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If you're happy and you know it

Author: Rose DesRochers
Published: Jul 5 2006What role does humor play in your life? In 1988 I ended a year long abusive relationship, in the same year I was date raped, in that same year my father died. In 1992 my second born daughter died at the age of five weeks. In the year of 1999 my mother had a stroke and I became her care giver. I watched her suffer up until three years ago when she died. Throughout my life I have had my share of heartache. Many have asked me, how can I be so strong? How can I still manage to smile? Well I'll be honest there are many days I get out of bed and I force that smile. But then I start thinking I have been given a tool to cope with all the difficult days that I have faced and all the difficult things in my life and that tool is laughter. When I think of that I no longer need to force the smile it becomes a natural part of me and I seem to do it without even thinking. Though I'm no comedian I do happen to think I'm pretty funny. Humor it is the right medicine that the doctor prescribed. The sense of humor that I have and give to others is the one thing that manages to bring not only joy into my life but the life of others. It if it wasn't for my keeping a sense of humor in the most difficult of times, I'm not sure I would have made it through these troublesome years. Even in those last days spent with my mother she left me with the memory of her laughter and her beautiful smile. And did you know that even humor can get you out of arguments and difficult situations. Recently I got in a awkward and somewhat heated debate with the editor of Now I could have very easily continued debating with him or maybe pushed myself as far as to say something I regretted. But seeing the situation was going no where and Chris Knight is as stubborn as I am, I chose to edit his photo. It was my response to his smart assed email that he sent me. A smart assed email that I admit was funny. I think the fact that I was mad and his making me laugh actually broke the thick tension between us where writer and editor did not see eye to eye. So anyway I had to take my frustration out some how. After editing his picture I sent it to him and surprising he enjoyed my humor and a very awkward situation has now turned into a pleasant situation where we are both civil to one another. Another thing that happens recently was I sent my online columnist Steve Hofstetter who is also a comedian an email thanking him for the use of his columns each week. This was my letter to him. Thank you for the use of your columns each week. I wanted to get you a gift but what do you get a young man who has everything? A young woman to help him use it? Well there would be a good answer but I don't know you that well and I'm not in to match making and you may have a g/f or you may be gay therefore I have gotten you a rubber chicken. I hope you don?t already have one. I hear it is Americas #1 Rubber Chicken. I don?t know though as I?m Canadian I?m just going on what I hear. Anyway enjoy the chicken and thank you once again. Ps: Maybe there is a column somewhere in there. How many women send you rubber chickens? Steve with a smile replied, you are most certainly the first to send me a rubber chicken. But thank you. :-) . Ah humor it adds life to the years that we are living, it brightens our days and there is nothing better than a smile on ones face. Do you not feel better after a good laugh? Humor the best remedy for what ails you. Did you know that even through my mothers illness the one thing that she never loss was her sense of humor. The last days spent with my mother are special keepsakes and the one thing I remember from them was the huge smile on her face as she made a motion she was going to stick the nurse in her bottom with a needle. So remember between illness, tough times, the children fighting, loss of jobs and every other thing that would make us frown it is humor that plays a important role in our life. Now I'm not sure if it's bogus or if there is any scientific breakthrough that proves it takes more muscles to frown than smile but I sure know that smiling can add life to the life your living. So if you misplaced your humor somewhere please go look for it. I'll wait while you go find it.

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