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The Toilet Im A Teen Boy by brandonfinch

I was going to the toilet as a boy when i piss i stand up so i was pissing then my sister thats 30 walks in and sees me peeing

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A Bad Day by Ella G.

For a few days three of my cousins were staying over. All of them were boys and older than me. They were all 17. I'm a girl, and 14 (almost 15). My cousins were pulling a bunch of tricks on me and being super mean, so I decided to do something back. My mother didn't believe what I told her they did, but I figured they wouldn't tell my mom. They did. I did something really bad, so my mom grounded me for two days. Tomorrow, my mom had to go to the grocery store, so she told my cousins they get to babysit me. But they didn't just babysit me. They embarrassed me. After my mom left, one of them named Ryan said "Take off your clothes." "Why?" I asked. "Do it," Ryan said. I took off my pants and shirt. I was wearing embarrassing care bear panties and a plain bra. They gave me a wedgie and put a tennis ball in to make it stay. My cousins left me there for what felt like 40 minutes. It was so painful. I had to pee, but I was too far from the ground and I was on a hook. I peed in my underwear right when they came in! My panties were yellow-ish and soggy and wet. They laughed at me. Ryan, Michael, and Daniel called my mom and said I peed in my pants. My mom told them to put me in diapers! My mom kept some old diapers I had before I was potty-trained apparently. My cousins put me in those after taking off the wedgie and my underwear, showing me fully exposed and now in a diaper with nothing else on. When my mom came home, I was in a baby shirt, a bib, and a diaper. My mom had some baby toys that were my little sister's (who was at a playdate right now) when she was a baby, and a playpen I was put in now. It had blocks and stuff like that. My mom picked me up like a baby and asked me why I didn't pee in the toilet. "Ryan, Michael, and Daniel gave me a wedgie and I couldn't go to the bathroom," I said. "Why do you keep saying it's their fault?" My mom asked. She didn't believe me. My cousins came in. My cousins said it was time for a 'nap.' They brought me to my room and Daniel said something to me. "Do what we tell you and we'll tell your mom you don't have to wear diapers," he said. I didn't want to wear the diapers, so I said okay. He told me to get naked, and I did. They locked me out in the backyard after taking me to the frontyard. People came by and I tried banging on the door because they were locked. No one let me in. After literally 2 hours my mom came out! But my crush from across the street came and saw. I'm going to get revenge!!!!

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Naked At Wine Gala by Akki

I was once asked to work as a waiter at a wine gala. This was in my college days. Once I got to the event, I realised that I had to wear a toga. The guy helping me change into it noticed that I was wearing black underpants. He asked me to remove them. I did so. The toga was then wrapped around me. I was handed a tray of drinks and headed out. The first hour went by but I noticed that the pun holding my toga together was not as firm as I thought it was. Decided to put my tray aside and head back to the dressing area but before I could, I was approached by two ladies who started admiring my toga. To my horror, one of them slipped her finger under the pin and took it out! The entire toga felt to the ground. There was silence and then laughter! Lots of it. I politely handed the tray to the lady, covered up my front and ran towards the dressing area. But by then, they all had a look:-)

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Sister by coolaid

I was 8 years old and I had got a new pack of tighty whities so I put them on and we were going to the beach. So I put my speedo on and a shirt and we went to the beach. So I was building a sand castle in just my speedo. Apparently some of my tighty whities were showing. And my sister thought of something. I went swim and she swam with me. I ducked under a large wave but I felt something in the back of ny butt. It was my sister giving me a wedgie. She lifts me off the ground and puts me in one of the ladies lockers in the ladies bathroom. She also took my speedo so I was left in my tighty whities. A couple of ladies come in but they ignore me. My sister comes in and pulls on my legs which causes my tighty whities to rip. After that she takes me naked and spanks me till the end of the day. Then I have to go home naked with only a short shirt. When I got home my brother wedgies me till all of my underwear rips. My sister took me naked to wallmart and bought me a new pack of tighty whities. She spanks me with one of her belts if I do something bad

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My Most Ebarrassing! Story by farrah101

