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Incentives for keeping tabs on your cholesterol

Author: Molly Pearce
Published: Jun 22 2013

The health risks associated with high, unhealthy cholesterol include everything from clogged arteries to heart attacks and strokes. This is why there is much to be gained from regularly checking your cholesterol levels. Because it is so easy and affordable to accomplish, many illnesses and diseases could easily be prevented. Below are some tips on how to manage and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.


Physical Effects

High LDL levels of bad cholesterol have many undesirable affects upon the body. First, arteries that become clogged with cholesterol have a high potential of causing a clot to form that can result in a heart attack. Additionally, arteries could lead clots toward the brain that may cause a stroke. Lowering LDL cholesterol levels can also reduce the risk of angina, coronary bypass surgery and myocardial infarctions. Since all of those incidents are known to cause lifelong physical impairment and death, it is best to do whatever it takes to avoid them.

Cholesterol Testing

The first step toward maintaining healthy cholesterol levels is to regularly test them. This is very easy to do and can be accomplished in three very easy ways.

1. Blood draws are regularly performed during check ups at medical facilities or testing sites like those found at People usually go to a lab after fasting, and the blood is analyzed for a lipid profile that measures the total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL and LDL levels.

2. Cholesterol testing is available at many pharmacies. It generally involves a pin prick that yields a few drops of blood. These tests usually yield results in around five minutes and offers the same information that blood tests do.

3. Home Cholesterol kits are available from pharmacies and are easy to do at home. They are similar to the tests that are performed at the pharmacy.

Causes of High Cholesterol Levels

There are many causes of high cholesterol levels. First, the body manufactures the great majority of it and there are genetic connections when this occurs. Secondly, unhealthy fat and sugar laden foods, as well as simple carbohydrates are difficult to digest and can wreak havoc with cholesterol levels, shooting levels well beyond what is acceptable, usually under 200.

Consuming soda and other high sugar drinks, or excesses of alcohol, can greatly effect cholesterol levels. When these items are broken down in the body, sugars form that cannot be excreted through the liver. These remaining sugars stay in the body, accumulating over time, leading to dangerously high cholesterol levels. This is why eating the most balanced and healthy diet possible is beneficial in maintaining lower cholesterol levels.

Maintaining Good Cholesterol Levels

There are various ways to maintain low and healthy cholesterol levels. First, a healthy diet is one of the main factors for low cholesterol. Foods that include healthy fat like olive oil and those rich in natural fiber and vitamins are very beneficial for lower bad and higher good cholesterol levels. Also, drinking plenty of fresh, purified water is essential in order to flush out toxins, stay hydrated and keep cholesterol levels under control.

Another very important aspect of keeping low cholesterol levels is maintaining a regular exercise routine. Keeping the blood oxygenated through exercise and maintaining a healthy weight is just as essential as eating a healthy diet.

Listed above are just some of the reasons why it is so important to manage and maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Since testing your levels is so simple the days, there's no excuse for people not to monitor their own cholesterol and keep up with results, take steps to live better lifestyles, and protect their overall health and longevity.

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