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Discover the truth about vegetarian diet

Author: Mike Buyco
Published: Apr 30 2013

Eating meat your entire life, then suddenly stopping all together may be quite difficult for many individuals. Since we have eaten meat for so long you might be wondering, why stop?

One of the main reasons people turn vegetarian is because of the fats the meat actually contains and the effects it has on their bodies. Vegetarians are not fat, to be quite honest I have never seen one before! Have you?

Want to become a veggie? Is it for you? Answer me these 6 questions:

- Are you happy with your weight?
- Do you feel energized most of the time?
- Do you feel slow, tired and sluggish?
- Is your overall health good?
- Are you blood pressure levels high?
- Are your cholesterol levels normal?

If any of the above applies to you, in particular when it comes to your cholesterol or blood, the vegetarian diet might be for you. With a vegetarian diet you will be able to get all the nutrients your body requires while keeping your energy levels high all the time.

People today are eating too much meat while skipping out on important other nutrients and vitamins. The result of such a one-sided diet can be health problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure. All of these problems can be prevented by changing your diet, even your doctor will tell you this!

In this article we will examine the most common types of vegetarian diets, all their benefits and positive effects on our body's health.

What Vegetarian Diets Can You Choose From?

There are 4 different types of vegetarian to choose from, depending on your requirements and what you would like or be able to give up will decide on which one you become. Some might go all-out vegan while other people still like to drink milk or eat cheese or eggs. Here are the main types of vegetarian diets you can choose from:

- The Lacto Vegetarian diet means no animal products such as meat or eggs but it allows dairy - cheese, milk etc. are allowed;
- Ovo vegetarians are eating eggs but no other animal products;
- The Lacto Ovo Vegetarian doesn't eat any meat but can eat eggs and diary products including milk, cheese or yoghurt;
- Vegan: This diet mostly consists of plant based foods as they do not eat any animal products, dairy or even thing like honey. If you do not want to eat any animal based foods, the vegan diet is what you want.

You can look at your own preferences and what you cannot be without, for example if you want to stop eating meat but still want milk or cheese. In such a case go with the Lacto diet. If you want to eat eggs, choose the Ovo vegetarian diet..

Do not forget one very simple but profound saying: You Are What You Eat.

You can trust that this is very true.

The saying really does ring true, for example if you eat a cheeseburger your blood levels and sugar levels will rise and will become cloudy and clogged. Since it will have such a dramatic effect this saying is 100% accurate.

The Health Effects Of Being A Vegetarian

The positive health effects are amongst the most obvious reasons why someone would choose to be a vegetarian, weight loss would only be one of the many benefits!

Once you start with the vegetarian diet your body will start cleansing and flush out harmful chemicals and toxins. It only takes a few days once you start with the diet to see this effect.

Amongst the many benefits of going the vegetarian route: Lower bad cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure. Lower cholesterol levels (the bad type of cholesterol) can even be seen if you keep eating eggs.

Since your body will start to flush out all those toxins, getting back into gear, your metabolism will start to work faster as well: This means fast weight loss as a bonus to all the other beneficial things!

Deciding To Go Vegetarian

I would not be surprised that once you see all the benefits you want to share your knowledge with others as well. You might want to share your knowledge with your child if you are parent, or maybe let your spouse or other relatives know.

If the entire family takes part in it, it will also greatly reduce temptation as opposed to if someone in your family would still eat meats.

Do not forget that we will be tempted at all times, so this can be a great help.

Your new vegetarian diet will already start once you are out shopping for food items. Look for fresh and healthy foods, vegetables, fruits and don't get lured in by unhealthy foods. Change up the rice too and use brown instead of white. If you take someone with you that is planning to become vegetarian as well it will be fun to look for healthy and wholesome foods the next time you are in the store.

You can teach them at an early age that things such as olives are better snacks than the biscuits, also teach them about other junk foods that don’t help the body. Many children will simply change because of the idea of saving animals lives, children are very sympathetic towards animals and it is not unusual for them to make the change on their own and refuse to eat meat.

Be assured that it might maybe take a few years until your children will understand, but then they will in all likelihood thank you for your education and advice. Their academic levels will also increase with this new change in diet as they will focus more.

What You Want - Some Tools And Things

One of the main things vegetarians do is change the way they cook. You may need to break out the blender a lot more! Here is my list with recommended food items that should help you:

- Tofu;
- Nuts;
- Beans;
- Grains;
- Pasta;
- Cheese;
- Diary.

Of course, you might have more ideas, but it should help you to get started. This is also where it can be helpful to take someone with you - you can share your ideas to buy new, exciting healthy foods together. not forget you will get tons of great vegetarian recipes online if you browse various websites.

If you're starting to eat vegetarian, it's a great feeling to know you will not only do something for yourself but also for the animals. Try not to fall for temptation and keep rolling with the diet, it will pay off.

And above all: Have fun!

About the Author: Mike Buyco is a regular writer at ihealth market website. Find out his latest post on African mango diet

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