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Don’t let your wedding day become a fiasco

Author: Domonique Powell
Published: Mar 25 2014

Weddings are often filled with anticipation, joy and even headaches! It's not the ceremony itself but the planning and organizing of endless details that causes many couples to stress out and vent their frustrations to all involved. When the big day arrives, however, it is very important that the couple avoid certain things so that their special day becomes one that is memorable, not chaotic or tragic.

Wedding Day Fiascos

Avoid Being the Super Couple

You are planning your nuptials and it should be as elaborate or as simple as you want. But you cannot do it all alone. Hire a wedding planner to help you define an overall theme and organize all of the moving parts. Rely on family and friends to help with some of the simpler tasks. Make sure that you give yourself enough time for everything you planned. The last thing the both of you want to do is show up looking and feeling too tired to enjoy the celebration.

One Texas couple barely has to lift a finger for their impending nuptials. The story of Kellie Mandley and Luke Hsiao is a show of love in the face of adverse circumstances. In 2011, Kellie was in a car accident that severely injured her spine. Undeterred, Luke proposed to her in the hospital and became her primary caretaker. They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and that even accounts for devotion!

The story of their engagement was on TV station KHOU in Austin and caught the attention of local wedding planner Donna Gostecnik. While wedding planning is a very big business in the state, Gostecnik was able to have vendors donate everything for the couple's September ceremony.

Plan Some Down Time

Both people in the relationship will get to the point where they are sick of talking or hearing about wedding plans. The thought of one more discussion about table seating arrangements or the color of the table linens might send one of you overboard. You know you have planned a great event, take some time off and enjoy what you love most – each other.

Avoid Last Minute Control Measures

You are getting married and your only worry should be walking the aisle without being nervous or tearful. Let your family or friends take care of all the last minute arrangements. If you are too frantic about making sure there are enough programs to be distributed or if all the party favors have been completed, you will miss out on the joy of the day.

Arrange For Transportation On Your Wedding Day

It is easy to assume that you are going to be enjoying a drink or several at the reception. Afterwards, you may also be extremely tired, running mostly on adrenaline. Make sure that you have made arrangements after the reception to be driven to your hotel or other destination. Driving while distracted, tired, and especially after drinking is never safe and can result in your special day turning from a joyful event into an unbelievable tragedy.

Make Time To Sleep

You are going to be exhausted after your wedding. Give yourself at least one day between the event and the beginning of your honeymoon, especially if you are driving. You do not want to start your new life together overtired and crabby with each other.

Your wedding will be one that you reminisce about for the rest of your life. You will experience happiness that cannot be compared to anything else, and this is a good thing. Try to approach the day well rested and calm. Make sure to be present in and enjoy each moment.

"Weddings are the stuff of fairy tales," says Domonique Powell, who has been to more than 10 in her lifetime. She hopes that those future Texas couples will consider hiring a driver for their wedding transportation needs. If legal advice is needed, sites like will be able to assist.

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