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My husband is facing prison time leaving me a single parent

Author: Jennifer Alston
Published: Jan 12 2014

Money is the number one problem that all relationships face. Yes, there are other more personal issues that a relationship may encounter, but most problems stem from money. Sadly, money issues impact men more than women. It is an ego problem. Men feel that they must be the breadwinners in a relationship, and if the situation is financially bad even temporarily, it means that they are not good providers.

Leaving Me A Single Parent

A hurt ego can lead to many additional problems, including the potential for crime. It has been a long standing story that desperate men will do whatever it takes to care for their family, even if it means breaking the law.

When The “Plan” Goes Bad

A man facing financial hardships for his family decides that he will rob a bank to get the money he needs for his family. He has justified his actions to himself by stating that the money is insured and that no one will really be hurt by his actions. He plans this for a period of time, building the courage to commit the act.

When the time arrives, he robs the bank and is caught. Now he, and his family, is facing more serious issues than the financial problems they had in the past. The family must now face hiring a defense attorney, possible incarceration, and the stigma that is attached to a felony conviction.

The wife, knowing that the husband had the best intentions will do whatever it takes to hire a good defense attorney, even if it means going into further debt. She faces being the sole support for herself and her family if he is convicted. The money troubles they recently had now seem like a joke. Everyone is in a panic, and all they can hope for is a good defense by their attorney.

The situation has gone from bad to worse, and sadly it most likely could have been avoided.

What To Do When Facing Financial Problems

While these tips may not help every situation, they can help most. If you are facing financial distress, you do not have to turn to crime to get out of trouble, you can use these tips to help.

Ask For Help

The first thing that you must do is ask for help. There are many non-profit agencies that can help you catch up on your utilities, rent, mortgage, and transportation costs. They can also help you find medical and dental care, provide clothing and shelter, help you find employment, and provide you with food.

Learn How To Budget

Again, many non-profit agencies and local libraries provide free classes for home financial management. Many people do not properly learn how to budget their expenses and these free classes can help. Sometimes it just takes reworking a budget to make you financially stable again.

Look For Government Programs

There are many government sponsored programs that can help you reduce your monthly bill obligations, provide you with housing and food, and take care of your medical needs.

Money issues can always be a problem in a relationship, especially when egos are involved. Working through these problems together, and seeking help if necessary, is the best solution to making your finances and relationship whole again.

Jennifer Alston has had her fair share of relationships and she is also a single parent. Having had to deal with her ex-boyfriend stealing, due to the fact at times there was no food in the house, she can relate to a couple in this dilemma. She recommends searching sites like online, to find a skilled attorney should you or your loved one find yourselves in this situation.

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