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How to compromise when your partner doesn't drink but you do

Author: Teresa Stewart
Published: Sep 2 2013

You may have heard the saying "opposites attract" when it comes to falling in love. It is true that couples who are polar opposites of each other can go on to develop lasting romances. However, their major differences require a lot of work and commitment to overcome. When drinking is the major difference that sets you apart from your romantic partner, you may not realize at first how your alcohol consumption could jeopardize the future of your relationship.

Partner doesn't drink

Understand that this difference will probably have a big impact on your relationship. How you overcome or make compromises about this difference could help you build a lasting romance with someone who does not drink at all.

Drink Responsibly at All Times

Before you began dating your partner, it may have been second nature for you to go out and drink until you were beyond buzzed. While this behavior as a single person poses certain risks to your personal well-being, this habit could jeopardize your status as your partner’s love interest, particularly if your partner does not drink. You can keep your love interest in the relationship and help diffuse his or her disdain of your alcohol consumption if you remember to drink responsibly whenever you both are out together. Keeping your drinking to a minimum while you are in your partner’s presence could help that person adjust to your drinking and help keep your romance together.

Avoid Legal Troubles Tied to Alcoholism

Keeping your drinking to a minimum will also help you avoid the legal troubles that can come with imbibing too much. When you drink too much while you are out, you increase the risk of driving while under the influence. Driving under the influence remains a crime that is harshly punished in all states. Sometimes lapses in judgment happen; if arrested in the Virginia area while under the influence, seek legal counsel from an attorney like Patrick Cummings to provide an education on your rights.

When you have a DUI on your record, you risk your employment, your financial security, and indeed your romantic relationship. If your partner has an aversion to drinking, it would be fair to say that he or she also would not be pleased with your DUI. You can avoid this legal trouble by drinking responsibly and avoiding driving at all times while under the influence.

Enjoy Alcohol-Free Dates on Occasion

You may be used to drinking whenever you go out to dinner or a night on the town. However, when you start dating a person who does not like drinking, you must decide whether or not you can go a night without drinking every once in awhile. Enjoying alcohol-free dates on occasion can be a great way to get to know your love interest without the influence of alcohol marring your thoughts and memories of these dates. You can also show your partner who you are without any alcohol to alter your personality. Just as you may expect your love interest to tolerate your drinking on occasion, it would be right for you to show that you can go out once in awhile without having to drink alcohol.

Never Let Alcohol Take over Your Emotions

Many couples who have relationship problems can often trace their troubles back to alcohol consumption. When you drink too much, you may be prone to outbursts of emotions, particularly anger, and say things that you do not mean. Once you say certain things to your date, you will not have the chance to take those words back or change the way they were said. You would do well to resist letting alcohol rule your emotions and keep your emotions in check while drinking.

Dating someone who does not like drinking does not have to be a challenge for you. You can keep your partner, ensure your romance has a future and enjoy the occasional drink by following the key behaviors detailed above.

Teresa Stewart is a free-lance writer whose interest in well-being led her to research and compile these tips for couples who have different entertainment styles. Her findings note that Patrick Cummings of the Virginia-based Wilson Law Firm, stays abreast of the latest training so he can provide an optimal defense for his clients. He and his team have extensive experience with dui defenses and provide committed support and representation for those undergoing difficult legal proceedings.

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