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Video vengeance: why you should breathe and count to 10

Author: Nadine Swayne
Published: Mar 11 2014

Many couples like to spice up their sex lives by engaging in activities that may seem risky and questionable to others outside of their relationships. With the notion that you will be together forever, you and your significant other might take pictures or videos of yourselves while you were participating in some of your most intimate acts. After you broke up with your former lover, however, you may have entertained the idea of how to get even and make that other person suffer for causing you such emotional and mental distress. Before you upload these photos and videos onto the Internet with the intention of getting revenge, you should keep these titbits of advice in mind. These reminders can help you avoid embarrassing legal and personal punishment.

Video Vengeance

Possible Legal Punishment

You may think that free speech laws apply to your Internet activities. However, when your online activities purposefully hurt someone else, they are subject to legal action. If your former lover does not appreciate you putting videos of them on the Internet and fails to find the reasoning or humor behind your actions, that person could very well file a police report against you.

The police could then investigate you and press charges against you for violating your ex’s privacy or for harassing this individual. A computer or Internet crime is considered a white collar crime. As expressed by attorney Kevin W. DeVore, "... a criminal conviction for a white collar crime may include fines, restitution, and jail or prison time." Thus, your attempts to get revenge could very well turn into your ex getting the last laugh on you in court.

Professional Embarrassment

Even if you have a low-profile job and rarely interact with the public, you could still suffer professional embarrassment when your employer and your co-workers find out about your actions. Many company owners and managers view your actions as a reflection on their companies. People who view your revenge videos online could easily find out where you work and extend their anger, shock, and disgust to your employer.

Many managers intensely dislike having such negative attention brought to their workplace. Your rash actions could cost you your job and make your work life difficult for weeks or months into the future.

Personal Pain And Suffering

You may lose more than the trust of your ex-lover and suffer more than the shock and disgust of your peers at work. You could also reap the admonishment and sadness of your family members and friends who thought better of you. Going home to face your parents, for example, might be painful for you as you see the disappointment in your mother’s eyes or listen to your father explain why he had higher hopes for you. Your younger siblings may no longer view you as a role model.

While you may have thought uploading embarrassing videos of your ex would only affect that individual, you may be the one suffering the worst consequences when you have to explain your reasoning to your family.

Financial Consequences

If your ex-partner is successful in bringing charges against you, you may expect a lawsuit to follow. A person can sue anyone for harassment or violation of privacy as long as this individual has valid proof. Indeed, the videos that are online of this person would suffice very well as proof of your harassment. With that, a judge could very likely levy a significant financial punishment you.

If you do not have the money to pay the judgment, your wages could be garnished and your tax refunds could be seized for years. Any hopes of saving money for a house or retirement may be dashed because of your desires for revenge.

Your hurt and anger at the loss of your relationship may cause you to want revenge on your former lover. Before you put intimate videos of this person online, however, you should remember these pieces of advice and gauge if the risk is worth the possible punishments.

Writer Nadine Swayne offers these words of wisdom to help others steer clear of video vengeance. Nadine came across the website of attorney Kevin W. DeVore that provided insight to criminal offenses and steps to take to preserve your rights if accused of this Internet infraction.

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