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What can you expect from couples counselling?

Author: Counselling Directory
Published: Feb 26 2011Counselling Directory Logo

We are all happy to sit and discuss the latest celebrity relationships and splits, but in our own relationships are we happy to discuss the problems we are having?

Anyone in a long-term relationship can experience uncertainty and confusion, which can lead to you feeling alone and questioning your future together. There could be a number of reasons the problems come about, whether it is an affair, a new baby, children leaving home or simply after years together the spark has gone. At this point you may look for other ways to fill the gap or you could seek help and go to couples counselling, which could help you discover new and exciting ways of being together.

So what can you expect from couples counselling?

Unlike individual counselling, the relationship is seen to be the client rather than the individuals. The two individuals in the relationship are moving on to a new stage and the old ways of living have gone. It is usually very difficult and painful to accept as the individuals come to the realisation it no longer works; this is when you should take time to mourn your old way of living to help you come to terms with the loss of your old relationship.

Counselling enables a couple to understand the dynamics of their relationship and it can be both a painful and enlightening experience. You can't go to therapy hoping your counsellor will 'sort out' your partner or do all the work to fix your relationship, but they are there to help you sort through you problems in a safe environment. You need to be willing to acknowledge and let go of your negative behaviour patterns. Seeking therapy could be the best thing you ever do to either save your relationship or feel happy to move on.

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