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Got a new job opportunity. Not sure if i should take it

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Work advice I have been given an offer for a new job in another company. As an IT Support helpdesk. It pays more than i get now, and theres option for training and progression. I would be mostly on the phones to begin with.

I am currently in a school as an IT Technician. I do pretty much a bit of everything. Phone support, going to the classrooms to solve the issues. I also get the school holidays off, mostly.

My problem is i feel insanely guilty for even thinking of moving. Everyone is saying i should take the job,(Family)
Yet everyone i work with is almost judging me for wanting to progress. Im not sure if i want to take the new job or not.

My reasoning for wanting to is that i dont have anywhere further to go at this point. In 3-4 years i could potentially go for my bosses position, but the potential for more is at the other job. I have received no training since being here. Other than passed down from other techs.
I do like working were i am, and the people are nice. The work i do is also fun and challenging/ Can be stressful at times.
If i leave it will hurt the school, as they wont replace me.

Got a new job opportunity. Not sure if i should take it

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If you think that the new job offered by the other company would benefit you more then you should take up the offer. Ignore what other people at your work think of you, you shouldn't let their judgment stop you from your progress, if you do you'll never be able to progress further in your life. Just do what you think is right for you. Whatever happens to them is really none of your concern after you leave, you can't let other's opinions or issues affect your decision. You can still keep in contact with these people if you want and its not like they would stop interacting with you after you change job, however, even id they do stop interacting with you then so be it.

In life, people that you know will always come and go. Whether you eventually decided to stay or not, these people would eventually leave you and you would meet new people. If you feel that this new job offered offered by the other company is a good opportunity for you, then take up the offer. If the people at your work stop socializing with you or still judge you, then so be it.

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