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Nature Of Business:Counselling
Business Description:Counselling service for one on one sessions or for presentations at your organisation.
Services Offered:
  • One on one counselling
  • Couples counselling
  • Depression counselling
  • Selective Mutism counselling
  • Anxiety counselling
  • PTSD counselling
  • Support for students
  • Solo parent counselling
  • Women's Counselling
  • GLBTI counselling
  • Personal development
  • Solution Focused counselling
  • Creative Therapies
  • Narrative Therapy
Address: Matuhi Street
Lower Hutt
Country:New Zealand
Location Map:Sorry, we are unable to provide a map for this business
Main Telephone No:0223508005
Website URL:
Contact: Counsellor Isedora Lewis (Counsellor)
Tel No: 0223508005
e-mail: email address
Opening Times / Hours: Click on calendar on the website or inquire
Payment Options: Cash
Record Last Modified: 14 May 2018