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Thoughts and insights that aid to overcome anxiety, nervousness and fear

Author: Pavan Rajput
Published: Sep 25 2016

The reasons for anxiety, nervousness and fear differ from person to person and their problems. Some people tend to get excited and anxious on the merest matters and some people have the capacity to handle the toughest of situations that life can hand out. But whatever type of the person be it is necessary to overcome this state of mind as this can lead to major and intense situations.

The various reasons that can be cause of anxiety and nervousness can be physical problems also which can be as follows:

- Attack of nerves or a panic attack;

- Reaction to prominent stress;

- Decrease in the ratio of potassium in the bloodstream;

- Atrial fibrillation;

- PVC or what is called Premature Ventricular Contraction;

- Deficiency of Vitamin B12;

- Bipolar disorder;

- Excessive intake of caffeine;

- Hyperthyroidism

Whatever the reasons may be but it is always advisable to bring about a control on your emotions which will help to tamp down the levels of your anxiety and nervousness.

Following are 10 thoughts and insights that can help relieve you of the anxiety, nervousness and fear.

1. No control over situation:

It is sometimes necessary to know and understand that there is no control over some situations in life. To overcome such situations it is vital to go with the flow and change yourself accordingly.

2. Let go:

Compromise is a part of life for every individual which they have to do sometime or the other in their whole life. If by compromising with the problem you are currently facing can help relieve your anxiety then it is a very small price to pay for the peace of mind.

3. Future is unknown:

What is going to happen in the future is not in your hands. Be competent enough to face whatever the future has to dish out instead of being anxious and fearing what is in stock for you.

4. Point of view:

Everybody in life has a different point of view and everybody thinks they are right in their own place. Do not force your point of view on anyone and do not feel obliged to view other peoples point.

5. What has happened will not change:

Whatever is done is done. You cannot go back and change it. There is no use crying over spilled milk. Forget it and go about rectifying the mistake instead of glooming over it.

6. The hidden lesson:

There is a lesson learnt from every mistake you make even if at the cost of losing something. Concentrate on the lesson learnt to avoid going on the same path again instead of crying over losing something.

7. Simplicity of life:

It is true that life is simple. It is us who make it complicated by needs and wants that are not really useful for us but we want it only because someone else has it. Be happy with what you have and not with what someone else has.

8. All you have is life:

When you were born, you only had life and when you will die, you will leave behind your life. Make it worthwhile.

9. Definition of success:

Success is defined by the happiness it gives to you and your family and not by the money you bestow upon your family.

10. Guidance:

Someone out there is looking at you for guidance. Show them what it is to live life to the fullest.

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