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Nature Of Business:Relationship Counselling
Business Description:We are specialised in Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy. We work with clients to overcome addiction including alcohol, drug, gambling, sexual problems, mental illness etc. You will receive individual attention from our psychotherapist who can help you get through the tough days.
Services Offered:
  • marriage-counselling
  • couple-counselling
Address: Studio 19, Hurlingham Studios, Ranelagh Gardens
Country:United Kingdom
Location Map:Sorry, we are unable to provide a map for this business
Directions: Leone Centre offers Couple Counselling services. We're dedicated to helping couples get on their feet and ready for the next chapter of their relationship. We have a friendly staff to assist you with your first relationship meeting and the follow-up meetings. Contact us today if there's something you want resolve between you and your partner.
Main Telephone No:020 3930 1007
Website URL:
Contact: Mrs Cristina Vrech (CEO)
Tel No: 020 3930 1007
e-mail: email address
Opening Times / Hours: Mon-Sun 7am-10pm
Payment Options: Credit card
Record Last Modified: 23 October 2020

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