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Puberty: a cross-cultural examination and review

Author: Kurtis Kadir
Published: Oct 14 2013


The declining age of menarche in the 'western' world has caused global agencies and parents alike to examine their youth with trepidation; literature on a national and international level emphasizes the epidemic of teenage pregnancies in our 'modern age.'

An examination of menarche and its impact on sexual behavior is necessary to fully understand these concerns. This paper will examine the declining age of menarche and the consequences of early puberty from a research perspective, then contrast that information against actual data taken from the United Kingdom. Scotland in particular has been targeted by non-government organizations because of its high pregnancy rate.

This data will then be compared with statistics from Senegal, an underdeveloped nation, and the Pume of Venezuela, a forager population. A cross-cultural examination should answer whether the decreasing age of menarche is responsible for an 'increase' in teenage pregnancy and also whether other factors play a larger role than the age of menarche and first intercourse. It appears that early pregnancy is more advantageous to populations with diminished socioeconomic opportunities regardless of the age of menarche.

The full study (17 page): Puberty: A Cross-Cultural Examination And Review

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