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Introducing the newman holiday trust

Author: Bijal B
Published: Sep 1 2009

The Newman Holiday Trust is a voluntary organisation which provides summer holidays for children with special needs.

Established in 1981, the Trust began by running a one week summer holiday for children with special needs.

The Trust now provides holidays for over 120 disabled children aged 5-16 each year, in various locations around the UK.

Due to the high level of skilled care they require or financial circumstances, the children selected for these breaks would not otherwise receive a holiday. The holidays provide a range of fun activities in a safe and supported environment and use a care ratio of one helper to one child at all times.

The Trust is an entirely voluntary organisation and owes its success to over 200 people who dedicate their free time to helping these children. This voluntary structure ensures that every penny raised goes directly towards a child?s holiday.

The main page can be found here:

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If you would like to contribute towards the financing of the work carried out by the trust, please donate via our Just Giving page (for donations) here:

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