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If you're here to discover the most embarrassing stories of nakedness and humiliation, from the wild and wacky to the down right indecent, you've come to the right place.

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My First Massage by The tanticle - Mar 8 2012

So I was 19 and was finally gonna get my first massage. When I got there I was a little nervous. I wasn't sure if I should be totally naked. The girl walked me to the room and told me you can be naked or you can leave your boxers on. Then she said to get under the sheet and she be back in a few mins. I decided to get naked. I got under the sheet and she came back. I was on my stomach at the time. While she did my back I was fine, but then she told me to turn over. I did and at first I was good until she moved the sheet up my one leg to my penis. She was massaging my leg and as she went up my leg I started to get an erection. By the time she got to my other leg I had a full hard erection. I felt weird trying to adjust because she had to notice it. I felt so embarrassed and I guess she could tell and she whispered in my ear relax it happens to a lot of men. I was able to relax a little. When she was done she said take ur time getting dressed and giggled. When I got dressed and lost my erection I went up to pay and the girl was there and came over to me and said I was turned on also seeing you turned on. If only I would of let the sheet fall off me. How knows what could of happened.

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My Mom Saw Me Naked!!! by Thinnerkat - Feb 18 2014

One day in the last summer I was 15 and it was just me and my mom home and I went to take a shower when I got out my mom went to sleep then I walked past her but then she got up and started to tickle me and I loved the feeling when she touched near my tip of my penis! I accidentally dropped my towel, butt naked I tripped over the towel on my back my mom seeing everything and she was wearing no panties just a long shirt and I saw her vagina and I got hard and she noticed and said I know your embarassed so she said its fine to get horny when you see one since she believes you should get used to looking at a girls private parts at a young age she let me jerk off and touch her vagina and after that I'm never embarassed for her to see my penis I love it because now I want to have sex with her!

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A 'cheeky' Summer by Nicky247 - Jul 15 2014

I'm a guy. I was 17. It was summer. I live right next to, in fact pretty much on, a beach. Me and A LOT of friends were meeting up for a lovely day at the beach, sounded fun. NOTHING COULD GO WRONG, RIGHT?.....Well, I was preparing to go out, I knew what shorts I wanted to wear, and I knew my mates would want to go swimming in the sea. My Father's words rung in my ear ''You never wear boxer shorts under your swimming trunks''. Seemed fairly common sense to me. But this would turn out to be a HUGE mistake....I left my house, the walk to the beach took less than 5 minutes, but there were SO MANY PEOPLE, you could barely see 5 feet in front of you. I met up with my friends, and after about 30 minutes my friend came up to me and said ''Uhh, mate...why is your ass on show?''...I proceeded to check, and the shorts I chose had a HUGE HOLE IN THE BACK. It was MASSIVE. I don't know how I didn't notice the breeze. All the girls were either laughing or shrieking in terror. I will never live it down. And I am still teased about it to this day.

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Stripped By Bullies by ac - May 13 2013

I have several embarrassing stories but I will start by telling the one that started it all. In kindergarden I was small for my age and I had a speech impedement the school was a k-6 grade school and for some reason the staff thought it was a good idea to have the kindergardeners and sixtth graders to have recess together. There were three sixth grade girls who had been bullying me the whole year, mostly making fun of the way I sounded, but this time they went a little further during recess they hollared at me to get my attention. When they got to me they wasted no time in pushing me to the ground, one held me down, one stripped me and the other one collected my clothes from the stripper. As if being forcefully stripped in school isn't bad enough they then carried me around the playground and then into the school as the bell was ringing. Finally a teacher intervened and made them put me down as soon as I was back on the ground I ran to the only place that didn't have students nearby... outside. The teachers never did come to collect me or give me something to cover myself with so I found a bush to hide behind and thought about what to do next about 30 minutes later my mom showed up with clothes to put on unfortunately she brought my younger brother who found the whole situation hilarious I got dressed and my mom took me home early where I was later ridiculed by my siblings

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Bouncy by Embarrassing - May 17 2013

There was a girl in our class called aleena and she had 40d bra size. She never wor a bra and we had to do jumping and her breasts would always bounce up and down. Them when she bent down to tie her shoelace her breasts fel out of her shirt and everyone got their phones out and took pictures of it and posted it on the internet

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I Love Football But Ummm I Dont Like Knicker Football by rosestonton - Aug 23 2012

