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Drug education programs: protection for our budding young adults

Author: Saam Banai
Published: Dec 21 2012

Drug education programs in the United States and around the world are great for educating people of the potential dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, and they're especially important for kids. However, not all children's drug education programs are created equal. If you're interested in checking out the best children's drug education programs in the country, below is a list of the top five:

1. D.A.R.E.

D.A.R.E, which stands for "drug abuse resistance education" has been around since 1983, and the organization was created in part by Daryl Gates, former chief of the Los Angeles Police Department. Initially founded as a program to educate children of the risks of drug abuse, D.A.R.E. today also teaches children about the dangers of violence and gang activity. Although D.A.R.E. started as a national movement, today, it holds classes around the world.

2. CADEKids

In 1986, Allan Serxner, former general manager of station WCAU-AM, partnered with local Philadelphia police to examine the growing drug and violence epidemic plaguing the city. After enlisting help from the superintendent of the School District of Philadelphia, various faith-based groups and the mayor of Philadelphia, CADEKids was born. Its main goals then and now have been to teach young people about personal responsibility, resisting substance abuse and using critical thinking to solve problems through classroom learning. Our Philadelphia PA lawyers suggest that you explore programs like these with your teens so they're not ill prepared when faced with a difficult choice.

3. Foundation for a Drug-Free World

Foundation for a Drug-Free World is a global organization that offers literature and other teaching materials to educators in order to deliver classroom lessons on the dangers of substance abuse. As a volunteer-based nonprofit organization, the Foundation for a Drug-Free World has delivered more than 56 million handouts in 120 countries, and it continues to offer resources for educators and parents alike.

4. American Council for Drug Education

As a developer and distributor of drug education resources and programs, the American Council for Drug Education has drug resistance information for educators, children, parents, employers and healthcare professionals. Through the Council's literature and programs, concerned adults are offered tips for talking to children about drugs and recognizing the signs of drug use in the classroom, at home, in the office or in a medical setting.

5. Partnership for a Drug-Free America

Known in the United States for its striking public service advertising, the Partnership for a Drug-Free America is made up of advertising and marketing professionals who work on a nonprofit basis. The Partnership for a Drug-Free America also offers educational seminars at local events, community support online and the chance for parents and educators to take part in grassroots substance abuse education efforts.

While these five entities are among the best in the country, keep in mind that there are many more drug awareness and resistance programs out there. In fact, many local communities have their own drug education programs, and as CADEKids shows, local-level programs can be just as effective as national or international programs. Essentially, it all comes down to ensuring that children understand the potential hazards that substance abuse poses, and no matter how that takes place, all that matters in the end is that it does.

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