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Author: Jenny Richards
Published: Apr 19 2015

In the 21st Century, everyone wants to look their best. However, there is a lot more to health than meets the eye. More than looking good, a healthy person feels good, is able to live better, live longer, and live a happier life. Unfortunately, most people today are not able to find the time to exercise regularly. Regular exercise is simply one of the best ways to stay healthy. Here’s why.

Weight Management

Exercise is the best way for a person to lose weight and prevent unnecessary weight gain. When the body engages in physical activity, calories are burned. More calories are burned for more intense activities. It is therefore important for one to exercise regularly to keep your weight in check. The sessions need not be long-drawn. Half an hour of strenuous exercise is often a lot more helpful than an hour of laid-back, slow physical activity. Exercise is also not confined only to workouts, so if a person is not able to visit a gym or fitness center, he or she could always make up for that by walking short distances, ditching elevators to take the stairs, and performing household chores. A good gym manager or trainer should be able to emphasize on the need for exercise and explain this clearly to his clients. To know more about Gym management courses, visit keleven's guide.

Keeps Diseases Away

We live in an age where it is fairly common to fall sick, or to suffer from a disease. We sacrifice our fitness in pursuit of success and happiness in our strenuous lives. From high blood pressure to heart diseases, a person who is not fit and healthy can fall sick very easily. Being active, and leading a physically fit life increases the proportion of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) in the body, also called “good cholesterol” exponentially, automatically curbing the formation of triglycerides which have a detrimental effect on a person’s health. A systematic exercise regimen suggested by you to your client will be able to keep all these in check. Regular exercise can in fact deal with a wide variety of health issues, both cardiovascular and otherwise, from strokes and infarctions to type-2 diabetes, metabolic syndromes, arthritis and some types of cancer.

Emotional Upliftment

As a gym manager or even a personal trainer, you will need to take care of your client’s physical needs as well as their emotional concerns. A healthy body must also house a healthy mind. Most people think that stress is not easy to deal with, and try to sleep it off, mistaking it for tiredness. However, an intense and pumped-up exercise session could be the best way to relieve stress and eradicate the noise in one’s head. A brisk walk or a challenging workout while listening to music could literally get your juices running in no time- physical activity leads to the production and secretion of several brain chemicals like serotonin which stimulate the happiness center of the brain and leave you more relaxed. Your clients would be more confident about their appearance, and genuinely live a happy life. You should refer to a complete guide of becoming a personal trainer by examiner to know what it takes to be a great trainer.

Sleep Better, Work Better

Many clients have trouble falling asleep, or sleeping peacefully for long periods. Exercise would help them fall into a deep sleep more easily. Most people find it difficult to perform household chores or go shopping. Exercise and regular physical activity increase their endurance and energy. Oxygen and nutrients are delivered to a person’s tissues more easily as a result of exercise. Fit people find it rather easy to go about their everyday life.

Helps You Unwind

Exercise is actually a lot of fun. Trekking, dancing, taking up a sport, taking long walks in the open air- there are just so many things one could do, individually or in groups. A good physical trainer must do everything in his ability to set his client on the road to a perfectly fit life.

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