Now im a 24 year old girl love football one day me and my roomate was play take football like per time you get a goal v you you take off a pair of clothes and there is 15 shots now max you can have on is ten so i had shoesx2 socksx2 knickers shots bra top gloves x2 and the losers has to bent over with what clothes thay have left and take 5 shots to the ass if it misses its still a shot so any way i lost my gloves 1st it was ok saved one lost my shoes lost my socks saved one lost me shorts i was getter under comfitable btw i had granny knickers on that go right up near my tits so next i lost my top she got a nerver one in so was it going to be my pussy or my tits so my bra came off i had 3 more i saved one then lost my granny knickers i had one more naked and lost so i bent over naked she can kick hard so she missed 1st going for power missed the 2nd i shed i bet my ass is ok today so one more shot she missed i so i jumped in joy then i looked she had my clothes and went in the house and locked it so me naked outside grate so about 20 mims latter she shed you can come in she asked but 1st can you pick that 2p up so i bent down she smacked my ass with a fly hitter thing so it hurt like fuck

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Oops by BreannaDr - Aug 3 2013

So my boyfriend and I were completely alone at his house for about five hours or so. We took advantage of that and had amazing sex but.. While we were having sex he turned me around (not anal) my vagina kind of made a farting sound. I knew my boyfriend heard it because he said "Dont fart on me". It was the first time that had ever happened to me so I went home and googled why that happened, girls will understand. It was a very embarrassing moment for me.

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Nice Im A 14 Year Old Boy by brandonfinch - Aug 26 2012

Now i come from a clean famley now i dont wank but last night i got bord and for the 1st time ever i wanked it was so good so i went to bed woke up at about 4am and umm well i jazzed my boxz i was so embarrest becuse my mum and sis does all the woshing so i had to go and put them in the bin so i was ok but today my sis walks in y me and my mum was sittinf down with the tv on she walks in with my boxz and shows mum it was embarrassing

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Boob-tastic by yorsinda - Apr 23 2011

Last summer, I was invited to one of my older friend's summer pool party at her gigantic house. When I was getting ready to leave for the party, I couldn't find my bikini top. At the time, I was a C cup, and since I couldn't find any of my bikini tops, I thought it would be a good idea to wear my sisters instead, but she was a D cup. I thought that if I tightened the bikini extra tight, I wouldn't have a problem..but I was wrong. Throughout the whole party, I kept almost having it slip right off me, which would be super embarassing since most of the people at the pool party were guys who were all older then me (I was 16 at the time). A couple of hours passed and we all decided to have a cannon ball contest to see who could do the biggest cannon ball. When it came to be my turn, I made sure that I tightened my top before jumping but I guess that wasn't good enough because when I performed the best cannon ball possible, I couldn't even tell wether the top was still on the whole time so when I came back up from the water and all eyes were turned on me.. I had no idea that my boobs were COMPLETELY uncovered for everyone to see. A bunch of guys started hollering and when I looked down, all I could think was FML. I started looking for the bikini top and it took me a good five minutes to find it since it sunk to the bottom of the pool before I could get it back. Right after I found it, I put it back on and decided to stay out of the pool for the rest of the party while all the guys tried to untie my top once again to see the barely hidden treasure. I had to wait 2 hours until I could get picked up. After this incident, I'm always sure that I have a well fitted bikini top before going swimming, or better yet.. A one peice!

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This Happen Yesterday At Class by Amy2201 - Sep 18 2010

Ok now this is very embarrassing no one willl forget it happen yesterday. We went to P.E so i was sitting down and we went to take a trip around the field so i went there walking then my friends hurry to the bathroom emergency so i went walking there alone and this 3 guys were in back of me. So i was walking and everywhere i go they r there in back of me and i kept walking then we stop to sit down and drink water then the 3 guys were like to each other laughing and then i told this guy if i had something in my face he reply no. And then my friend comes and saids Wtf! i reply What? she goes u have a sign in ur back saying take my clothes off and fck me. Then im like so embarrassed cuz everyone was like laughing then this guy is like u have something under ur shirt then i took my shirt to see cuz i thought i had something under wich i did but by accident i took both of them and my bra show and then the 3 guys took the back part then im with my boobs out then i screamed and run away Soo embarrassing!!!!!!!! then everyone was like laughing now they got a nick name for me Boobgirl! it was freaking embarrassing i hate those 3 fat fck ! .

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