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My Mom Saw Me Naked!!! by Thinnerkat

One day in the last summer I was 15 and it was just me and my mom home and I went to take a shower when I got out my mom went to sleep then I walked past her but then she got up and started to tickle me and I loved the feeling when she touched near my tip of my penis! I accidentally dropped my towel, butt naked I tripped over the towel on my back my mom seeing everything and she was wearing no panties just a long shirt and I saw her vagina and I got hard and she noticed and said I know your embarassed so she said its fine to get horny when you see one since she believes you should get used to looking at a girls private parts at a young age she let me jerk off and touch her vagina and after that I'm never embarassed for her to see my penis I love it because now I want to have sex with her!

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Left At School Naked by joe d

I was once left naked at school. I was 17 and was riding in a car with a girl way too laternaround 3 am or so. It was her car and she stopped at our high school. I told her I would runrnaround the school naked. She laughed and said not to. She got out to walk around and I stayed rnin. I quickly took everything off and jumped out of the car and ran past her completely naked.rnHer eyes were big and her mouth was wide open. When I got to the grass field I noticed she wasn\'trnby me, and I heard the car engine start, and I saw her drive off!! She came back and asked me if I wantedrnmy clothes back. I begged her to give them back, but all she did was laugh and tease me. She then toldrnme it was my problem that I was naked and not hers and she didn\'t benefit by giving them back. I even startedrnto cry and she taunted me some more by dropping her upper lip mockingly and saying is poor baby gonna cry. Sherntold me I would be okay, gave me a thumbs up and looked me up and down, before saying looking good kid. Thenrnshe drove off LEAVING ME 2 MILES FROM HOME COMPLETELY NAKED!!!

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Teachers by Lucybabes

Ok so i am female 14, i have private lessons with my swimming teacher at school, and the female changing rooms were locked, so i had to get changed in the male, and my swimming teacher said don't worry noone else was there. So i went into the changing rooms and stripped naked and went into the shower, i thought i heard someone come in, but i didn't think anything of it. So i got out the shower and walked round the corner to get changed, and saw 5 male teachers getting changed! 2 were even naked, i screamed and they saw me and went red, inconveniently my stuff was on the other side of the room! But they told me not to worry about it, it would be our secret, i got changed and left, it was soooooo embarassing. They haven't mentioned it to me, but it was still embarassing, and somehow everyone in my year knows!

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Exposed!! by Heart 2 Heart

Omgzlez!! I'm 15 and this happened at school last year...the wounds are still fresh!! Anywhoozers, what happened was my biology class was walking back from taking the HSA or some official test like that. I was wearing a thick hoodie with a small tank underneath it. I was really hot and I decided to take my hoodie off. When taking my hoodie off the dude behind me slyly lifted my tank so I would take my tank off with my hoodie and it caught up against my bra strap!! I didn't know this and I thought the fabric was all balled up or something back there and my bra strap broke!! Omgzlez I was so bare....no hoodie, tank or bra....dudes were just staring at me and started clapping and whistling. I hate the fact that I am a DD at that moment. I just froze for a split second then I ran to the nearest bathroom. I just locked myself in a stall and get dressed and a bunch of my friends started yelling at those boys and they saw the whole thing of what that dude did. I came out of the bathroom and it got reaaaaaally quiet. But in my other classes, dudes where passing me notes saying I looked "DDelicious" and "DDamn girl" and boys started calling me DeeDee Titties....it was bad for a while...

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The Shower Scene by GamerPlaysGames

So my i moced into a house but theres this large window right beside the shower and i am stupid so i forgot to close them then i showered and measured my boobs and checked the nipples then shook them then masturbated dried ky hair then masturbated again then i checked my boobs for their nipple hair then i started shaving and waxing my parts then i look throught the window and the whole football team is there I AM MORTIFIED and i try and close the window but its stuck and the door knob falls off and its a tiny bathroom so im stuck there and usually i would ask my mom to get it for me but i had the house to myself cuz they went to disneyland for 2 weeks and i would run to my room if i was home alone so i start running but tht made my large boobs jiggle faster and higher and the guys started getting a ladder to get a better view so im panicking and i fall on the floor and im in doggy position trying to help myself up and i hear this outside my window U FORGOT TO SHAVE UR PUSSY AND Try and hide behind a table that looks EXTREMELY small then they break in take me down somehow and didnt fall from the ladder they get me drunk so i have sex with the hottest one there in public on a building roof then it gets too rough and he drops me on the floor i get a few cuts and i have fainted but they leave me there and i didnt realize i was naked so when i woke up i decided to go to the mall to shop for clothing food ect. And ppl start whistling and i just notice and pay for a huge plant and go back home wow the best day ever ? -.-

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My Butt Is Everyone's Butt by girlmeetsboy

I was at my sister\'s pool and she and her husband as well as a few of their friends were over to enjoy a party. (my sister just got a great job). anyway I did not have a bathing suit so my sister got me one of her husbands shorts. Of course he is bigger than me so the shorts were loose on me. I had jumped into the pool and was relaxing when I decided to get out of the pool. Instead of going up the ladder on either end I thought it would be faster to jump out on the side beside the water slide as there was a hole in the pool wall where I could put my foot to heave myself over. Fate has it that as I pushed up the water sagging on my trunks decided to keep the trunks in the water while I climbed up, of course exposing my entire butt to everyone looking and videoing my way. To make matters even worse my foot got tangled on the slides retaining wire and I could not move. Here I am bent over trying to get out stuck with my foot caught on the wire. Needles to say my sister took the opertunity to jump in and have a close inspection of my ass, (She commented in great detail of how nice my butt looked) My brother-in-law finally was able to help free me and I waited for my sister to retrieve the shorts that were snagged on the line still. I felt embarassed as later my sister would replay the tape showing everything that happened including a closeup of my butthole. Years later I laugh it off.

