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How to get rid of toe & finger nail fungus

Author: Balaji B
Published: Jul 25 2005

A fungal infection of the toe or finger nails often results from a chronic athlete's foot infection in our youthful years. This is also known as Onychomycosis. The toenail infection is not so easily eliminated and often continues as a seemingly perpetual problem. Nail fungus is made up of tiny organisms which is also known as Tinea Unguium or Onychomycosis. This infects fingernails and toenails. The fungus lives under the nail. The nail provides a safe place for the fungus growth as fungus likes dark and wet places.

A fungal infection in nail is one of the most difficult nail conditions to cure. Its symptoms are thickening and discoloration of the nail. Some times, the nail may crumble. The first sign of a fungal infection of the nail is a change in colour. The nail often becomes yellow then brown. It gets thicker and develops a bad odor. Debris may collect beneath the nail and white marks frequently appear on the nail. The infection can spread to other nails. Toenails are affected more frequently than finger nails.

We should keep cutting the nail back and clean the dead tissue from under the nail thoroughly. There may be little nail left. When the new nail grows, let it grow. We must continue the treatment until the nail is completely re-grown. Since toenails grow so slowly, the complete process will take a year or more. Lactobacilli taken internally is a beneficial bacteria needed to inhibit bad bacteria and fungus. The lack of sufficient friendly bacteria in the body can result in the growth of fungus under and around nails.

The appearance of the nails can be improved by brushing with undecylenic acid. Removal of the nail will not solve the problem of onychomycosis. When the new nail grows in, it almost always becomes reinfected. AntifungalSupplement is also used against toe nail fungus.2 capsules per day for 3 months. The Ingredients arePau D Arco (aerial), Garlic (bulb), Echinacea (aerial), and Goldenseal (root) .Anti fungal formula must be used for some time. It is recommended that Acidophilus and immune builders can be used in the treatment to get rid of nail fungus.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is good at fighting finger nail fungus. One draw back is if you stop taking the medicine the fungus will be back within a week. The fastest way to get rid of fingernail is vinegar mixed with a 3% hydrogen peroxide. The mixture is fifty fifty. We should be adding it with a dropper. Some people will feel as slight pinch after awhile.This should be followed by getting the hands soaked in Clorox bleach. For mild infection use one cap for half glass of water and leave your finger with fungus for about a minute. If you have severe fungus then try one cup Clorox to four caps water and again leave for about a minute.

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