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Does the lipitor drug lawsuit affect me? a closer look

Author: Domonique Powell
Published: Feb 23 2014

Medical technology has come a long way over the past few centuries. Diseases that would've killed people only fifty years ago can now often be easily treated. There are actually deadly diseases that have been eradicated due to medicinal cures. Unfortunately, as with most things in life, these great advances aren't without their downfalls. One difficulty that is arising in the modern world is that a drug known as Lipitor, meant to treat high blood cholesterol, is causing serious side effects that many people never expected.

Lipitor lawsuit, Pfizer

Exactly what Happened?

In 2011, global profits in the prescription drug industry reached $954 billion, and a good portion of these profits found their way to Pfizer. Pfizer is the company that distributes Lipitor, and to date, it has earned over $125 billion by selling the drug. In a large amount of individuals, Lipitor does exactly what it is meant to do, but since it's the best selling pharmaceutical in the world, even a small percentage of individuals suffering severe side effects can be detrimental.

Unfortunately, people started suffering serious side effects, and lawsuits began to be filed in 2006 in relation to the drug. Individuals experiencing these issues suffered both muscle and liver problems. Pfizer claims that it made no attempt to hide the potential for these side effects, but the real issues began when people started experiencing nerve damage when using the pharmaceutical. While Pfizer representatives claim that there's no evidence that nerve damage can occur, a report released by the Statin Safety Assessment Conference of the National Lipid Association seemed to have a different opinion.

According to some information found at, "...a drug created partially for helping reduce the risk of health complications, the drug ironically creates problems with diabetes in postmenopausal women. A University of Massachusetts Medical School study revealed postmenopausal women taking the drug were linked to possibly developing a Lipitor side effect of Type 2 diabetes."

What to Look Out For

There are various things that Lipitor users should watch out for when on the drug. Pfizer's own website warns people to take note of and report certain symptoms to their doctor. These symptoms include fatigue, upper belly pain, dark or amber colored urine, vomiting and any yellowing of skin or eyes. Sadly, this is only a condensed list of all potential side effects, and these are only related to liver and muscle problems.

Some patients, though, have experienced severe fatigue, loss of balance, burning sensations in their extremities and even memory loss. All of these side effects can be related to nerve damage, and these, along with those signaling muscle and liver issues, should be a red flag that a doctor's appointment needs to be made to consider ceasing the medication.

Handling the Aftermath

While a person should never quit taking a medication without first speaking with their doctor, it's likely that this will be a physician's decision if serious side effects start occurring. At this point, it's important to start treatment for new conditions that may have arisen due to its use.

Additionally, it's essential to seek out an attorney to figure out all of the decisions that lay before a person. Luckily, individuals injured through the use of Lipitor can actually receive compensation for not only the new medical bills they'll incur, but they can also receive financial recompense for pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment in life if it has occurred. All of these options should be discussed with an experienced attorney who understands a state's liability-specific laws.

There's no doubt that Lipitor has done great things for vast amounts of people all across the globe, but this doesn't negate the fact that it seems as if Pfizer has tried to hide the potential for serious side effects. Not providing this information has ruined lives, and unfortunately, it's likely to continue doing so. Luckily, a person doesn't have to handle new health issues related to the drug alone. With the right legal help, it's possible to be reimbursed for current and future losses related to using the drug.

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