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Healing after a dui conviction: will your family be affected?

Author: Will Powell
Published: Aug 20 2013

A DUI conviction will change many things in your life. There will be financial obligations, civic obligations, and possibly changes in your employment. The biggest change, however, may be how you interact with your family. A criminal conviction period places a lot of strain on the family as a whole.

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Thankfully this strain, if approached correctly, can be diminished over time and relationships can heal and grow. However, you must be aware of what these strains will be, and how to keep them from ruining your family life.

Financial Strains

There will be many financial hardships attached to a DUI conviction. There will be legal fees for your defense, there will be fines and court costs, there may be restitution required, and there will also be recurring costs if you are on probation. Although, according to, a good defense team can help minimize the financial impact a conviction can cause.

You will also have other financial issues, such as increased insurance rates, the cost for transportation while your license is revoked, and the possible cost for the installation of an ignition breathalyzer when your licensed is released.

These financial strains will be hard on you and your spouse. There will be adjustments that have to be made, which may result in a drastic change in lifestyle for the both of you. As a result, you may even feel resentment towards each other. Furthermore, the financial burdens of a DUI conviction may require you to borrow money from your parents, in-laws, and other family members, which drags others into an already frustrating situation. However, there are ways to smooth things out.

First, try to approach this together and not against each other. Acknowledge your careless behavior and the strain you've invited into the life of your family, then make a commitment to collaboratively plan and work towards reestablishing your family's financial footing. Utilize free low cost services offered by non-profit organizations to get help with budget issues and financial planning. Working together will reduce the intense feelings towards each other and allow you to heal.

Personal Strains

There are many personal issues that will need to be addressed. You, as the person convicted, will have to look at your situation and determine if you need help with alcohol. Most people do not realize that alcohol is having an impact on their life until they are convicted of a DUI.

You will also need to deal with your personal shame and frustration. This is a natural feeling, and how you deal with this issue will determine how successfully you pull through this time of your life. If you need to deal with these issues but are unsure how, you may wish to consider counseling. Either independent or couples counseling will be able to help you work through this tough time.

Moreover, your admission of an alcoholic issue may warrant a change in your social circle as it would be disadvantageous to socialize with people and in environments that encourage the behaviors that lead to your DUI conviction. However, true friends will support and understand the changes you are attempting to make in your life.

There may also be an issue with your work. Many employers feel insecure about an employee that has been convicted of a DUI. Many feel that there may be underlying issues in your life that they are not prepared to deal with. Some worry that this is an issue that you may not be able to handle. You will need to work with your employer to regain their trust and rebuild your own confidence.

You Cannot Do This Alone

Trying to overcome all of the issues that surround a DUI conviction is very hard. It is even harder when you are trying to manage it alone. Yes, your spouse and your family may feel frustrated by what has happened, but this does not mean that you are not important to them. Turn to them and trust in them to help you get through this period of your life.

Make sure you are taking all the necessary steps to get your life back on track and regain the trust of your family. It will take some time and some effort, but in the end you will be happy that you relied on your loved ones for help.

Will Powell is a freelance writer who believes in the importance of the family structure and seeks to help families mend broken relationships that are a result of criminal convictions. It all starts with an experienced and knowledgeable legal defense team, and for those looking for one, is a good place to start.

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