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Your guide to the best ayurvedic products and practices to include in your beauty regimen

Author: Jack Dawson
Published: Dec 28 2015

Your skin protects your body from many harmful external influences including microbes and harmful sunrays. However, it can take a beating as you go through daily life, and hence, it’s important to have a strict beauty regimen to follow in order to keep that natural glow.

In the ideal world, you should connect with an ayurvedic practitioner who can tailor a custom program according to your specific requirements. However, the following are some tried and tested tips, which are safe for people of all ages and skin types:

Caring for your full-body skin

The three pillars of proper ayurvedic skin preservation are cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing. Most people use soaps for cleansing, but these dry out the skin and affect the natural pH balance. They follow this with store-bought moisturizers which may be designed too densely to allow for proper absorption in the skin.

Instead, ayurvedic experts recommend natural pastes (ubtans) made from legumes, flours or herbs for cleansing and exfoliation and organic unrefined oils for moisturizing and nourishment. The following are the best ayurvedic products recommended for beginners:

- Cleansing– mix 1:1 parts of chickpea flour and dry milk powder and store in a jar in your shower. Make a thin paste from a small amount and scrub on your wet skin at every bath time. Rinse out and dry yourself.

- Nourishment and moisturizing – take 1oz. almond oil, 10 drops of a recommended essential oil according to your needs (sweet orange/geranium for dry skin, jasmine/sandalwood for sensitive skin and lavender/bergamot for oily skin). Warm a little in a hot water bath and use for a body self-massage, from your scalp down to the soles of your feet.

Caring for your facial skin

The same pillars are applicable to your facial beauty regimen.. Pore over ayurvedic practices in order to understand your facial skin requirements, (pakriti) in order to tailor a working regimen. The following is a list of simple tips you can follow in the meantime to keep your facial skin healthy:

- Use warm water to wash your face thoroughly. The warm water will absorb the oil like sponges, plumping up and making them easier to lift off.

- Make your own ubtan using oat flour and water in a 2:1 ratio. Bend over the sink and use your fingertips to press into the paste and apply all over your face and neck in small circles. This will get rid of the dead cells without stripping your skin of its oils. Rinse out with warm water and pat dry.

- Have some water, preferably rose water in a handy spray can/bottle and use it to moisten your face after one or two minutes. While still wet, apply a thin layer of jojoba oil which seals in the moisture to your face. Jojoba oil is recommended for the face since it is closest in composition to what your body produces naturally, and hence is unlikely to cause irritation.

Bio: The author is a licensed and certified practitioner of ayurvedic science, and has over the years collected a wealth of wisdom on the best ayurvedic products to use, depending on the state of one’s skin. Contact them below for advice and tips on a personalized regimen for yourself.

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