My most ebrassing story was when my brother he was 17 and im 16 he invited me and hes 5 friends to the beach it was kinda weird he invited me cuz he never invites me anymore but he invited me so i went with him and hes 5 friends he was driving so we finially got to the beach we park but there was a loud noise he told me to check what was it so i hop off the car and check while i was looking my brother friends hop off too and they grabbed me one of them hold me still and they took all of my clothes of and they gave my clothes to my brother and my brother threw it and they grabbed me and took me to the beach and they shout aloud HEY EVERYONE LOOK AT THE NAKED GIRL! and ppl look bak and they started laughing and i ran away and they chase me and they hold me still to the wall and taking pictures of me like 100 of them and when they finish taking the picture they started putting them on facebook! then when they finish uploading them they took me to the car tied me up put something on my mouth and went to the beach and had FUN! and i was there trying to get off almost started crying but then wen like 2 hours pass they got a sunburn so they got so mad they started hitting me everywhere and they where slapping me hitting me touching my boobs and everything they touch it and they started kissing me and my brother was laughing and laughing and they started playing truth or dare my brother dare them to touch my boobs for like 30 seconds and he did and he dare hes other friend to touch my butt and they dare the other one to touch me everywhere and when they drive to the house no one was there so they take me to the shower and started washing me they put soap on my boobs everywhere and they took me to the living room and they started drawing on my body putting lots of mean stuff then they look at the window they saw that my crush came my crush is my next door neighbor so they took me outside and my crush was laughing and laughing and they said that i like him and my crush went to join them and my crush was slapping my butt and touching my boobs then when they were tired they took me outside in the backyard they took me to the sun and tied me up and then they started pouring hot and cold water on me then they wanted to throw me to the pool and they did then they went to my room got all of my clothes and threw them to the pool they started throwing pics of my undies and bra and when they let me there i got like a bad sunburn and i wanted to die and they were taking video of that and next day i went to school and everyone saw that video and there like gave me a nick name nakedbitch! and the bully! call everyone to the bathroom and when i wnet to the bathroom they lock me up all naked and i was knocking and i was late to class and the teacher was complaining saying to the class wheres FARRAH! and this girl said last time i saw her at the bathroom and see went to the bathroom she saw me knocking so she open the door and i fell and she told me WHAT IS WRONG WITH U AND I TOLD HER THE WHOLE STORY SO NOW SHE GAVE EVERYONE A DETENTION FOR 4 HOURS AND SHE TALK TO MY PARENTS AND MY PARENTS GROUND MY BROTHERS! and tehy got to the facebook erase the pics told my brothers friends mom they ground them and hit them hard!!!!!!! then at school everyone said srry and they hug me i beat up my brother friend and i beat my crush ass i told my cuzin to beat the heck out of my brother friends and my brother so then i beat my brother ass and they never mess wit me anymore

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Caught Dry-humping On The Sofa by Big Sky Heidi

Last year, when I was 16, my boyfriend and I were watching the television. We thought we were alone, and started to make out on the sofa. I confessed that I was wearing a thong (my first time), and he got interested and reached under my skirt. I must admit that I raised my bum to make it easier, and he lowered it down to my ankles. He started touching my bottom down there, and it felt real good! As a matter of pact, he lowered his jeans and rubbed his thingy (now stiff) against my bottom so intensely that I had my first orgasm! I am shamed to admit that I groaned loudly! Suddenly my mother burst into the room, caught me with my skirt up around my waist, my thong on the floor, and my boyfriend touching me with his penis through his briefs. He totally lost control too; and wet his briefs! She was totally mad, made my boyfriend go home, and spanked me for the first time in seven years! She forbade me from seeing him again. Anyway, she grounded me for three months, and is making me go to the priest that night and tell all! I know I was so very wrong and totally deserved it. Yet, it felt really good, and I sometimes pleasure myself I am still a virgin, and plan to stay one until I marry. I know she is ashamed of me and think I'm a tart although I'm still technically a virgin.

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Jumping Jack Disaster by Embarasing101 :3

Back in Grade 6 I had PE. PE was my favorite class (except for the running) and we were stretching our mucles out. I was standing next to my friend, my crush, and his friend. Onece we got to our last stretch (jumping jacks) I was on my last one and there was a price of paper on the floor and I slipped! I fell and did the splits. Not only that but my crush, my friend, and his friend just laughed at me while I was in a lot of pain (I am a girl and not flexible AT ALL) and just laid on the ground for a minute. The gym teachers didn't even care!!!

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Worst Moment Eva Xx by Worst moment eva xx

Well i was about 8 when this happened... I was waiting for the bus as me and my exbezzie were coming home for mcdonalds with her sister and the doors around us were glass and i was tired with waiting for the bus. So i decided to lean on the glass doors well i wish i hadn't.....The bus had just turned there and i fell right through the door thinking i wass leaning on glass worst of all my crush and all the other people were laughing histerical at me. What a cringe.

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Stripping On A Rollercoaster by GamerPlaysGames

Like the other story i wrote i always fall everywhere but when i dont wear panties and wear a skirt and fall ppl just help but this time its different i went to a rollercoaster and my friends dared me to start stripping when the ride begins cuz its nighttime and there was barely anyone but i didnt know tht this ride takes alot of pictures and i thought i was with my friend and i sit down with a hot guy from my class and he was the most popular in school so when i started stripping i lost my top cuz it was going super fast when i was taking my pants off it landed on his face i didnt notice and he starts to stare at my boobs and my friends were sitting behind me and undid my bra andi lost my clothing except for my panties and my friends ran away and this guy just started to take my panties off it took a while but he did and he threw it over the edge and stared at me intensly then took tons of pictures and when the ride was over the football team was there and they picked me up tied my hands and took me into the forest and left me there i broke free but i was being followed by 1 person on the football team he helped me and walked with me home and now everyone has a picture if me naked GREAT

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Swim Meet Embarrassment by Kumar

I was 18 and I was in the final 50 meter boys freestyle race. I was very excited to get my chance to beat the rest and come first place. For the whole week I had been preparing for this event. Everyone from my town was at the meet. Parents and students filled the stands. The race started and i got an early lead. I mustered all my strength and held off the rest to come first place. I jumped out of the pool in Joy as i threw my hands in the air. However, all i could hear was laughter as i realized that my trunks had come off halfway through the race. I quickly covered myself...but it was too late.

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