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Worried about stds? four points to convince your partner to get tested

Author: Shelby Warden
Published: Apr 12 2013

Talking to a new partner about STD testing can be touchy. No one wants to risk offending another person by suggesting that they may have a disease, but if you don't bring the topic up for discussion, you could be putting your own health at risk.

1. Explain That Everyone Is Doing It

One way to bring up STD testing without seeming like you are accusing your partner of being dirty or unclean is to simply point out that being tested before entering into a committed relationship is a common practice. These days, many couples opt to be tested before committing fully to each other or entering into a marriage, simply for the peace of mind.

2. It Only Takes One Exposure

Even if both you and your partner have been careful to use protection during most of your past encounters, you still should be tested. Condoms are not 100 percent effective and neither is being in a committed relationship. As unfortunate as it is, some people cheat and never confess. This means that both you and your partner might have been infected in a past relationship and not even be aware of it, especially considering that many diseases, such as herpes, might not present any symptoms for a long period of time. Lacking symptoms does not mean that you are not contagious.

3. Sexually Transmitted Diseases Are Growing More Common

In an alarming 2011 report, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimated that there are over 19 million new cases of sexually transmitted infections each year. Syphilis rates have nearly doubled what they were in the year 2000, and cases of chlamydia have grown to over 1.3 million. Both of these diseases can cause terrible health problems if not promptly treated, so getting tested should be an immediate priority. Don't assume that your partner has been tested just because he or she receives regular medical examinations, as these tests are not routinely included.

4. Testing Can Be Private And Confidential

If your partner is open to getting tested but hesitant due to the embarrassment factor, don't worry. You can easily get tested at a private lab for any number of STDs, such as HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B & C, Herpes and Syphilis. Private labs like allow you to order your tests online and all of your results will remain completely confidential. You can even use an alias when testing and how you handle the results is up to you, but nothing will go on your permanent record unless you choose to share the results with your doctor.

Beginning a new relationship can be a lot of fun, but unfortunately, there are sometimes serious things to discuss. Why not get the heavy stuff out of the way early and begin your journey together with a clean bill of health? Get tested today. You will be glad that you did.

Shelby Warden is a researcher who wrote this article to help couples start their journey together on the right foot. Couples who go to for STD tests will find out if they are infected within days and the results are absolutely confidential. Each of their facilities is a fully licensed testing center with licensed medical professionals to help couples take control of their health.

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