shed go make a hole so i went maked a hole i went she lent me hers so she was bottemless it was embarrassing she shed its alk right just next time think off diepers

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Double Dare Distaster! by Redheadedbeautiful - Feb 1 2012

So I was at my friend Saras sleepover. There was me, Sara, and about 6 other girls. We played truth or dare, and I was the girl who would do anything. So, they dared me to go outside in her front lawn and undress completely bra and all. So I walked out the door. It was harmless! At 3:00 am, no one would notice. I was then topless, had only my panties on. I started to take them off until I heard laughing. Her older brother was staring at me from his window. He gave me a wink, and I quick started to dress. I left first hong in the morning so I didn't see him. I will STILL do any dare though. ;)

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Embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!! Story!! by Amy2201 - Sep 6 2010

Once i was at my house i was getting ready togo to my boyfriend house so i brush my hair and dress up very nicely with a blue and green,purple dress it wa full with decoration. When i was done i put a very lovely necklace its a heart with a picture inside of me and him. Then i took my brother car (My car wasnt working) then i see it doesnt have gasoline and i didnt wanna stop in the middle of the street just cause it didnt have gasoline so i decided togo walking. I walk then rain was coming i got out a very!! long jacket that is up to my knee so i cant get my dress wet so i ran and ran til i fall in a puddle of water and dirt it was like mudd so i fell there and ruin my jacket good thing not my dress. I took my jacket off and ran then i look at my left and right see no cars coming and ran then i ran to my left and then went straight to this apartment and headed to the house that was close to the apartment FINIALLY IM THERE!!. I knock on the door and it open so i went inside and said hi and everything then hes like "What the heck happen to u"? then i answer back "It was raining too much and my brother car didnt have no gasoline" Then he answer "Oh next time tell me to pick u up and he smile" so did i. Then i was like freezing then hes like oh let me take ur dress to the washer im like no thx wat could i put under hes like just ur bra and ur underwear then im like no its wet to but im ok then he grabbed and took me to the laundry and took all of my clothes off im like give me my clothes bak then i was yelling and he didnt listen and wash it then hes like taking me to hes back yard he got water and he threw it to me im like running saying STOP! STOP! STOP! THEN HE TOOK ME INSIDE THEN HE PUT A TOWEL ON ME AND MY CLOTHES FINIALLY DONE I PUT IT ON FAST THEN IM LIKE LEAVING AND CURSING HIM. Then i said WE R OVER!!! Then hes like NO! Then he got me hes like i was trying to help and i push him then he grabbed me and put me against the wall and kiss me i slap him and said fck u motherfcker dont be kissing me u fcking inbred looking he did look a little bit like one then i embarrassed him my brother came and embarrassed him and everything

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Horrible Uncle by mad max - Nov 7 2010

We were Having a bbq for my 16th bday and, i was getting a shower before getting ready and my uncle walked in and saw me naked, he then went and told my friends i had a small weener, so when we were setting the garden up before every1 came my mates pinned me down and stripped me and took a photo of me, and showed every1 then to make matter worse my uncles son who is 12 started laughing and saying his was even bigger than mine, so my uncle was told him to show every1, so he did so my mates took the piss out of me becoz my younger cuz had a bigger weener than me, it was so embarrissing

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School Dork by Bookworm - Aug 7 2011

My clothes were all in the laundry so I put on thes jeans that were WAY to big and A my little pony shirt 3rd grade. I forgot my bra and am wearing granny panties and I am a c cup I also slipped on my white trainers with dorky tube sox. My parents are over protective and strict so I wear dorky outfits like this. So I went to the bus stop and the "popular girls" saw me and they hate me so tied my hands together and made me sit by them on the bus and then guided me off with them pushing me and giving me wedgies and then at lunch (no teachers) they stood me up on stage and pantsed me and then hung me on the flagpole and I started crying and they pulled me up hanging above everyone by me granny panties and peed on their heads and pooped In my pants ( I was VERY nervous) they lowered me down and stripped me naked with just my poopy but and tube sox and trainers. They they poured milk all over me and then I got my clothes back and then I was so nervous i peed and pooped again and now my parents make me wear a diaper and tight pants to make sure I an wearing one. They also banned me from make up and bras and I am the biggest looser ever.

