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This Was So Ebarrasing by 72978

So i was havin a night out with my good frinds when i decided i would stripp and run into traffic. it was only cuz my friends dared me. so my size H boobs were flopping around as i dodged cars and i felt so alive. a couple came out of their cars and started to have sex with me and finger me but it was ok becuase they all payed my afterwards. a bunch of people took pictures too and the next day i went to school their were pictures evreywhere and people teased me for the rest of my life. some of my school mates would corner me in the bathroom or halls and even in classrooms and strip me and start fucking me. i got expelled eventually but i still have sex every day of the week and have multiple boyyfriends.

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Mastrubating by Humiliating

So i was 18 and to get vaginal discharge you know what that is so my boy friend thinks I'm sexy and stuff because i Have nice tits and butt so I was MastrubatingSo I was doing this cause it makes me feel Humiliated I love the feeling when it's not real But my boyfriend walks in while im Mastrubating And tells like everyone on face book and has pictures so my Parents see this and think its funny so they embarrass me by posting pictures of me when I'm like 14 being all sexy and stuff but naked THAT'S NOT ALL m brother that day while I'm showering like I'm in my towel comes in and I forgot to shave my pubic hair so like makes fun of it and takes me outside iwas like 16 and he was 19 so he had college friends so he too me outside took my towel off and told his friends to come he locked the door OF COURSE UGH the smacked my boobs and took pics sooooii HUMILIATED NOT EVEN FUNNY maybe a little but really EMABBARRASING

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Gym Exposure by Tom

I'm living in Poland. During my primary school, the middle 80. it was a rule that gym lessons was both for boys and girls. Coeducation in the late East block (for everybody who don't know what it is - countries being in the soviet zone) was normal. I was 12, since one year it has been age of my puberty. My erected penis was 13 cm (5,12 inches) long, balls quite large, and a lot of black public hair around penis and on my scrotum. Gym teacher was quite young woman, ca. 25, I knew her privately before she started to teach us. I remember this particular lesson as if it was today. Everybody has to lay down on mattress on one's back, get the hands behind the head, put hands on mattress and raise one's body up in such a way it makes the shape of bow (when looking outside). Right before my turn, classmate girl was doing it. I saw (first time in my life) girls' crotch. She was still little girl, no public hair, but I saw her intimacy for about half minute. It was embarrassing, but slightly exciting. Now it was my turn. Then it happened, it lasted half minute, I think. It was m fault to not do my exercise in opposite manner, but I did it like my classmate girl. When I started raising up I felt my almost-erected penis with almost retreated foreskin and balls were slipping out of my panties and I couldn't break exercise because my teacher told: stay in such position until I would break. While raising - just glimpse - I saw my classmate Iwona, who was one of more known girls, daughter of my mother's friend, staring at my crotch. Her eyes were opening wide, her face was blushed. She saw it staying 1,5 m (59 inches) from me! When I laid on the mattress, I quickly hid penis and balls and looked at Iwona - her face was red like blood, she was standing without any move. I think it was first time for her to see such show, she had one younger sister. I know that also teacher saw everything, she smiled just after I was stood up. Also my best boy friend saw it. He whispered to me: I wouldn't make such performance. I don't know, but I think that my face was also red.

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At My Cuzin House by Abbie456

I have a cuzin name james and i was there with my cuz and my 3 bro and 3 step brothers and my cuzin james was pretty evil and it was a pool party we were celebrating my other cuzin leslie and miranda bday the twins. Then it got really late everyone left leslie and miranda was going to the movie theather with there bf. So we were playing truth or dare btw i was 12 there. My brother said to me whispering if u pik truth ill tell ur secret wish he got my secret by my notebook so i got little bit nervous cuz i didnt want him to tell my secret and i pik dare they told me well remember the rules r when u pik a dare u need to do the dare that the ppl ask u then my bro and cuzin and step brothers look at each other smiling. Then they started whispering then they all agreed. Then they said Ok u need a dive in the pool naked i said no way pik another dare then they said remember the rules i did it cuz i new that they will do something embarrassing then i took of my clothes then they started laughing and say look bak and they started laughing. They said ok go jump i dive in and then they grabbed me i was cold and they tied me in the chair

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. by 72978

oh sillly potato i lost my watermaloon

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I Peed In A 2 Dollar Store by viola

