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Am I oblivious to this jerk??

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on May 16 2017 at 17:58
Member since: 05 July 2014
Relationship advice Basically this guy I'm seeing has been acting weird lately. He's been hanging out with some really douchey people, which I made it clear I don't want to be around them. Seems like he's been intentionally trying to test me and make me annoyed lately and I don't understand why- I'm super nice and respectful to him. Last week after we had sex, I had to ask why he never touches me- I asked if he thought I was repulsive or gross or something because he literally never makes me feel good about myself or touches me or cuddles, etc. I guess I get it if he's not really into all that but then he told me to shut the fuck up! Wtf?! What should I do? I don't know how much longer I should stay around this guy... I'm really hurt and confused. What should I tell him or do?? Help...

Am I oblivious to this jerk??

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on May 17 2017 at 05:50
Member since: 10 May 2017
Anyone that can tell you to shut the fuck up?

Leave. I mean it. That is no sign of respect and the first red flag.

So many people ignore red flags, take them and run.

You are worth so much more because you can recognize the bad from the good in people he surrounds himself with.

Don't be a person that clings to the hope he will change, if he won't change for you, he's not your person.

Am I oblivious to this jerk??

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on May 28 2017 at 22:06
Member since: 10 May 2017
I agree with previous responders - this guy is not normal woman need! Escape from him as fast as you can!

I suppose it will be hard for you to switch your attention to another person in the beginning, but you really need to make yourself do it, because it is the only way. I can recommend you a good book, it is for free.

I've read it and in several months met a good man. Now he is my husband :)

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