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Should I stay in relationship?

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Relationship advice Hi, im new here and looking for some advice. I'm in a committed relationship with my fiance and we have a son together who will be turning one in a few days. However though this should be a happy time, I'm feeling unhappy in the relationship.

For months, since last year I've felt so unhappy and whenever I would bring up what's happening, my feelings were deemed 'causing issues'. He felt like everything was great but it wasn't. It's been going so long that I feel like I drifted so far and has lost connection due to him not wanting to talk with me and not hearing me out. It caused me to deel alone and like my feelings don't matter. On top of that we were having sex like every month or so AND WE LIVE IN THE SAME HOUSE!like shouldn't we be having it more?.

Sometimes I bring it up and he's like "babe, we have all the years ahead of us." Like rubbish, enit? What about now? So it didn't help that there was no sexual relations between us nor were there any romance, no kissing frequently, touching of the body even without sex, no caressing, no spending time together. He says he's not the all romantic person but I AM.

I feel as if I have settled all this time and it's making me miserable. Now that I'm feeling like this it has just caused me to start looking at all the faults in relationship. Like my issue with me being taller which I was trying to accept and look past and us having different religions.

It's like I'm focusing in all the 'wrongs' in the relationship. I WANT us to be a family but I feel I'm the only one fighting for it. Sometimes I wonder if this is how he likes gis relationship, but it's not for me. Plus, I really hate our sex life. I want it more often with more excitement and he's not like that.

WhAt am I supposed to do in a situation like this? Sorry for long post I tried to keep it as short as possible. Please help me.

Should I stay in relationship?

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Have you sought out couples counseling?

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