I PEED in a 2 dollar store with my little sister. She is about 4 and I am way to old to pee myself but i did. It was today and i had just came back from hanging out with my friends and they were talking so much i coulddn\'t ask to go pee i\'m to shy and i know im dumb for not going by myself but i didnt want to be ditched. Anyway i was really busting. While hanging out with them, i was prancing around like a weirdo, rocking back and forth and trying to hold it in. Anyway when my Auntie came to pick me up she took my little sis with her. My little sis was a annoying brat throwing a tantrum on why i didnt buy her any toys from the 2 dollar shop. So my auntie made me take her and go to the 2 dollar shop to help her pick out something. I told her i was busting to pee also i could\'t even stand up as i felt it was going to fall out but she said just be quick. So i ran with my sis to the 2 dollar shop and she took so long to pick her fucken toy. So, i sat down on the carpet to try and hold my pee in because that always helps me hold my pee and makes the feeling go away but NO. It didnt work this time. I could feel everything about to spill out and i was literally about to cry. I was sitting on the ground in the middle of the toy section dieing with cameras facing towards me while my little sis just happily picked out her toys. I couldnt hold it it started to fall out. I thought it wasnt going to be that much but it was a Huge puddle! my sis saw it and shouted "WHY YOU PEE" and there was a lady coming towards us because she was shopping so i took my sister and her toy and rushed to the counter on my way there i took some of the mens underwear that was hanging and wiped my legs then put it back. i was soaking from my skirt to my socks and it stunk. We quickly payed for it and we ran to the car. The next day i went to botany to get my haircut which was next to the 2 dollar store. Guess what? they had a photo of me sitting on the ground with a puddle of pee saying "For peeing on our property and wiping her urine on our merchandise" i ran to the car and told my mum to step on it. never going back there again. :/

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O Woops Y Dasy !? by 72978

when i was 16 my 23 year old gf (im lesbo btw) was ramming me hard against our table and i think she broke my asshole. sludendly.... my old PRINCIPLE CAME IN SCREAMING (I dropped out of school to spend fule time wit mi babee). suddenly he starts screaming and apparently my gf was his waifu. so not only did my ol pricipwelw see me naked (we totally fucked after) he was maried to mi lil babi whoops. its okat we had good theesome later but ill alwazs be loyAL TO MY GF CAUSE HER PUSSY TASTES LIKE RAMEN. we bot 8 he r out rlly funni.

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Embarrassed At Work by CoronaMan

I was working as a desk clerk at a shady motel at the time. I had just rented one of the hot tub rooms to a couple. Once I finished this, it was time to do one of my security patrols. I saw the woman I had just rented to at the the back door. She asked me for extra towel. I told her I\'d supply them after I had patrolled the parking lot. I knocked on her door about a minute later. Much to my surprise, she answered the door topless! My penis got rock hard! I blocked my view with my hand, and handed her the towels with the other, saying "Here\'s the towels you were asking about." She saw me again a few minutes later and complimented me on being a gentleman. I also heard her laugh, so I think she knew about my reaction.

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My Embarssing Story by 1EmbarssingPerson1

I have a BUNCH. So a few a minutes ago I friend ed someone I knew. I have a crush on him so I had to and I did it on google+. I went and said Hi to him on Google hangouts. I than accidentally called him once. I said sorry. THAN I ACCIDENTALLY DID IT 3 MORE TIMES. I was so embarssed. I wanted to kill myself! I went and said ok i know im a freak and you think im insane so just delete me. I deserve it. Another one with the same guy, I was talking to him and we were picking out books? I\'m not sure but I said "All I can think about is getting URANUS." I meant a book about the planet. He walked away and later told my friend on the bus and other people. He was a jerk. I have bad social anxiety.

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I Love Football But Ummm I Dont Like Knicker Football by rosestonton

Now im a 24 year old girl love football one day me and my roomate was play take football like per time you get a goal v you you take off a pair of clothes and there is 15 shots now max you can have on is ten so i had shoesx2 socksx2 knickers shots bra top gloves x2 and the losers has to bent over with what clothes thay have left and take 5 shots to the ass if it misses its still a shot so any way i lost my gloves 1st it was ok saved one lost my shoes lost my socks saved one lost me shorts i was getter under comfitable btw i had granny knickers on that go right up near my tits so next i lost my top she got a nerver one in so was it going to be my pussy or my tits so my bra came off i had 3 more i saved one then lost my granny knickers i had one more naked and lost so i bent over naked she can kick hard so she missed 1st going for power missed the 2nd i shed i bet my ass is ok today so one more shot she missed i so i jumped in joy then i looked she had my clothes and went in the house and locked it so me naked outside grate so about 20 mims latter she shed you can come in she asked but 1st can you pick that 2p up so i bent down she smacked my ass with a fly hitter thing so it hurt like fuck

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