Nature Of Business:Solicitors
Business Description:Road Traffic Law Solicitors
Services Offered:
  • Driving Defences LLP specialise in the defence of the
  • motorist, offering information about excess alcohol, dui and drunk driving defences and how the penal
  • dui and drunk driving defences and how
  • the penalty system works. We cover the drink
  • driving offence, driving without due care and
  • attention, dangerous driving, speeding offences and sp
  • speeding penalties.
Address: Manchester
Country:United Kingdom
Main Telephone No:08443 350 767
Main Fax No:0161 763 2788
Website URL:www.drivingdefences.com
Contact: Mr Martin Hammond (Partner)
Tel No: 08443 350 767
e-mail: email address
Record Last Modified: 16 March 2009 edit listing

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