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What is acupuncture? what are the benefits of it?

Author: Julian Hooks
Published: Oct 23 2014

Every time you get a migraine or feel the need to throw up because of food poisoning, the first thing you will do is to get a medicine that cures all the symptoms away. After all, no doctor with a fancy medical degree will tell you to look for alternative methods where needles are involved.

Acupunture Beat Addiction

Before you brush them aside, there are certain practices which have been used for thousands of years to help alleviate various medical conditions, including headache and obesity. An example of this is acupuncture.

Read about this form of alternative medicine and find out what it can do for your body.

Acupuncture, defined

Acupuncture originated from China and by the second half of the 20th century, it started to grow popular in Western Europe, US and Canada. It involves the insertion of very thin needles through your skin and targets specific points on your body.

Based on traditional Chinese medical theory, acupuncture balances qi, or the life force. Qi flows through pathways called meridians where energy flows can be accessed. This means that once the needles are inserted into the appropriate acupuncture points, energy flow will be brought back to balance the qi's yin and yang.

Although there is no exact scientific explanation on how inserting needles can relieve you from pain, headache or whatever condition, it cannot be denied that acupuncture does have therapeutic benefits. However, most Western doctors and scientists still question the benefits of this "alternative form of medicine".

The health benefits of acupuncture

When performed correctly and safely, acupuncture can give you the following health benefits:

It eases back pain. Did you know that one of the popular reasons why people visit acupuncture clinics is to help them get relief from back pain? And the good thing about this is that there are scientific literature that can support this claim. Based on a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, those who were given simulated acupuncture saw greater improvement in their symptoms than those who go through chiropractic therapy.

It soothes indigestion. Do you always experience heartburn and indigestion? Then worry no more. Acupuncture can actually relieve the symptoms of heartburn and indigestion so you can finally say goodbye to antacids. Much safer too.

It boosts the effectiveness of medicines, sans the side effects. Imagine this: every time you are sick, you make it a point to grab the appropriate medicine and drink it full. This may seem harmless but in the long run, this might affect your body – in a bad way. The good news is you can combine meds with acupuncture, and that means cutting it in half, without compromising the effects of the drugs. And the even better news, you will be able to reduce the drug’s side effects.

It provides relief for headache and migraines. Migraine or headache can be difficult to deal with, especially when this occurs everyday. Yes, Mefenamic Acid or Paracetamol can do the trick but eventually, your body will learn to get used to it. If you want to put an end to your headache problems, try acupuncture. It surely won't let you down.

It can put an end to obesity. There are only a number of studies that can support this claim but according to Korean researchers who analyzed 31 acupuncture-related studies, acupuncture therapy helped decrease body weight. Of course, this requires further study. However, it won't hurt if you combine your acupuncture sessions with regular exercise and proper diet, right?

What are you waiting for? Book the best acupuncturist in Melbourne now and enjoy these benefits.

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