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The seven deadly sins of addiction

Author: Melanie Dugan
Published: Jul 24 2012

Regular drug users and especially those addicted to drugs tend to fall into a pattern of denial and lying that eventually ruins their lives. Though recreational drug use is common in developed countries, the chances of getting addicted are simply way too high for anyone to risk using drugs regularly. However, if you know someone who is already addicted to drugs, then you're already aware of most of what we will discuss below. These ‘sins’ as I’ve described them are common and addiction does cause our loved ones to behave irratically, inhumanely but most of all in a state far from the selves that we know and love. It is often that person, that true, unaffected-by-drugs human that we need to remember because love is really all that can save someone with an addiction. They are addicted to a substance (or began the use in the first place) as a way to escape reality. Deny and live a lie so as to escape the world. So you have to wonder what became so bad in their lives that they needed to start using? You must remember this so you can have compassion for their state. This quote helps me stay aware of what I’m dealing with “we needed some way of coping, of protecting ourselves from the unjust condemnation emanating both from within and from the world at large, and so it was that DENIAL or EVASION or LYING became an unavoidable feature of human behaviour” (Jeremy Griffith 2012) – that’s what they are doing. They are not lying for the sake of it, or to hurt us. They are trying to protect themselves from the unjust condemnation they are feeling.

So, let's learn about the seven deadly sins of addiction and how to overcome them. Knowing about these deadly effects of addiction and the methods of overcoming them will hopefully help you steer yourself or a dear family member away from the ills of addiction.

Denial of reality

All of us know that drug addicts have a completely skewed perception of reality. This can eventually lead people into such states of denial where they refuse to believe in anything that's real. They start having illusions of grandeur or rank evil and eventually end up never reaching their true potential.

Lying to family

Family means the world to most of us. But, though they're supportive and caring, it doesn't mean they will stick around for very long. Lies, deceit and the plain aggression that drug addicts show to the people around them will eventually drive loved ones away. Loneliness is often the hallmark of a drug addict's point-of-no-return.

Proneness to debauchery

Most drug addicts tend to lead very dangerous sex lives. Under the influence of drugs, reduced apprehensions often lead drug addicts to have sex with people they have no clue about and they eventually end up contracting some dangerous disease. The worst part is, they also lie to their family about it.

Reckless spending

The first thing that drugs hurt are your pockets, and eventually the pockets of those closest to you. Drug addicts spend a fortune on getting themselves high and staying that way. Little do they realize that this is simply money flushed down the drain. The eventual rehab and counseling are also very expensive and denial only delays the solution and makes you spend more.

Violent tendencies

Drug addicts really lose it when they realize they're losing control of their lives. They go on suicidal dosages and start becoming violence towards family members and friends who try to dissuade them from such behavior. They come to view caring friends as enemies and sometimes end up hurting them. The good friends will stay, but most will leave.

Getting scarred for life

Drug addicts are scarred for life even if they manage to come out of their addiction. Most times, their friends or family never really trust them for the rest of their lives. Sure, they will act like they care, but will double-check everything you do or say and even a reformed addict will never be treated the same way as he was before his addiction.

Destruction of health

Most drug addicts have already destroyed their bodies beyond repair and will be in denial about it. They lie about their doses to caregivers, overdose on drugs, inject themselves wrongly and completely destroy their bodies without realizing what they're doing to themselves. Most drugs are acidic and they destroy the organs they touch over the long-term. Most drug related injuries are simply too grave to repair and addicts tend to suffer the consequences of their actions for the rest of their natural lives.

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