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Accidents, injuries and dealing with long term consequences

Author: Georgina Clatworthy
Published: Jan 27 2013

When an accident occurs, the first thing you may think is that you hope the victim is not badly injured. As people, we respond in kindness and try to help the victim through our actions. As their physical wounds heal, we allow ourselves to believe that everything is fine. However, most people do not take into consideration the long term effects an accident may have on our family and friends.

Physical Injuries

Injuries that are physical may have a lasting impact on their lives. A once active person, who sustained a car accident injury in Houston for example, may now find that even the simplest of tasks brings about pain. Enjoyment of life decreases dramatically, and many of these people slip into a depressive or emotionally fragile state.

Extensive recovery times can also cause financial difficulties for the injured party as well as personal problems due to the increased amount of stress. The victim may not be able to return to their previous job due to physical restraints, leaving them in need of re-training, causing even more stress. The problems that these victims face financially are almost endless.

Psychological Injuries

Once the physical injuries have healed there can often remain psychological effects. The severity of these effects can depend on many factors relating to the accident itself. Many experience anxiety, stress and depression, for others the psychological effects can manifest themselves much deeper and even become debilitating. Whilst physical injuries are often visible, psychological injuries are often unnoticed at least until there is a change in the victims behavior.

The Long Term Effects

Each accident is different and the long term effects of injuries suffered will vary from victim to victim. Whilst many go on to make a full recovery with no lasting effects, others may find it difficult to get over what happened to them and in extreme cases, the injuries suffered could become life changing. Sometimes a person may appear to have made a full recovery only for them to develop difficulties later in life associated with the injuries they suffered.

Many accident victims and their families fail to consider the possibility of longer term effects from injuries sustained in an accident. It is important to plan ahead for the possibility of long term care and later life problems. Your medical professionals will be able to advise on the potential of long term problems resulting from your injuries and provide details of support groups and healthcare professionals who can help.

There Is Help Available

It is important that medical help is sought as soon as possible following an accident, but after this initial appraisal there may be further care required. Health and medical professionals can all help with finding support groups, therapy and carers for the short and long term. Once your needs have been assessed it will be necessary to consider how you will pay for the ongoing care and medication you require, as well as any other services you may need.

Legal representation is another important consideration following an accident. Victims of a negligent act are entitled to receive compensation for their injuries. This compensation, while it cannot erase the event that caused the accident, can help the individual recuperate with less stress and discomfort. Compensation may include lost wages both present and future, helping to eliminate the financial stress often caused by accidents. It may include extended therapy or medical care to allow the victim to reach 100 percent recovery. It may even include therapy for the emotional trauma inflicted on the victim.

In some cases, if the victim cannot return to their work, the compensation may include re-training or educational expenses. If the victim has become disabled from the event, the compensation will take into account their inability to return to work. A consultation with a personal injury attorney will help establish what rights the victim has under the specific laws of the state in which you live. Additionally, the attorney can have the medical files reviewed to determine if you are receiving proper care for the injuries or if you need additional medical help to attain full recovery.

Things We Should Remember

When someone we know is in an accident, it is always our first instinct to help. The great news is, this is exactly what these victims need. Your kind words, thoughts and actions are all beneficial to their recovery. Your love and support can help them heal and keep them in good spirits. We must take into account, however, that these accidents may have long-term effects on our loved one, and it is our duty as their friend or family member to ensure they receive the proper care and compensation.

Always recommend that the victim seeks legal representation to ensure they are financially secure, and watch for any signs of emotional stress that may need intervention. By being available to the victim in this manner, you will help them recover from any injury.

Author Georgina Clatworthy is a freelance writer posting on topics relating to law, health and consumer advice. Houston Accident Attorneys is an attorney matching service for those suffering a car accident injury in Houston. Finding reputable legal advice following an accident can be difficult and the service seeks to ensure accident victims are matched with a reputable, trustworthy attorney who will represent them with their best interests at heart.

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