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Strain and stress on kids when a support payment is missed

Author: Ieda Vincent
Published: Mar 27 2013

Parents often forget how hard divorce is on the family. Children have to learn to adjust to the fact that both parents now live in different homes, sometimes different states. They must learn to adjust to their new living conditions. These new conditions, sadly, often mean having to do without because the financial support is no longer in place.

Strain and stress on kids

Child support is established at the time the divorce is finalized for a reason. It is the hopes of the Court and all involved that this financial obligation will help the children maintain some sort of stability in their lives as they transition into a new family structure.

The support, meant to provide necessities such as food and clothing, is also meant to provide other childhood needs. These include having money available to pay for sports, musical instruction, field trips at school, and outside activities. These children are not meant to suffer just because their parents have agreed to divorce.

Missed Payments

When the obligated parent misses a payment, they are doing more than causing their former spouse a headache. When they miss this payment, they are taking something from their kids. A much anticipated outing with friends may have to be cancelled, or perhaps a much needed pair of shoes cannot be purchased.

When a parent doesn’t provide this assistance, they are doing more than causing a financial strain; they are also causing their children to believe that they are not important. Kids that continue to hear that they cannot do something their friends are doing, or have to give up their favorite sport because their assistance did not arrive, believe they are no longer important to the other parent.

What You Can Do About It

Child support is a binding contract that is part of the divorce settlement. Because it is binding, it is an obligation that cannot be overlooked or avoided. If your former spouse is not keeping up on their obligations, you have just reason to take legal action.

With the assistance of a qualified attorney such as a Fulton or Riverside County child support lawyer, you can approach the court to have your case enforced. You can also take whatever legal action is allowable in your state to have the back child support paid quickly.

In addition, a lawyer can also help you apply to the court for changes in your payments. There are many conditions that may occur that could require the obligated parent to pay a different amount. These events may include:

- Health issues surrounding the child. If your young one requires additional medical care, you can request that your former spouse help with the medical bills. If they will require continuing care, you can also request that your support payments are increased to accommodate the new expenses.

- Your former spouse has a change in income. If your former spouse suddenly starts earning more money, there is a good chance that your support payments should increase. They are still obligated to your mutual offspring for their support. If their lifestyle improves, it is only right that your children’s lives should also benefit.

- You have a reduction of income. Child support is calculated on the amount of income each former partner generates. If your salary suddenly drops, you may request that your allowance is increased to help cover your children’s expenses.

These are just a few common reasons that you may need to request a change in your continued support. An experienced attorney can review your circumstances and help determine what the best options are for your situation.

Ieda Vincent is a mother and understands how important it is to help kids live a healthy and stable life in a loving environment. If you are struggling with a parent shirking on their responsibility, contacting Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox LLP, a Riverside County child support firm with over 140 years experience can assist to lessen the stress. They will handle your case with care and work to ensure you receive what you are due.

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