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Gvfhghghh by viola

ldmdldldllllllllllllllllllllllllllmflkwmkltl rkltmlr

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Burpy Situation by Jazzy

So one evening me and my boyfriend Dave were walking through the park when he said "Let's get a drink!" I said ok so we were drinking a cola and after that we decided to kiss. Our lips were just about to touch when I burped right in his face. It was soo embarrassing!!

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Spanked by coolaid

I had a babysitter, an older brother,and an older sister. So I was sitting and playing around, and the baby sitter told me to clean my room. I screamed no right in her face. She yelled at me to stand up. I said no very loud and in rude tone. She stood me up by pulling on my ear. She sat in the chair and told me to get on her lap knees bent over. So I did, and she pulled my pants and my tighty whities down. And starts spanking me until I peed right on her lap. My brother and sister were watching. When my mom came home she striped me down to my tighty whities and brings me in the backyard and starts spanking me in front of the neighbours. My butt was purple and I had to sit on my butt naked in front of my mom's friend

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Ebrassing!!! by farrah101

About when i was 15 i was going to school walking and it was raining and i was running and finially i made it to school so i got to class and the teacher was saying what we need todo for a project and she said ima pick ur partner and i was soo nervous that i was sweating soo she put me wit alex and she said start doing ur project outside with ur partner and alex and me needed to pick a place so we pick the place under the tree where theres shade cuz it was SUPER!!!SUNNY!! soo he was starting todo it and me 2 he had a crush on me and my cuzin since 3rd soo he looks at me and i was doing my project and he got off my pony tail im like UMMMM..... why did u took my pony tail off hes like i love ur hair long wit ur beautiful face im like Aww thx and i pick it up then im like one minute gotta go to restroom so i went to the restroom and i walk the stairs cuz in r school there stair so he went to the other side and when i got to the restroom i was picking up my hair and then someone put there hands in my mouth and then it took me to the rest room and it was alex!! and then he started kissing me and i push me off and ran and he grabbed me and i fell in the grass then he fell too then hes like plzz i really wanna kiss u im like leave me alone then i was walking away from him and i look down and i see that my pants is off and i ran away i was with underwear and then i put my pants on and went under the tree and he came and said srry for wat i did is just i really like u then he look at me i look bak and smile :) then he smile bak and he kiss me i got soo furious IM LIKE STOP KISSING ME I ONLY SMILE AT U CUZ U SAID SRRY BUT IT DOESNT MEAN I LIKE U THEN THE BELL RING AND I WENT HOMEE EARLY THEN MY BROTHER WAS LIKE WOW U REALLY HURT THAT GUY FEELING IM LIKE WELL HE KISS ME AND I DONT LIKE PPL KISSING ME WHEN I SAID STOP!! HES LIKE OH WELL HES REALLY SAD IM LIKE ILL GO CHEER HIM UP IM LIKE WHERE IS HIM AND MY BROTHER IS LIKE HES IN THE BACKYARD SO I WALK TO THE BACKYARD AND MY BROTHER FRIENDS AND ALEX TOOK ALL OF MY CLOTHES OFF !! then they got me and threw me to the pool im like screaming saying STOP!! BUT THEY STARTED LAUGHING THEY GOT THE WATER BALLONS AND THREW IT TO ME IM LIKE STOPP AND COUGHING SO THEN WHEN I LOOK UP A BUCKET FULL OF MUDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY BROTHER FRIEND THREW IT AND ALEX IS LIKE CRACKING UP THEN THEY LEFT AND ME TRYING TO COVER MY SELF AND THEN I DIDNT WANNA GO INSIDE SO I CLIMB TO MY ROOM MY HOUSE IS REALLY BIG AND IT HAD STAIR SO I SEE THE ROPE THAT MY BROTHER ALWAYS USE TO SPY ON ME AND LOOK IN MY ROOM SO I GOT THAT ROPE CLIMB AND I SAW MY WINDOW OPEN IT AND FELL AND FELL TO THE CARPET I DID LIKE A FRONT FLIP SOO I OPEN THE DOOR WENT TO THE SHOWER ALL CRYING THEN I WAS WASHING MY SELF THEN I CAME TO MY ROOM AND STARTED CRYING THEN I SAID TO MY SELF WELL FCK IT IM NOT GONNA CRY FOR THAT I NEED A STOP BEING A PUSSY AND KICK THERE ASSES SO WHEN I SAW THEM WATCHING THE VIDEO I GOT MY ALEX AND PUNCH HIM AND I GOT THE VIDEO TAPE PUT IT IN THE FLOOR AND JUMP ON IT AND THREW IT TO MY BROTHER THEN I GOT ALLL OF THE CD AND THREW IT TO MY BROTHER FRIEND THEN I STARTED KICKING MY BROTHER AND HE FELL AND I STARTED OUNCHING HES FRIEND SO THEN THEY GOT SOO FURIOUS AND THERE LIKE SRRY SRRY AND IM LIKE PUNCHING THEM AGAIN IM LIKE LAUGHING AND THATS ALL IT EAS EBRASSING AND FUNNY

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