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What should i do if my boyfriend hits me?

Author: ShaRhanda Lawson
Published: May 29 2013

Domestic violence is often a silent crime. Women who are being physically abused find that they do not know where to turn for help, or even if they should. Physical abuse is usually combined with mental and emotional abuse, making these women feel that they deserve what is happening to them and should not seek help.

Women should know that there are several things that can be done about this type of situation. They must also realize that regardless of what has been said to them, there is never a reason that justifies them being physically hurt. Even if the event only takes place once, it is not acceptable. Tendencies toward physical violence can remain dormant, but they will surface again. If you have been hit or physically abused by you boyfriend or spouse, you should:

Dial 9-1-1

The first step in any situation of this type is to have the police involved. File a report and make sure that you press charges. Provide the police with as much information as possible to ensure that the abuser is arrested. If the police believe that it is just a “screaming match,” they will make a simple report and then leave. This often leads to the woman suffering additional physical abuse because the man is now angrier that the police were called.

Call a Help Line

There are many services that can help you get out of this type of relationship. There are shelters that can help you with a place to live, agencies that can help you change your name, and even work placement agencies that can help you relocate.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Many women do not realize that they have rights to compensation for their injuries. If you're in New England, a New Hampshire personal injury attorney can provide you with assistance for other legal matters concerning this type of event.

Reach Out to Your Family

Your family can lend you the emotional support you need during this time. If you do not have family, turn to a friend for support.

Follow Legal Advice

If the police, courts or your attorney tell you to refrain from any contact with the abuser, make sure that you comply. Any contact with that individual can quickly place you back in danger.

Seek Counseling

Many women find it very hard to overcome the emotional stress that occurs once abuse has happened. Work with a counselor to help you rebuild your confidence and your self-esteem. It also helps to have someone to talk to who is not emotionally attached to the situation, and can give you unbiased and helpful advice.

The most important thing that you must remember is that you are not at fault. You do not deserve the abuse. You are not a bad person. You did not do anything to justify being hurt. The person who is the abuser is the one who is at fault. There is help available to you just for the asking. It will only remain a silent crime if you allow it to remain that way.

It is estimated that one in every three women has suffered from domestic violence. ShaRhanda Lawson, a freelance writer who previously lived in the northeast, has friends who have been victims; she hopes that this article can help even one woman to escape from her abusive situation. Tenn And Tenn, a New Hampshire personal injury attorney firm, has been helping injury victims since 1995. They are committed to ensuring that their clients, including victims of domestic violence situations, receive the best results possible in each case.

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