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Tips for baby to cruise ahead of the learning curve

Author: Giovanna O'Neal
Published: Oct 27 2013

Educating your infant to get ahead can sound intimidating, but it’s an interactive experience that allows you to bond with your child through education. Early learning helps a child to retain information and gives them better reasoning and thinking skills that are important as they grow. Since your infant shows visual awareness early on, you can start by gradually working the techniques into everyday activities.

Tips for baby to cruise ahead of the learning curve

High Scope Learning Curriculum

Providing care for an infant while nurturing their development is important for a parent. High scope learning curriculum is child focused and research based to ensure that your infant is being educated through the discovery learning process. Participatory learning gives a parent tips on how they can encourage their infant’s stimulation in activities that explore and play. The skills are anchored by entrusted caregivers who support and encourage the children as they play.

The components of the curriculum are geared at teaching practices that support an infant’s growth and learning. Infants and toddlers between the ages of zero and three can benefit most from this form of curriculum. There is also comprehensive training for the parent to ensure that they study the program and instruct their infant effectively.

Learning Toys for Infants and Toddlers

A baby immediately begins to learn after birth, and you can encourage the process by having Baby Einstein by Kids II toys on-hand to provide educational and interactive opportunities for your children. Traditional blocks allow your infant to explore by touching, grasping and chewing.

- You can help the process by introducing them to a variety of colors, textures and designs. It will also facilitate the need to problem-solve as they get older as it teaches them ways to prevent the blocks from toppling over.

- Noisy toys such as rattles and stuffed animals that squeak are also beneficial to the learning process and can teach your child about cause, and the effects from their actions.

- Musical activity centers are also beneficial as it allows your infant to develop rhythm while they learn the various instruments.

Phonics Based Learning

Phonics based learning programs are essential in helping a child to get ahead. Children can comprehend sounds naturally as they are learning to speak. Phonics is an excellent form of instruction and teaches your child how to break down the words appropriately. A child who is knowledgeable in breaking down the word properly has a significant advantage when it comes to reading. It also allows a child to figure out how to form future words in reading instruction. You can teach phonics by instructing the basic rules for consonants. As your child progresses to vowels, it can get a little bit more difficult for them to ascertain the words because they can have a number of sounds. Phonics can also aid children with learning disabilities by showing them ways to pronounce the words.

Toys, age-appropriate curriculum and phonics can all aid in your child’s development. Since infants learn and develop skills immediately after birth, you can introduce the various tools to them, so they can cruise ahead of the learning curve. It will also better prepare them as they reach school age and beyond.

Giovanna O'Neal is a mother of two toddlers and she knows it can be stressful trying to find the appropriate toys that offer more than just a play opportunity. Fortunately, there are Baby Einstein by Kids II toys that can keep you on par with the educational and play needs of your child simultaneously.

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