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Tution Teacher by king92

I had a very beautiful tution teacher her boobs n lower body was perfect when i wasin class five my mom appointed her to teach me at first i use to enjoy it then i was sexually attracted to her. I use to not wear underwear n keep my jeans zip open n sit in a position where she can see my penis at first she was shocked n thought is was a mistake but i was regular whenever i see her i use to do this one day my family was not at home she came to teach me i had plan this i was in my towel that day n i open the door she came to my room n i took out the towel n wear my clothes infront of her to she her reaction i kept my zip open as usual when i was naked in front of her she was amuse n very impressed my plan to seduce her continues for 3-4 years now i was in class 9 , n in india sex education starts in class 9 about female n male reproductive system she was teaching me about male reproductive system that was the penis n balls, i pretend that i was not understanding n was always mispelled penis to make her correct me , at last she said stand up as u r not understanding we will have a practical she looked the door of my room n pantsed me as i never wore underwear in her class my dick was out in a flash she grapped my dick n said this is a penis n then touch my balls so hard as it hurts n said these are testicals n the carry bag in which ur balls are scrotum then she gave me a hand job as i got my erection she told me about erection and when my sperm came out it was all over her face then i said this must be sperm she said yes then we clean overself up as i was wearing my pants she said she have seen everything n there is no need to cover up now the next part was about women breast n vagina she explained me i understood but still pretending not too i asked her she is a women she can show me, she thought for 5 min n agreed as i was saying practical makes me understand better she took her top off n bottoms too n said the upper portion are breast n lower are vagina i pressed her boobs n fingered her vagina she was turn on by it then she pulled my penis n wr had sex after 5 years wait i had sex with a lady i like i was like the best sex she took few nude picture of me i told her to delete but she didn't i also took few photes of her n filmed her secretly but from next day she didn't came she called my mom n told her she will not be coming n sent my nude pic to my gf which eventually lead to our break up my gf showed it to my class n finally my whole school knows how my dick looks like i was so embarrassed.

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Bugs Really?!?! by GamerPlaysGames

So it was a nice day and i was wearing a tee shirt and shorts and i was with friends but my enemy lisa put a bug in my shirt a spider to be exact but all my friends were scared and i was scared too and her bf just pulled off my shirt and bra to find it but it fell into my panties and he stripped me to my panties and i started yelling stupid lines like STOP NOT MY PANTIES OR I just jumped around which made my boobs jiggle idk if he fell purposely or not but he fell on me started playing with my boobs stripped me until i wore nothing i tried wearing my shirt and he broke it IT WAS MY FAVOURITE SHIRT then he got the bug but lisa kinda was angry and put tons of fricken spiders they started crawling on my ass or pussy and soon went inside WHICH FELT AMAZING AND SCARY i got sooo turned on i was ogasming and cummed everywhere and lisa just started grinning but my friends broke her phone and her bfs phone so thank god but i was still moaning extremely loud and they could get the spider out of my pussy so they tried to take me to the docter but with me moaning super loudly ppl noticed and when i went to the docter they helped me but i will never forget the spider crawling arpund in me it just turned me on soo good dont judge

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Gym Exposure by Tom

I'm living in Poland. During my primary school, the middle 80. it was a rule that gym lessons was both for boys and girls. Coeducation in the late East block (for everybody who don't know what it is - countries being in the soviet zone) was normal. I was 12, since one year it has been age of my puberty. My erected penis was 13 cm (5,12 inches) long, balls quite large, and a lot of black public hair around penis and on my scrotum. Gym teacher was quite young woman, ca. 25, I knew her privately before she started to teach us. I remember this particular lesson as if it was today. Everybody has to lay down on mattress on one's back, get the hands behind the head, put hands on mattress and raise one's body up in such a way it makes the shape of bow (when looking outside). Right before my turn, classmate girl was doing it. I saw (first time in my life) girls' crotch. She was still little girl, no public hair, but I saw her intimacy for about half minute. It was embarrassing, but slightly exciting. Now it was my turn. Then it happened, it lasted half minute, I think. It was m fault to not do my exercise in opposite manner, but I did it like my classmate girl. When I started raising up I felt my almost-erected penis with almost retreated foreskin and balls were slipping out of my panties and I couldn't break exercise because my teacher told: stay in such position until I would break. While raising - just glimpse - I saw my classmate Iwona, who was one of more known girls, daughter of my mother's friend, staring at my crotch. Her eyes were opening wide, her face was blushed. She saw it staying 1,5 m (59 inches) from me! When I laid on the mattress, I quickly hid penis and balls and looked at Iwona - her face was red like blood, she was standing without any move. I think it was first time for her to see such show, she had one younger sister. I know that also teacher saw everything, she smiled just after I was stood up. Also my best boy friend saw it. He whispered to me: I wouldn't make such performance. I don't know, but I think that my face was also red.

