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The benefits of a memory foam mattress

Author: Thomas J. Wacker
Published: Jul 25 2005

On the quest for a more productive day, research has shown that a more productive sleep at night can be one of the healthiest solutions.

A Memory Foam Mattress could be just what researchers have been looking for. Concentration, Observation and even Creativity, are all qualities that can help us on our everyday journey through work, and life. The key is relaxation. Any quality that enhances our daily productivity is welcome, but with a calm mind and rested body, do we find the most precious resources, that is, through our sleep.

Sleep provides us with an infinite number of possibilities. Possibilities, which are most efficiently cultivated, while having deep restful dreams in a peaceful bed. And mattresses made from memory foam are ideal in this respect. Ever since the invention of the first electroencephalogram, the machine that registers brain waves, back in the first part of the 20th century, scientists have known that sleep is not just an unproductive time in which we are forced to stop working.

Wonderful things occur at night while we sleep. During an average night of sleep of eight hours, our bodies move in and out of consciousness through cycles, determined by brain wave activity. If these cycles are disrupted by stressing muscles in certain points, the sleeper, could actually wake up without fulfilling the full sleep cycle. This means time and relaxation, are needed to achieve the proper depths of a good nights rest. Suppose an average sleeper, gets eight hours of sleep, on a good mattress. Then she or he, would plunge into the realm of sleep for about 90min. then slowly come back out, and on return to the waking world, would have about 10 min. of dreams, almost wake up, roll over, and plunge back into another 90min. cycle.

If the conditions are good, such as in using the proper kind of bed, the second sleep cycle will have something like 20-30min. of dreams, followed by 45-60min. in the third cycle. The longer we sleep, the more dreams we have. Maybe, not everyone remembers what they dream, all the time, everyday, but that doesn?t matter, as much as the fact that dreaming is, in and of itself the place where we let our worry and stress of the day to day go free, preparing, for the day to come. If we don't value our sleep enough, we carry all that stress and anxiety from the day before, into our morning, and consecutively throughout the day, until we finally sleep again, to give our dreams another chance at freeing themselves.

In a stressful modern day to day, race for time and money like ours, it's a wonder why we don't value our sleep more. Sleep requires relaxation, and that means sleeping a good night's sleep. Pressure on muscles must be evenly distributed throughout the body in a way that keeps our bodies fully relaxed. That means keeping the joints well accommodated.

Memory foam does this in a very natural and relaxing way. When the body heat hits the mattress, it allows the foam to conform to the body reducing all that tension on the pressure points. No pressure points, no stress, no stress, means getting that good night's sleep that we need so badly to be more productive and happy individuals.

Mattresses made from memory foam keep the load properly supported, so that no one point is favored over any other. Relaxation is the road to a good nights sleep. And memory foam can help the sleeper achieve the ideal nights rest. While getting tensionless, deep and well relaxed sleep, the individual can produce more and feel great doing it.

Thomas Jay Wacker is the General Manager and V.P. of Wacker has over 20 years experience in the home furnishing industry and leads the Wacker Management Team in Denver Colorado. Article reprinted from SimplySearch4it! Articles Directory

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