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I have fallen and trying to to get up... Stay up

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I will give u the most recent issues l am having and go from there...I am suppose to be enagaged...But it has not been feeling as such...We are arguing alot..No space...Doing wat we always do...My fiance is very emotional and has a bad temper...He is atubborn and controlling..Its weird he can be so sweet and helpful at times...But he will make up things,Get mad,Blame me,and act as nothing happened...We tried therapy,asking others,everything...So l made up my mind all is postponed ...No moving in...Marriage..Wedding
I do play my part after he continues to yell,cuss,try to hit low under the radar...He scores high on putting me in bad positions and places...Its draining...l want to move on but l do love him and l believe he can change if l quit giving in...Also my mom is not helpful at all..She gets all mad and disrespectful as well..I live with her now cause of his crazy and sporadic ways and traits...I rather stay with her and save ....We are not ready for marriage...I feel we are close and we can get it right....
Not to mention l have baby fever...Love to be around him...I like to be in love..close...and steady...I hate change l like the familiar...Just wondering how l will get through these rough times lhave no support everyone is judginging or does not get it...Or just not available or dont know what to say

I have fallen and trying to to get up... Stay up

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I cannot understand you completely, but i Always thought that the time will says.
Do you have time to stay alone? Do you have occasions to do a sport, and hobby? I learned that when such things happens the worst thing to do is to stay still.

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