Nature Of Business:Solicitors Firm
Business Description:At Goddard Smith Solicitors, we can provide you with a specialist team of family solicitors who will provide you with professional and expert advice on the whole range of family issues which can affect your family.
Services Offered:
  • Family law
  • Property law
  • conveyancing
  • Personal Injury
  • Business law
  • Contract drafting
  • Employment disputes
  • Dispute resolution
  • Civil litigation
  • commercial litigation
  • Commercial law
  • Contractual disputes
  • Wills and Probate
  • Will drafting
  • Unenforceable consumer credit
Address: 685 B Ormskirk Road
Greater Manchester
Country:United Kingdom
Location Map:The following map is based on Google's interpretation of the address shown above.
Main Telephone No:0800 160 11 44
Website URL:www.goddardsmith.co.uk/familylaw.htm
Contact: Ms Kathleen Goddard (Partner)
Tel No: 0800 160 11 44
e-mail: email address
Opening Times / Hours: 9.00am - 5.30pm
Record Last Modified: 31 August 2008 edit listing

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