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Tourist hazards: when the underexperienced get on a moped

Author: Debbie Nguyen
Published: Aug 15 2013

There are several popular ways to tour West Palm Beach, including taking walking tours, biking tours, bus tours, amphibious boat tours, Segway tours, or even moped tours. Taking a bus or boat tour is a more passive way to take in the scenery. Recently, tours where people navigate the city themselves are gaining popularity because they get to experience the local flavor more intimately.

Tourist Hazards

Unfortunately, having inexperienced tourists operating anything from bikes to Segways to mopeds can be a hazard to everyone on the road. Jockeying for space on unfamiliar roads can be tricky. It is important to pay close attention to any safety guidelines that your tour guide gives you. A good source for how to deal with accidents in West Palm Beach is Additionally, it is a good idea to consider taking some introductory classes on how to operate these vehicles before you leave for West Palm Beach if you are planning on signing up for one of these types of tours.

Why Do People Opt For These Special Tours Instead of Bus Tours?

It is a good idea to sign up for a tour as long as you are able to stay safely in control of the vehicles. You must also be able to keep an eye on traffic while you are operating any of these vehicles. These types of tours will provide you with one of the best ways to see the city in a more hands-on fashion. You'll experience the local flavor, you'll visit local haunts. You will also be able to take advantage of your tour guide's high level of personal knowledge about the area.

Additionally, you are likely to stop at the most interesting spots in West Palm Beach, and you will not have to worry about finding these locations on your own. You won't have to worry about finding parking spaces either, as you would if you were driving a car.

How Do Tourists on Personal Transports Endanger Local Residents?

The biggest problem with Segway or moped tours is that inexperienced drivers do not have a full understanding of how these vehicles work. This could lead to swerving, wiping out, crashing, or even a major accident. Therefore, if you are a resident in an area that offers these types of tours, it is a good idea to approach these riders as if they were taking a driver's education class. In other words, you should keep your distance and anticipate the fact that they are probably going to make mistakes.

How Can I Have a Safer Ride?

Even if you did not take an introductory class before you arrived in West Palm Beach, there are several ways that you can help protect yourself and everyone around you. The most important step that you can take is to drive at a comfortable speed. After all, if you push the vehicle because you want to look like you are in control, the odds will be much higher that you will actually cause an accident. As previously mentioned, it is also important to follow all of your tour guide's instructions and recommendations, and you should ask them questions before you get on the road. Another good way to protect yourself is to ensure that you are wearing a helmet that fits properly. This can keep you from dealing with a life-altering head injury if you do end up wiping out.

Although it is vital to take steps to have a safe riding experience, you can also have a lot of fun on these vehicles. However, if you are in an accident that was caused by someone's negligence, you should consider contacting a local personal injury attorney to help you recover your medical expenses.

Debbie Nguyen is a blogger and designer in the Atlanta area. She knows the importance of being prepared for the unexpected since she suffered an accident requiring surgery during one vacation.

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