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The emotional costs of dui

Author: Akilah Richards
Published: May 6 2013

While many people tend to try and minimize the consequences of driving under the influence (DUI), also known as driving while intoxicated (DWI), those theories get disproven as soon as it happens. From car damage to physical injury, the financial devastation can last for the rest of one’s life, should the ramifications be severe enough. Not only does a DUI affect the victims and their families, but the driver can experience untold emotional stress after a conviction occurs. Below are just some of the ways that being arrested for DUI can impact drivers.

No Drinking And Driving


Many people understand how stringent the penalties for DUI have become. However, few people seem to realize how easy it is to get one. All it takes is a couple of drinks to be over the allowed BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) level, and because of this, there are far more DUI arrests and convictions than necessary.

Beyond the injuries, fines and jail time, a DUI arrest has a number of other inconveniences associated with it that many do not ever think about. For instance:

Transportation Restrictions

A suspended license as the result of a DUI imposes transportation restrictions. Drivers with families will no longer be available to keep up with the often already rigid schedules for their obligations. It may be challenging just to get to work - or in some cases, nearly impossible. Many areas do not have good public transportation options and few people have family members or car pools at their beck and call. The impact of this could be many fold, including dealing with altered schedules that can cause a great deal of stress for the driver, his or her children, spouses, friends and employers.

Financial Impact

The inability to get to work easily can impact job performance, which affects the business reputation. Given the fact that DUI penalties are so well known and there has been such public intolerance for reckless driving, few employers have the patience for staff who get DUIs. In fact, the impact could go much further and damage an employee's reputation irreparably. When employers lose their respect for an employee, their confidence is also lowered. This can result in lower pay for years to come. What’s more, future employment is often hindered when there is a DUI on record.

The emotional impact of all of this for a driver and his or her family can also be devastating. In fact, the strain of the situation could result in illness for loved ones or even cause the end of a relationship.

DUI Attorney Defense

Anyone who receives a DUI would like to see the case go away as soon as possible. On their own, a dismissal is far less likely than for those who have hired an experienced attorney to handle the matter. This is because, like with anything else, a professional is more aware of how to navigate the system properly. The law can be a complex process, particularly in DUI cases, and seasoned professionals such as New Jersey-based Evan Levow lawyers can help manage the legal components so the drivers can tend to the emotional costs.

One of the most beneficial ways that DUI lawyers assist their clients is by, in some cases, being able to apply legal logic to get evidence suppressed and cases dismissed. At the very least, an attorney who is adept at handling DUI cases may be able to get charges reduced, jail time suspended, fines lessened and driving restrictions restored on a probationary basis. All of those things are very hard to accomplish without a lawyer.

The best way to minimize the stress associated with a DUI/DWI conviction is to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. Competent lawyers understand the impact that a DUI conviction can have on people. They are able to apply their knowledge of the law in such a way as to minimize damages, which can greatly reduce the anxiety of those convicted. In turn, when drivers are more relieved, this also lessens the stress placed upon loved ones.

Akilah Richards has worked as a legal assistant in several areas of law and has seen first-hand the tragic results of drunk driving. She shares simple strategies to help people avoid situations such as drunk driving. If you or someone you care about is ever involved in any type of drinking and driving crimes in New Jersey, Evan Levow lawyers are an invaluable resource to help manage the legal and emotional side-effects of such tragedies.

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