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Discover los angeles this summer: ways to save when planning the trip

Author: Lisa Coleman
Published: Aug 14 2013

While California offers a variety of great tourist locations, Los Angeles remains a favorite destination for many out-of-state visitors. This city is a celebrity haven that offers tourists a chance to experience a culture and way of life that cannot be found in other parts of the world. Even so, many tourists who want to travel to Los Angeles need to be mindful of their money. They may not have a lot of cash to spend on their LA vacations. When they want to enjoy this city without parting ways with most of their savings, tourists can consider the various options for spending less while enjoying their stays in Los Angeles.

Opt for All-Inclusive Package Deals

Paying for vacation amenities a la carte can break a family’s traveling budget. When they want to save as much money as possible without doing away with the travel amenities they will need in Los Angeles, people should check out all-inclusive Los Angeles vacation deals. Many travel websites offer travel packages that provide airfare, car rentals, hotel rooms, and meals all for one price. These deals often cost much less than paying for these expenses separately.

Visit Low-Cost Tourist Attractions

While Los Angeles offers a number of high-priced tourist destinations, it also has a fair number of low-cost tourist hotspots for budget-minded travelers. Rather than pay a lot of money to get into expensive amusement parks, restaurants, or museums, people can take in one of the area’s free or low-cost attractions and still enjoy their time in this city. Families who are visiting on a tight vacation budget can check out the Santa Monica pier, for example. This tourist destination has a budget-friendly food court, access to beautiful beaches, and inexpensive parking.

Reserve Lodgings Outside of Los Angeles

Los Angeles has many beautiful and luxurious hotels. However, those lodgings often come at a price that many tourists cannot afford. These individuals can save money and enjoy comfortable hotel stays when they make reservations at lodgings in the surrounding areas, like in Santa Clarita. This LA suburb is located 30 miles to the north, which makes it ideal for people who want to find lodgings outside of the metro area.

Out-of-town visitors can enjoy a restful stay at one of Santa Clarita’s comfortable hotels without spending the money that a stay in an LA hotel would cost them. Visiting an online community website at is a great way to review local hotels, restaurants, recreation ideas and much more when planning on lodging in Santa Clarita.

Visit the LA Suburbs

Visiting the Los Angeles area on a budget can be done easily when tourists venture outside the city limits. Santa Clarita offers beautiful vacation enjoyments that range from scenic hiking trails to restful parks and beaches. Six Flags Santa Clarita also welcomes visitors who are in the mood to try out one of the park’s adventurous rides. Enjoying a Los Angeles vacation would not be complete without visiting the suburbs like Santa Clarita.

Los Angeles attracts thousands of visitors each year and readily offers a cultural scene that cannot be enjoyed anywhere else. However, people who must save money while on vacation can still feel welcome in this city when they take advantage of the area’s lower cost enjoyments. They can also add to their vacation enjoyment by visiting cities like Santa Clarita.

Lisa Coleman shares ideas of planning for that fun family adventure to the great City of Angeles around the family traveling budget. She encourages spending time planning ahead by visiting an online community website at to see about some other money saving recreational options and savings on lodging outside the LA city limits.

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