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How dui lawyers can help alcoholics and addicts

Author: Georgina Clatworthy
Published: Jul 12 2012

Habitual drink drivers are usually addicts or alcoholics. Ask any experienced DUI lawyer who has repeat clients, and they will tell you that repeat DUI offenders often know they have a problem, feel tremendous guilt and remorse, but they are not ready to deal with the root of the issue, which is the disease of addiction. They have the same excuses they always use to excuse their behavior. This should not come as a surprise to anyone familiar with alcoholism or drug addiction.

The Nature of Addiction

Generally, untreated addicts continue negative behaviors even when they are harmful to their life and the lives of others. It is the very nature of addiction to put the use of drugs and alcohol above the possible consequences associated with their behavior. Also, alcohol and drugs lower inhibitions. You could have the best intentions to never drive drunk again, but that all changes once you are actually drunk. You are no longer fit to judge your ability to drive once you are drunk, but an intoxicated person will not be able to recognize that if the drive to drive is strong enough.

Many alcoholics are driven into treatment due to negative consequences like DUI. Sometimes that treatment works, and sometimes it does not. If the drinking goes on untreated, there will be a bigger and bigger price for their actions. This can mean multiple DUIs that could result in significant fines, jail time, and the long-term loss of driving privileges. This could lead to you be tagged as a habitual offender and you will have to fight hard to get your driving privileges back when you sober up.

Symptoms of Addiction

The symptoms of addiction could most certainly include multiple DUIs. Any non-addict who gets a DUI will likely change their behavior to avoid the costly consequences of another DUI. If you continue to get DUIs because your behavior has not changed, you are exhibiting signs of addictive behaviors. One experienced Concord DUI attorney advises that although the legal system recognizes the disease of alcoholism and addiction, this does not mean it is a valid excuse for endangering lives on the road. It does however, mean that treatment and sobriety can reverse some of the trouble a habitual offender finds themselves in.

Getting Help

Recognising you have an addiction and the effect it is having on your life is an important first step. Support groups like AA work hard to help addicts caught up in a cycle of alcohol and/or drug abuse to turn their lives around. Understanding the consequences of your actions is another important factor in the process of recovery. Actions such as driving under the influence, violent behaviour and also the health implications, will all impact on your life. Many addicts find their personal lives suffer, many lose their jobs and in some cases even their homes. Knowing where to get help and a desire to change things for the better are vital if you are to turn your life around.

Getting legal help when arrested on a drunk and disorderly charge or stopped on suspicion of DUI is an important first step in addressing your issues and getting the help you need. Many do not realise that their lawyers in fighting such charges can also be a good source of help and advice. A firm of Concord DUI lawyers for instance, often assist clients in not only fighting criminal charges, but also in ensuring they complete court-ordered treatment and seek further help where necessary. Once you have completed such treatment programs and to the courts satisfaction, can you eventually get your driver’s license back after a waiting period.

Recovering addicts deal with a lot of guilt. You cannot let this guilt stop you from fighting to repair your record. It maybe tempting to fight your case yourself, especially if you have been through the process before. But only an experienced lawyer can defend your case for the best possible outcome and then assist you in putting the pieces back together after treatment.


Georgina Clatworthy has been writing legal articles since 2010 focusing on topics relating to DUI, traffic violations and criminal defense. She is currently a contributing writer for the legal team at the Law Offices of Johnson and Johnson who are experts in helping those with drug and alcohol addictions to defend DUI and criminal charges.

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