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Finding help after prescription drug injury

Author: Madeline Ferdinand
Published: Sep 30 2013

In general, we take medication to prevent disease and recover from illness and injury. When prescription drugs do more harm than good, it’s normal to feel betrayed. Pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to educate and warn consumers about the potential risks and side effects of their products. When they don’t, it’s well within our rights to make them face their actions and let them know that harming the public for the sake of profit is never an option.

For example, Bayer Pharmaceuticals is facing a plethora of lawsuits related to their fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation of the side effects of Yaz, an oral contraceptive containing drospirenone. To date, they have paid over $1.4 billion to settle these lawsuits, a hit that could have easily been avoided by being honest and upfront in the beginning.

If you’ve been injured by prescription drugs, you may need a lawyer to help handle your case. Finding an attorney might seem overwhelming, but if you keep the following points in mind, your search should go smoothly.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

In the majority of cases, pharmaceutical companies will not take responsibility for their actions. Furthermore, their lawyers know the governing law inside and out, and are aware that most non-lawyers have no idea what legal rights they have.

The severity of your injuries or the complex legal rules involved in your claim may require a lawyer’s assistance. An experienced personal injury attorney knows how to build your case and take it to trial. A lawyer can help you obtain a favorable settlement that substantially exceeds what you can acquire on your own, even after the attorney’s fee has been deducted.

Finding the Right Lawyer

Much like choosing a family doctor or nanny, finding the right lawyer requires quite a bit of research and legwork. When looking for a personal injury attorney:

- When seeking an attorney, narrow down your search by looking for lawyers that specialize in personal injury litigation. After collecting information on these lawyers, it’s possible to narrow your search further by focusing on lawyers that have experience with prescription drug injury cases.

- Ask around for recommendations. Your family attorney and local bar association are both good resources for finding a personal injury attorney. Be sure to hire a lawyer who has trial experience, especially one who has won other personal injury lawsuits.

- Don't choose an attorney based on a commercial. While a television ad may be compelling and well-crafted, it doesn’t necessarily mean the lawyer is the best one for your case.

- Find a local lawyer that knows your state's laws. Personal injury laws can vary significantly by state, and it’s important to know where you stand.

- When looking for a good personal injury attorney, it’s crucial you inquire about your personal injury attorneys’ experience and track record of fair settlements for their clients. You don’t want to end up with a lawyer who hasn’t won many cases.

- Comparison shopping is important, even when looking for an attorney. Meet with several different lawyers to discuss your claim before you decide to hire someone.

By interviewing several attorneys, you will learn about their qualifications and experience. If you have limited financial resources, check to see if they offer free consultations and if they will work on a contingency basis.

If you are assured in a lawyer's experience and comfortable with their idea of how to proceed with your case, there’s a good chance that you've found the lawyer that’s right for you. Don’t let pharmaceutical companies get away with hurting you or those you love. Take charge and take a stand. Your health is not for sale.

Madeline Ferdinand is a firm believer that all people should have access to safe and affordable prescription medication. As a freelance writer for DrugNews, she delights in having a chance to spread that message.

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