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How women can stay fit at 40 using vitamins & supplements

Author: Jenny R
Published: Jan 28 2015

As women reach the age of 40, their body starts undergoing a lot of changes. While middle age takes its own toll on both sexes, women have to deal with the added stresses of menopause and erratic hormonal changes. These internal changes present themselves in the form of various external symptoms, such as lower metabolism (leading to weight gain), fatigue and drop in energy levels, mood swings and a decreased sex drive.

There are ways in which women can prepare their bodies to deal with these pressures and make sure that middle age does not interfere with the quality of their life. Vitamins and herbal supplements go a long way in slowing down the aging process and keeping you fit and healthy even at an advanced age. These supplements are available at and can be ordered at your own convenience. Let’s have a look at some of the most important ingredients of these supplements which are beneficial for women over 40:


Calcium is, of course, one of the most basic minerals needed by middle aged women. While milk is a great source of calcium, the body’s ability to metabolize milk and milk products reduces with age. Try eating leafy green vegetables to make up for lactose intolerance. Vitamin D, present in sunlight, facilitates the absorption of calcium. However, the intake of calcium should be avoided with iron or coffee, as these items reduce the absorption.


Ribose is probably one of the most undervalued supplements even though studies show that it can increase a person’s average energy levels by as much as 60 per cent after three weeks for regular dosage. Middle aged women can greatly benefit from the benefits of Ribose, such as restful sleep, pain-reduction and mental clarity. In case of women with a history of congestive heart failure, Ribose has proven advantageous for their diastolic blood pressure.


Folate is part of the Vitamin B complex. Folate has a positive effect on bouts of depression which are not uncommon in women around the age of 40. In case of women over 40 who are expecting a child, optimum levels of folate in the body can help prevent birth defects. Long term health of the brain is also facilitated by this nutrient, especially if complimented with fish oils.

Vitamin D3

It is quite a strange phenomenon that women living even in tropical areas with abundant sunlight often show signs of vitamin D deficiency. The reason for this is our modern day lives where we work in artificially lit offices and travel in covered vehicles, hiding ourselves completely from the natural elements, including sunlight. Vitamin D can help women to maintain a healthy weight, reduce risk of developing osteoporosis and reduce pain. Mood swings in women can be controlled with adequate levels of Vitamin D3.


Non-sexually transmitted urogenital infections, such as UTIs(urinary tract infections) are on the rise among women. This is due to the excessive use of antibiotics by our generation. Probiotics are useful in restoring healthy bacteria in the digestive tracts of women and thereby reduce the occurrence of UTIs.


Strontium is especially beneficial for middle aged women who have a family history of bone related disorders such as osteoporosis. It increases bone mineral density of the lumbar spine by almost 15 per cent over the course of three years.

One can find the above mentioned as well as numerous other nutrients for middle aged women on A lit bit of care and almost negligible investment towards your health can ensure a long of life and better health.

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Sheldon is a writer for a health and fitness magazine and often appears as a guest blogger on popular health forums. He has over ten years of experience in the industry.

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