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Past issues problem

My man likes to fight me on everything and he his the insulting type(my family included) I don't know how to calm him down and we have been together for 8years. I need answers before I leave this relationship cause I feel like a savage

Past issues problem

Apologies for the delay! The insulting type? What's that? Are you saying he's verbally abusive and wholly non-cooperative which has only just hit you where counts because you spent years prior to meeting him having your tolerance to it heightened via thinking it was sort-of normal, courtesy of your childhood environment? How do you know he's even angry rather than just using the appearance of anger as his cover for basically getting his own way over yours all the time? which case it isn't merely contained to the verbal? I wouldn't know for sure until you tell me in which ways he's 'the insulting type'. Back to you, then....

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