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Forget pro-life, let's try pro-dad

Author: Maryanne Comaroto
Published: Feb 21 2010

I'll preface this by warning you that it's a rant rather than a blog, and I'll ask you to indulge me and please excuse the R rating. It's just that as a single mom, this is an issue I'm very close to, and I know that many of you out there will be able to relate.

As Maria Sudekum Fisher of the Associated Press reported: Scott Roeder had confessed publicly before the trial and admitted again on the witness stand that he shot Tiller in the head in the foyer of the Wichita church where the doctor was serving as an usher. He testified he felt the lives of unborn children were in ?immediate danger? because of Tiller.

Fisher goes on to say that the jury took only 37 minutes to find Roeder guilty of first-degree murder.

It is impossible to describe what the Tiller family must be going through right now. It is a terrible and tragic loss that is difficult to imagine. And I've noticed that as I sit and consider the issues at hand, my own prejudices began to come to the fore. In a situation as horrible as this, it's curious to note our tendency to focus on the symptom rather than the cause.

Shooting the messenger is the easy way out, but let's examine this. If men stepped up to the plate more often, and if women stopped using their bodies as a way to lure men into relationships, we could all get more in tune with our inner wisdom, and face up to our own insecurities. Sex is sacred, and when it leads to being a parent, that is a responsibility that can last eighteen years, or even longer. In other words, if you want to play the game, you have to be prepared to pay the price. It is a privilege to be a parent, and if more people were honest and stopped using sex as a tool, perhaps there would be fewer cases of abortion being used as birth control.

Yes, we are drawn to each other because of a need to reproduce, but are most people aware of that? Given the number of absent fathers in this country, I think most people have no clue.

What if we started a new campaign, where we were Pro-DAD rather than Pro-Life? I can see the newspaper articles now:

As men everywhere are waking up to the fact that sex is an awesome responsibility, they are realizing that the role of parents is to work together to create an environment where their children have a healthy and secure upbringing. While the mother's role is to teach the children about loving and respecting themselves, fathers need to be there to personally ensure that the children learn how to get along in the world, and to get along with others. On her own, a single mother cannot be expected to emotionally and physically meet all the needs of the child. As men and women come to the conclusion that it is their joint responsibility to be clean with each other as to why they are having sex, abortion rates are falling steadily.

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