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I am not a registered nurse... he is a full-time patient

Author: Jennifer Alston
Published: Oct 13 2013

You promised in your wedding vows for better or worse; however, you may not have expected the worse to be so bad. When your husband is injured in an on-the-job accident, your mettle may truly be tested as you take on the role of a caregiver and nurse. Even without the proper training or warning to take on caring for your husband during his or her recovery, you still must face each day with the full knowledge that your presence could make the difference in how well and how soon he recovers from the injury. As the days turn into weeks and you reach a point where you do not know if you can do anymore, you can find strength and renew your commitment to caring for your husband by following key strategies during his recovery period.

Talk to a Mental Health Professional

First and foremost, while your husband’s healing, you should remember that you need to take care of your own mental health during this process. There is no shame in admitting that you are frustrated, afraid, tired, and experiencing dozens of other emotions. You should not feel guilty or feel like you are failing to care for your husband. One or two sessions a week with a mental health professional can help you retain your focus and give you new perspectives in how to help your husband recover better.

Full time patient

Retain a Personal Injury Lawyer

Secondly, after your husband’s immediate medical concerns are addressed, you should retain a personal injury lawyer. Along with worrying about your husband’s injuries and if or when he will fully recover, you may also be overwhelmed with worry about your household’s finances.

Rather than wring your hands and lose sleep over how you will feed your children, pay your household bills, and meet the upcoming medical expenses, you are encouraged instead to rely on an lawyer, such as Herb Auger who specializes in Personal Injury cases. Your attorney can get the process started that will help you meet your immediate and future financial needs. He or she can take action against your husband’s employer and make sure each avenue of seeking justice and compensation is pursued.

Consider Couples Therapy

Your husband probably is feeling the same range of emotions as you are. You both can benefit by going to a few sessions with a couple’s counselor. Your counselor can help you keep the spark in your marriage and renew your commitment to each other during this recovery process. You may come out of the counseling sessions as a stronger couple than you were before you sought counseling.

Reignite the Flame in Your Marriage

Even if your spouse is homebound or too tired to go out to dinner or a movie, you can rekindle the romance by having date nights at home. Sending the kids to your mom’s house or putting a movie in after they go to bed and enjoying a glass of wine for a late night treat can help you both rekindle your romance. These small, but inventive ways to bring back the romance can make the recovery process easier to bear.

You can honor your marital vows and help your husband recover by remembering several key tips after his on-the-job accident. Taking these steps and relying on a good lawyer can help make this process easier, if not shorter.

Jennifer Alston has experience with personal injury. She was hit by a drunk driver in March of 2012, and had no representation. Had she contacted an attorney such as Herb Auger, she might have been able to have her case come to a conclusion earlier than it has been.

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