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Spanked by Canadian315

I used to work at a gas station in my town. My boss was really nice and everything and it had been my second or third day. I wanted the job because one of my friends worked there and i thought that would be a good idea. One day my boss took me into her office and said " we're all girls here right ? " i said " yeah why" and then she said " well that's gonna make this easy". Then she walked behind me, yanked down my pants and underwear, and spanked me like 10 times. I was terrified because my boss had never seen my bare ass and it was really embarassing. On like the third spank or something, she's like " this is your inniation by the way" and then continued spanking me. I was desperately trying to get away but she held on to me and probably got a great view of my bum. And of course to make it all worse my friend comes into the office at the worst moment and see's my pussy, shaved and everything for her to see. I shrieked and tried to cover it, and then my friend said " i remember my inniation! I was so embarrassed to have to big arse out in the open!". After that day i learned that when there was nobody in the store my boss and the girls that work there pantsed and spank each other every chance they get and that i had to get used to my naked butt being exposed. Nobody's got my boss yet, except for when one girl pulled her pants down from the front and everyone saw her hairy vagina.

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Evil Brothers by Heather

Ok i have evil brothers too got 3 and me alone Ok so when i was taking a shower i finish it in time and i put a towel on me then i was walking with a towel everywhere Trying to find my purple dress. So since i was walking everywhere to find it i was trying to look everywhere up stair down stair basement laundry kitchen everywhere rooms. Then i saw a sign everywhere saying If u want ur purple dress follow the arrows so i follow them and it took me outside so when my brother is like u want it i was trying to get it from him and my other brother was in back of me and they yank the towel of me and when i was completly naked they started laughing so i ran everywhere to my room. Then i noticed that i had a long jumprope i got it and tied a huge rock that my little sis gave me for my bday ik weird so i went to my window i open it and put the rope really down then i hit them wit the rock and they fell it was hilarous and thats how it happen.

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Waiting For Boyfriend by freb89800

Today I was supposed to meet my boyfriend at his apartment complex. I had just gotten off of school and had to pee bit figured I would go to his house. Well he ended up getting caught up some where for an hour. I walked around his complex looking for a place to go to the bathroom. All of the bushes were in plain sight of apartments and many people were out walking around. I was desperate to pee and I considered sitting in the grass and just letting it go. I was about to do that when a school bus dropped off a ton of kids. I was freaking out thinking I would wet myself. I quickly ran to my car. I ended up getting in the back of my car. I had a restaurant cup in the car. I pulled down my pants and peed in the cup, hoping no one would see me.

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We All Done It My Towel by rosestonton

Right i went for a shower and came out btw im a 24 year old girl so i came out with my towel on and it was so i how so i dident put my clothes on any way i sat down for a bit then the door was being knocked so i no my bff was there shes a girl so went to the door opend the door boom towels on the floor my bff seeing me naked cars going by cant get much wose as soon as i bent down to pick up my towle she had her mum and dad with her nice

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I Peed In A 2 Dollar Store by viola

I PEED in a 2 dollar store with my little sister. She is about 4 and I am way to old to pee myself but i did. It was today and i had just came back from hanging out with my friends and they were talking so much i coulddn\'t ask to go pee i\'m to shy and i know im dumb for not going by myself but i didnt want to be ditched. Anyway i was really busting. While hanging out with them, i was prancing around like a weirdo, rocking back and forth and trying to hold it in. Anyway when my Auntie came to pick me up she took my little sis with her. My little sis was a annoying brat throwing a tantrum on why i didnt buy her any toys from the 2 dollar shop. So my auntie made me take her and go to the 2 dollar shop to help her pick out something. I told her i was busting to pee also i could\'t even stand up as i felt it was going to fall out but she said just be quick. So i ran with my sis to the 2 dollar shop and she took so long to pick her fucken toy. So, i sat down on the carpet to try and hold my pee in because that always helps me hold my pee and makes the feeling go away but NO. It didnt work this time. I could feel everything about to spill out and i was literally about to cry. I was sitting on the ground in the middle of the toy section dieing with cameras facing towards me while my little sis just happily picked out her toys. I couldnt hold it it started to fall out. I thought it wasnt going to be that much but it was a Huge puddle! my sis saw it and shouted "WHY YOU PEE" and there was a lady coming towards us because she was shopping so i took my sister and her toy and rushed to the counter on my way there i took some of the mens underwear that was hanging and wiped my legs then put it back. i was soaking from my skirt to my socks and it stunk. We quickly payed for it and we ran to the car. The next day i went to botany to get my haircut which was next to the 2 dollar store. Guess what? they had a photo of me sitting on the ground with a puddle of pee saying "For peeing on our property and wiping her urine on our merchandise" i ran to the car and told my mum to step on it. never going back there again. :/

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My Friend Saw My Pussy by Canadian315

Me and my friend were staying in a hotel together. I wanted to put shorts on over my bikini bottoms but they were still wet from the pool. I told my friend to turn around because i had nothing on underneath. Almost immediately after i dropped them she turned around, laughed and said nice pussy. I immediately covered myself and yelled at her because i had just shaved so she saw my bald vagina. Then i said fine if your gonna see me you might as well see my ass too. Then i turned around to show her my pale ass and asked if she was happy.

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Nice Im A 14 Year Old Boy by brandonfinch

Now i come from a clean famley now i dont wank but last night i got bord and for the 1st time ever i wanked it was so good so i went to bed woke up at about 4am and umm well i jazzed my boxz i was so embarrest becuse my mum and sis does all the woshing so i had to go and put them in the bin so i was ok but today my sis walks in y me and my mum was sittinf down with the tv on she walks in with my boxz and shows mum it was embarrassing

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