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Cheating husband (I think)

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i got married at seventeen to a thirty year old indian guy i really didn't like because he made me pregnant when i was drunk and i suspect drugged on our second date. by the way sixteen is age of consent in taiwan. lately he comes home drunk and high often at 2-3am saying he out with his guy friends.

but i see lipstick marks on his clothes and smell perfume. he has always refused to call me by my name and always refers to me as bunny, rabbit, kitten or meat. i hated when he refers to me as meat which is usually during sex.

i am faithful to him since we married. sex is not an issue as he always has sex with me at night before sleeping and when he wakes up in morning. he takes good care of me and our son.

should i ignore his probable to cheating since he treats me well? or should i investigate his possible cheating? the fact he has sex with me at least twice a day is confusing if he has another lover. and to answer an obvious question i enjoy sex with him and always lasts over an hour. he also still takes me on dates at least once a week and brags to other how hot and sexy i am.

do you think lipstick marks and perfume smell is just from innocent mingling at bar or club he parties at? am i overthinking and will cause trouble if i have someone ghost with him to see if he will cheat with her?

Cheating husband (I think)

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Hi..Having a doubt in mind and trying to live happy with a person is very difficult how much you try to unsee his mistakes t will prick your heart daily..Saying something is happening.
So make it clear with your husband.if he really says you..Well and good...Excuse him and live with him happily.
If you have to live for the sake of society....Don't think of anything.just be happy with your kid.

Cheating husband (I think)

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i am not sure he did anything wrong. i am afraid if i bring it up to him he will get so mad he will leave me and our son. he has never been close with me or my son blaming us for having to get married. i overhead him before our wedding telling his best friend "i don't know if its a good idea to buy the cow when i am already getting the milk for free". so i know he only married me because i was pregnant with his son. he is only nice to me in public and when we have sex.

as i said he cares well for us and i live in a big house with a nice car and can buy anything without him complaining.

that is why i want to have one of my friends flirt with him and see if he has sex with her rather than a direct confrontation with him.

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