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Horrified Naked Horrible And Sadly All True by Babyblueeyes - Jan 4 2012

My brother was having a pull party he is 18 and I'm 16. I hadn't gone swimming in forever and none of my bathing suits fit me. I went in to my moms clothest and found a whit bikini that fit. I am a large D cup. I slipped on the bathing suit and it fit perfectly. I went out to the party it was just my brother and his guy friends. I jumped in to the pool making quite and entrance and I got of the pool so could jump again. I didn't realize my bathing suit was totally see through. So I got out and stood there thinking of a jump to do. My brother and his friends were whispering they got out of the pool and were laughing. They grabbed me and pulled me over to the grass. They gave me a huge wedgie. 2 people were giving me hanging wedgie my brother pulled my feet down making it worse. They told me I had to do everything they said or they would expose me to my crush. I agreed. They tied me u in my middle splits (I am a dancer). I had realized now my bathing suit as see through but i was almost dry so it was white again. They ripened off my bikini top and played with my boobs. Then they ripped off my bikini bottom exposing my shaved vagina. They satin a circle and dared eachother to do things to me they shoved ice cubes up my vagina and came all over me. they whipped me and slapped me. They got a large stick and picked me up and pushed me down on the stick then my qbrother pushed me down on the stick it hurt so bad. they put clips that were connected to heavy chanes and a 5 pond ball on my nipples and vagina. They drove me to a creepy neighbor hood they tied me in subduction wayy to a pole and wrote on me free fuck I got fucked by 2 random people. They took a rope and put it between my vagina and but crack an hung me on a busy street. They started to get bored. They told me to put ona tiny whit thong and tiny white bra and every step I took my boobs fell out. It started to rain outsid and all the other guys but two called everyone in my directory to come to the local park which was just a small area of grass we drove there and to my surprises there were many people there all in raincoats with umbrellas he parks light were on and bright they made me get out of the car. I was immodestly drenched and everything I was wearing was see through they put me on a leash and made me walk around to every person that was. There and introduce my slf and tell them the size of my breasts and Butt and tell them they could do anything they wanted to me at anytime at school or now.my crush was there and many kis I knew. My brother told my crush to make p a game we could all play. He whispered back and my brother smiled they laid. Me down in the middle of the field and yelled hey everyone come now and harass my little sister rpeople came running I was mobbed and couldn't move I was chummed on and naked things were stuck up my but and vagina hands were everywhere my boobs hurt from squeezing it was horrible. Finally it was over I went home showered changed and cried and cried and cried. I went on Facebook and had over 50 notifications posts pictures of me and my brother videotaped everything and tagged me in it. I went to school. On Monday I was stupid guys cut my clothing off and told me to obey and do many things I moved to a different state and those memories hunt me forever my brother was grounded for a year but still!!! I know my brother sill has the tapes and DVDs and so does the school. :( my life is over

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Stripped While Parasailing by Koolio - Apr 30 2013

I'm 17 and I'm 5 foot 11 inches tall. Last summer, I had a girlfriend who always pressured me to have sex but I've always said no. Her best friend's dad owned a parasailing boat. One day, they invited me to go parasailing on the beach. I've always wanted to go parasailing and was looking forward to it. When I got there, my gf immediately brought me to the parasailing boat. I go all hooked up and she hooked a rope on my bathing suit. The rope was attached to a pole lodged in the ground. When I took off I was initially having fun. Then, the rope ran out of line and my swim trunks came off. I was screaming help but I was only calling attention to myself. I used my hands to cover my penis. I screamed for the boat to stop and they started pulling me in, when they unhooked me I jumped in the water and wouldn't get out. My girlfriend and her friend couldn't stop laughing. I was completely mortified!!!! She wouldn't give me my trunks unless I got out and took them. After 2 hours in the freezing water I decided to make a run for it. When I got there they said that they wouldn't give me my trunks unless I removed my hands from my crotch. I finally removed my hands and they couldn't stop laughing!!! I looked down and saw that my penis was shrunk down to just a nub. They said that a 2 year old had a bigger penis than that. I said "PLEASE give me my trunks back, I would do ANYTHING!!" They said that I had to go back in the water for 10 minutes, so I did. They got a 2 year old and told me to come out. They said that they had to compare my penis to the 2 year old's so I did, we stood side by side and they took a picture. My penis was only half them Size of the 2 year olds!! They started laughing uncontrollably and started to call attention to myself. They finally gave me my trunks when I threatened to tell their parents and deans. They lost the pictures when I threw their camera in the water. But the damage was a Ready done.

