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Tips for staying healthy in india during your travel

Author: Stephen Ryan
Published: Sep 7 2015

India is full of diversities with its different culture, traditions as well as spirituality and therefore offers significant assortments to its travelers. You should take a few precautions for staying healthy throughout your trip in India.

Before You Start

Buy Travel Insurance: Before you start your trip, you should definitely buy a travel insurance that covers full medical treatment with a policy of no excess costs. If you feel sick during your travel, make sure all your medical expenses will be covered by your insurance.

Vaccination: Ensure that you are properly vaccinated against diseases like Cholera, Diptheria, Hepatitis A, and Hepatitis B. Make sure to see your doctor prior to six months before your travel date. Early discussions with your doctor and a complete course of vaccinations will keep you protected during your travel.

Medical Kit: Pack your medical kit in an organized manner. It will be helpful if you pack some rehydration salts, malaria medicines as well as some antibiotics with you. You never know when you need them!

During Your Trip

Clean Hands Frequently: You can wash your hands or use disinfectant gel or wipes to kill unwanted germs. You may have collected germs by touching different surfaces throughout the day. Even touching your unclean face can be enough to make you sick. Always remember to sanitize your hands before you take your food!

Purified Water: Drink only purified or bottled water to avoid contamination. Never drink tap water and make sure that your bottles are sealed while buying them. It may so happen that the unsealed bottles are refilled with tap water that may spread infection!

Intake Probiotics: You may buy traveler’s pack of probiotics and consume them throughout your trip for fighting with bad bacteria. You may take them daily for a few months for preparing your digestive system that suits in India.

Busy Restaurants: Restaurants can be busy for good reasons. They must have a good reputation in serving quality foods .You might consider taking your food at busy restaurants by following the crowd.

Careful with Street Food: You must be cautious of street food while travelling. Though street foods are cheaper than hotels and restaurants, you must be careful about hygiene while taking them. Just use your common sense and make sure they are clean in nature. Try observing whether the utensils and oils are clean. Check whether food scraps are left out and flies are moving around. All these can provide you with clear indications whether the intake of food will be safe for you or not.

Use Hands: If you are doubtful about the cleanliness of utensils, you may use your hands to take your food. Never worry! It is generally a common practice in India to take food with right hand. Just do not forget to wash your hands or use sanitizer before eating.

Eat Vegetables When in Doubt: When you have doubts on the freshness of the meat, you may stick to the vegetables. As vegetables are less prone to contamination and can subsequently reduce your chances of falling ill.

Trust Instincts: Never be paranoid of getting sick while traveling. Just trust your instincts and go ahead. Just eat, where you feel hygienic and comfortable and never let paranoia spoil your whole trip.

Get a good sleep and exercise whenever possible during your trip. A good sleep can do wonders throughout your trip. Just stay calm and relax while traveling in India. Keep a control over your alcohol intake so that dehydration and hangovers can be kept under control. Drive safely through uneven roads to avoid accidents. Above all, just enjoy the whole trip without worrying too much!

Author Bio: Stephen Ryan is a well known travel blogger who enjoyed one of his trips in Tadoba resort. In this article, he is providing tips for staying healthy while traveling in India.

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