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Helpful hints for the post-partum mother

Author: Lisa Coleman
Published: Apr 24 2013

Postpartum depression can affect numerous women after the birth of a child and can be crippling to deal with if it gets severe. Many times a new mom will experience the feelings and be fortunate to have them dissipate as the weeks wear on. Others may need the assistance of a specialist to get through the blues. The following are some helpful hints for dealing with postpartum depression.

Post-partum mother

Get Plenty of Rest

It may be easier said than done to get enough rest and relaxation after the birth of a child. However, mothers who get sufficient sleep are better prepared to deal with taking care of their baby. You can start by napping when your infant sleeps at the beginning, even if it’s just a brief nap. A few moments of rest can be enough to take you through the rest of the afternoon.

Keep Realistic Expectations

You don’t need to be supermom after the birth of your baby. Set realistic goals and expectations for yourself. It’s going to be fine if you don’t tackle the laundry and cooking during your first few weeks. A new mom’s focus should be on the comfort and care of the infant, along with her health. Take a few moments to breathe and relax when things seem their darkest, especially when you can’t get your infant to latch on properly while breast-feeding or their crying may seem endless.

Research Baby Equipment

Baby equipment also may make things easier on parents and give them some hands-free time to tackle work and chores around the home. It’s also a great way to teach your child the importance of independent play and can entertain and keep them happy. Some useful gadgets to have on hand can include a washable play yard (like pack'n play), infant bouncer seat and floor activity gym. Most particularly the play yard due to its portability, changing table and basinet all in one. Some come equipped with even more features like a seat and storage space. All of these are also great for your infant’s growth and development, and the toys, vibrant lights and sounds can benefit their visual and listening senses.

Ask for Assistance

Many new moms feel they should tackle the birth of a newborn on their own and are afraid to ask for assistance. Enlisting the help of friends and loved ones can help you gain some moments of peace and sanity by getting time to go to the store and shop, sleep or just shower.

Find Support

Finding other moms to chat with can help relieve stress and anxiety. Here you will find a host of tips and advice for dealing with a finicky infant or other issues related to your baby. This is also a great resource for sharing the difficulties associated with your body’s mental and physical changes after childbirth.

The birth of an infant is a joyous occasion for most new parents, but it can also come with some emotional challenges for many new moms. Finding the best way to deal with the issues and knowing that you aren’t alone can help. If you find yourself still feeling out of sorts and floundering, a professional and knowledgeable specialist can help you navigate through these problematic emotions.


Lisa Coleman, mother of 4, is able to share the above advice from her own experiences and from her history in the nursing profession in an effort to help other mothers who may have had difficulties after having their babies. She has found the washable play yard (like pack'n play) to be the most invaluable item while trying to get some much needed rest that all new mothers need.

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