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Worst Moment Eva Xx by Worst moment eva xx - Jul 26 2011

Well i was about 8 when this happened... I was waiting for the bus as me and my exbezzie were coming home for mcdonalds with her sister and the doors around us were glass and i was tired with waiting for the bus. So i decided to lean on the glass doors well i wish i hadn't.....The bus had just turned there and i fell right through the door thinking i wass leaning on glass worst of all my crush and all the other people were laughing histerical at me. What a cringe.

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The Towel And Dog by amypicsxx - Oct 22 2010

well where to begin i guess here. me and my exboyfreind were on holiday in turkey with a ground floor apartmant but thats enough background for now we had just been for a long walk so i was gonna take a shower and go swimming well myex boyfreind took all my clothes and told me they were outsideturns out they werent but i went out with just a towel on big mistake my boyfreind thought it would be funny to take my towel off now im completly naked and locked out now because while i was stunned by what happened my boyfreind locked the door it gets worse a man was walking his dogs without leads on stopped to talk to talk to someone a few apartments away leaving his dogs to investigate the knocking well i was bent over out of breath when one of the dogs licked my pussy i was so taken back by this i fell over the one who licked my pussy continued even though i was kicking it the other decided to lick my tits i managed to get up but only onto all fours one started humping me from behind my ex boyfreind then saved me

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The Dot by v - Sep 1 2013

It all started out when I was a Freshmen back in High school. As for any ordinary teenager. My friends and I had crushes, who we liked, dislikes and of course our First Love. I was in a program called "JROTC" and I thought this guy was pretty cute. He was an Let2 and I was a Let1, I didn't know how to approach him or whatsoever since I let my shyness overcome me. It's been pass 5 months and I still didn't know how to talk to this guy! One day, It was PT like always I was always the one who was late to class so they had this punishment whoever was late had to stand. There I was, wearing sweats and my PT shirt. Everyone looked at me like I was some stranger with a shock on each of their faces. I had no idea why but i didn't really mind them. As we were ordered to go outside to go do stretches my crush smiled at me! I actually felt good about myself... despite everyone starring at me like I was some weirdo. As PT ended I went to the lockers to change and BOOM I felt so embarrassed. I realized that I had period stein on the back of my sweats, not only I was embarrassed by my classmates in the classroom but my crush SAW IT! I knew from this point that I had no chance.

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Exposure To The Sun Would Have Been Perfectly Satisfactory by Adrian - Jun 30 2010

When I was on holiday earlier this year, I'm afraid to say that I was really embarrassed about what my body did spontaneously and to my complete surprise. I was on holiday with my mates in a Greek resort when we decided after an all day drinking session, that we would enter a masculinity contest (which was pretty much set up by the holiday reps). Well, all seven of us were on stage pretty much naked - only our tackle covered up, when ladies from the audience were asked to join us. Anyway, after a drinking challenge between the guys and girls, we were then judged on our dancing abilities. The embarrassing moment followed. While I was dancing with the girl who had partnered up with me, I got an erection (as she kept rubbing up against me) and decided the best thing to do was to turn my back on the audience and move away from her a little to make it go away. But then the song finished within a few seconds and the girls were sent off stage and we were asked to form a line so that we could be given our scores by the holiday reps. I pretty much panicked at this moment as I was still in a predicament with my boner, but before I could do anything, one of the rowdy girls who'd already been on stage ran around the back of my mates to the left of where I was hovering shyly, and she ripped down my boxer shorts exposing and humiliating me in front of everyone. I can tell you that is the last time anyone is going to convince me to take part in any contest which involves stripping down.