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20 Too One by neverbeennakedb4 - Mar 25 2010

it was one thursday night about 11pm, only a few years ago, and i still cant believe it happend. my wife decided to go and join her female freinds on a hen night, so i decided to go to the cinema, as i didn't want to stay at home by myself. "watch out for the mail strippers!" i shouted as i waved her goodbye, "huh, we should be so lucky" then they were gone...off into the unknown. at about 11pm i was walking home and just as i was geeting to my street corner, i just happened to bump into my wife with her mates, whom were a little bit tipsey, and heading home in our direction. "hello girls....have a good time?" i asked, suddenly they all looked me up and down, "the male stripper was crap!" "why?" i asked, "he wouldn't go all the way!" my wife answerd my wifes friends were of mixed ages, but most of them in their 30s. "hey what about your hubby!" i could hear one of them sugesting. "ha ha, yeah...we'll be lucky!" she replied. "he'd never do that for us!". before i knew it, i was in the middle of them. they were so close that i could smell the alcohol on their breath. "but he's only one bloke...and he'd have no choice if we did it for him". shouted another. by this time my own wife should have been protecting me, but she was drunk also, and could see no problem. "sorry ladies, i want to go to bed". "ah..not even one little ole strip for us, before you toddle off to bed!" "fraid not ladies". all their hands were pawing me all over, "i'm not sure if i like his answer girls...what do you think?" "we could always strip him ourselves!" said one, "what a good idea!" remarked the wife...(huh some wife) they were really being serious, suddenly as their fingers tightened on me, i could see where this was going if i wasn't careful. suddenly i broke away from their clutches, and i was off. i could'nt run home, because they'd be there waiting for me, but i could hear this massive horde giggling in their droves as they chased me down the road. i was scared, it was like a lynch mob after me. "lets get his clothes off him!" one shouted. "he cant get far" that was my wife shouting. it was utter unexpected madness. they broke up into about 3 uneven groups trying to corner me, and in doing this they forced me into an old kiddies grassy playground. there was nowhere else i could run to, and they still hadn't given up in their quest for seeing some extra male nude flesh, and my wife was now leading them on. i ran for ages, but at about 40 i was tiring fast. i slowed down long enough for them all to converged to bring me down onto the grass with a cack handed rugby tackle. they were like ants all over me, "strip him ladies...he's all yours!" slurred my wife. i couldn't do a thing as about 20 pairs of hands and fingers set about undoing all my clothing from all angles, almost at once, whilst a couple of the big girls held me on the ground. my wife lead the way by unbuckling my trousers, whilst my coat and jumper were quickly pulled off over my head. i could feel the late night chill on my legs and bare skin as my clothes were being removed. i tried to struggle, but not even one man against 20 women is a fair match. soon my trousers and pants, along with my shoes and socks were heaved off my ankles and feet in one quick movement. "wo...look at this girls...looks like he's enjoyed it too girls". i was totally naked and still being held down from all angles as they tickled and played about with me. "what now ladies?" one shouted. i'm surprised no one heard them, they were laughing that loud. "i know" said the wife, as she sat down beside my genitalia area and began to masterbate me in front of all of them. they were cheering, a stronger bloke could have easilly fought off a horde of mere females, but i was knackerd. they all cheered loudly as i cum all over her fingers. this was a hoot to them, but i was so embarassed. i had known some of her friends for years, some of whom were neighbours, how could i ever look any of them in the eye again. and it is not something a bloke would report, us guys just have to takme it, even though if it was the other way round with one of them against a load of us blokes, the outcome would be totally different, and we'd be up in court. then still without my clothing they frog marched me all the way up 2 streets to take me home, and almost everyone saw everything i had. quickly i ran away and bolted myself in the bedroom, until her friends had gone. but fear not.....i did get my revenge on my wife. she was outside sitting in the sun one afternoon in her bikini, and there was a a few building chaps up a scaffold doing some painting. so i got out of my chair in the guise of pouring myself a cold drink, but as i went behind her, and she stood up to straighten herself up, i quickly snatched at the strings oln her briefs, and her bra and whipped them both off in under a second, leaving her suddenly naked and for all to see. i went inside and closed the door, making as much noise to alert all the men to look our way, then i locked her outside, and left her there for about an hour. you shopuld have heard all of the wolf whistles. she did'nt speak to me for the rest of the week because of that. you see, its ok for you girls to let your hair down at us blokes expense, but when its the other way roung, you just dont like it up you. vengeance is best served cold.....dont you think. thankyou.

