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Affordable alternatives to your regular date night

Author: Vanessa P
Published: Feb 13 2015

A date night can be exciting and romantic. It’s a great way to spend quality time with your other half. Regular date nights can get expensive pretty quickly, however, with fancy restaurant dinners and movie nights. Especially if you have been in a long-term relationship, the traditional date night scene can test the limit of your wallet if done every week.

However, you do not have to spend a fortune on every date. Why not save the fancy night outs for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries? When you are in a relationship, the most important thing is to spend time with each other instead of showering them with expensive dates. Here are a few ways to spend your date night economically without sacrificing on the romantic department:

Home-cooked meals instead of dining out

Home-cooked meals require a little more time and preparation, but it will show your partner how much you care for them. It’s a great way to save on food cost. You will not have to pay tax, tips or spend extra on expensive drinks. Plus, you can always make sure your favorite food is on the menu. It can also be very fun to test out new recipes together.

If you are living with your partners and eat at home all the time, an eating-in date can still be made special. Instead of having the meal in your same-old dining room, go ahead and set the table with a nice table cloth, some candles, a few fresh flowers, and play your favorite music. Just a few small touches are enough to alter the mood of your home and surprise your partner.

Movies at home

Most of us spend a fortune on a home media system with flat screen TV and surround sound speakers. Then on date nights we are just as quick to spend money on movie tickets and expensive snacks. Instead of going to a movie theatre, try to change up by having a movie night at home. Pop a pack of popcorn in your microwave, select a classic, and grab a blanket. Watching movies at home, you are free to cuddle, have some wine, and talk without bothering anyone else.

Music festivals instead of concerts

Most towns will have free events for the community, such as art fairs, music festivals and exhibitions. These are great ways to have a fun date for free, instead of paying hundreds of dollars to attend a big concert.

Workout together

If you each are already paying for an expensive gym membership, why not utilize it for some fun time together? Check and see if your gyms allow you to bring a guest, or just buy a guest pass for the day. Working out together is a great way to bond, and to help each other get in shape.

Better yet, make it fun by challenging each other to a sport game. Instead of spending money on sport tickets, it may be even more fun to find activities that you can actually take part it. Go for a run around the park, play bowling, challenge your partner to a game of basketball, or try any other sports that he or she is interested in.

One of the most fun facts about date nights is that, researches show couples who regularly partake in exciting activities together have stronger bonds than those who repeat their date night activities. To keep the relationship strong, just be creative and have fun with others. Don’t be afraid to cut back on the cost, and adding fun things to your dating agenda.

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