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I Got Pranked By My Friend by rosestonton - Aug 29 2012

Im a 24 year old girl and my sis has this boy named brandon at 14 she had to go to a party and it was a age 18 party so she asked me to have him for the night so he was a bit grumpy so i gave him a wet willy to chear him up so he smilled at me and shed he needs to get something so i shed ok im just going to swim he shed ok so i went swimming and i got bord so i stripped naked to swim i went to the other side of the pool looked back and brandon was there i shed hi and he shed bye and picked up my clothes and towel and went in so i went in and with my arm on my boobs and my had on my p.u.shy i shed can i hav my clothes pls he shed ok there in the fridge i shed what told him off looked in the fridge thay where not there so i shed where are thay he shed fine got me to the door and shed there i shed where and he pushed me out the frount naked i try to get in the cat flap and got stuck for about 1h and his mum got back looking at my ass and asked what you doing i told her and brandon told her the truth so he went back and befor the mum went she shed you need to get less of a tan on your ass but other than that its not bad so my hace went so red it was embarrassing but me and the little shit are good friends i told him about this site

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Pee Pee Play by Megan - Jul 26 2011

I was the main role as a circus girl and on our last night my parents, 4 siblings including 3 older sisters and 1 older brother along with a video camera came to the play. Our drama teacher gave us soda before and I had basketball before the show so I drank 4 glasses. Right before my lead I really had to pee so and since my costume is a one piece I can't go in the show but I tried and all the bathrooms were used so I found a dark empty electric room I threw off my clothes and was about to pee when my teacher came looking for me about to open the door when I ran into a closet I had not seen before then the lights clucked on and I saw rows and rows of people I was on stage! I peed my leg for a minute completely naked all on video the audience laughing and I think my teacher stole ny one piece! So embarrassing.

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Do You Want A Bite by bigmike - Aug 24 2011

im 15 me and all my school friends decided to play a joke on the school retard, one of my friends took out a cheese sandwich from his bag and took it to the toilets, we all waited wondering what was going on, a while late he came out and showed us he had cum in the sandwich he told us all to do it and we will feed her, so we all took it in turns to take it in the toilets, Once we had all finished we wrapped it in foil and acted casual. we all began to talk about food when we stood next to him, i then pulled out the sandwich and offerd it to him, he accepted the sandwich and began to open it, all of a sudden these big tough guys came over and asked what we were doing with one of there brothers, we all acted innocent, the retard showed his brother th sandwich and he was very angry my friends ran away and i was left, the pinned me down and forced the sandwich in my mouth, i gagged and was sick but they made me eat it again. i thought this was the worst part but then the all started to pee piss on me, all of a sudden the biggest guy go his dick out and started to cum all over me, when the others saw this they copied and before i knew it i was covered in white goo,.....but it got worse, the kid we were trying to bully shit on me and rubbed it all over my face and hair. iit was horrible, i then had to walk around school coverd all day as i live in a rural area and had no way of getting home, im now known as shit cum face buttie eater, i hate my life, i have no mates

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Lost Bet by Billy - Nov 16 2013

I had a bet with my friend and the loser had to to anything the winer wanted for a whole week! I of course lost the bet! So first she made me come to school in nothing but my boxers! This wasn't as embarrassing as when she made me take them off and run around the track! Then we went to the mall and found my dress size and got some dresses! The next day you guessed it I had to wear a dress to school! It was horrible! I begged her to let me wear something different so she said you can either wear the dress or wear nothing at all! So I wore the dress. The next day was much worse I came to school dressed normally but every hour she told me to take a piece of clothing off until I was naked!! Then she kept my clothes and I had to run home naked! The next day she gave me a thong and I was forced to wear nothing but that thong to school! It was so embarrassing! Then she made me walk into the mall naked and buy clothes! I got kicked out of the mall so I had to sneak back in and buy clothes so I wouldn't fail this command. Finally the last day before the weekend she made me streak through the halls in heels so I couldn't run! Then she gave me a bikini to wear the rest of the day! Next I had to eat three worms witch was disgusting and then finally I had to walk through the park naked and go home naked! It was a hard week!

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