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I Love Football But Ummm I Dont Like Knicker Football by rosestonton - Aug 23 2012

Now im a 24 year old girl love football one day me and my roomate was play take football like per time you get a goal v you you take off a pair of clothes and there is 15 shots now max you can have on is ten so i had shoesx2 socksx2 knickers shots bra top gloves x2 and the losers has to bent over with what clothes thay have left and take 5 shots to the ass if it misses its still a shot so any way i lost my gloves 1st it was ok saved one lost my shoes lost my socks saved one lost me shorts i was getter under comfitable btw i had granny knickers on that go right up near my tits so next i lost my top she got a nerver one in so was it going to be my pussy or my tits so my bra came off i had 3 more i saved one then lost my granny knickers i had one more naked and lost so i bent over naked she can kick hard so she missed 1st going for power missed the 2nd i shed i bet my ass is ok today so one more shot she missed i so i jumped in joy then i looked she had my clothes and went in the house and locked it so me naked outside grate so about 20 mims latter she shed you can come in she asked but 1st can you pick that 2p up so i bent down she smacked my ass with a fly hitter thing so it hurt like fuck

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Stripped by Embarrassing - May 17 2013

There was this bully at school who liked to play practical pranks. This was in highschool and I had massive 32e breasts. He asked me If we could make out and he started to kiss me in the corridor and I had this silk top on and he got a pair of scissors and cut my top off and removed my bra without me knowing and pulled my bra down in front of everyone and he took a photo of me and everyone laughed. The principal came out and gave him detention and took me to his office and gave me a bra and tshirt even though he is a man and I was so embarrassed that he saw me naked and when I asked him where he found it he said it was in the lost property box. I got my revenge when my friend kissed him and stripped him. Ha ha.

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Realisations by Malinda - Mar 16 2014

I was in Norwich and the beach there was just WOW! It had HUGE waves, and when I get hit by one I just fall! It is a VERY crowded beach with more than 300 people there for sure! I was just standing there, a massive wave hit, I fell. Everyone around me started staring, SO many teenagers, little kids, TONS of boys, even parents and grandparents. I looked back thinking they're looking at the beach and the waves, and then I realised that my swimming kit top just fell... My whole chest was showing and EVERYONE had seen everything and I grabbed my top and couldn't even put it on properly. I left the beach that second and everyone was eyeing me and laughing, winking etc. What a great holiday -_-

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Panties Exposed In Class by Saltalamaccchia - Aug 13 2010

the button broke on my pants in the morning before school. and i fell asleep during class. the teacher woke me up and told me to walk to the front of the class and do five jumping jacks so i could wake up i had to pee really bad. everyone was watching right as my pants fell down to my ankles and my icarly panties were exposed to everyone ( white pair with yellow trim and miranda cosgrove on the front). i was so nervous that i started to pee and i drenched them. my new nickname is Pee Pee Panties.......it was humiliating...

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