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Advice needed

I have been with my partner for 3 years living separately and had a great sex life anyway about 2 mths ago he got sick with some bacteria he caught from a prostuite I caught it off him as well. Then after much talking he said it was a one off we stayed together then he caught another bacteria that he gave to me we both ended up in hospital taking experimental antibiotics to kill it. I've always been open and honest with him and asked if he was seeing anyone else which is swore he wasn't. We are currently still together I know I sound like a fool I still love him even after nearly killing us. Your opinions please on what I should do. Thanks in adbanve

Advice needed

Okay, I know this might sound harsh but you've gotta get rid of him. I get that you love him, but he didn't love you when he was sleeping about and nearly killed you both. I'm sure he said he's sorry and I'm sure he said that last time. You've got to realise your worth and start fresh, enjoy your own company and eventually find someone that will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. He doesn't love you if he's doing those things to you. If he wants to do those things then by all means let him. But don't you be around to pick up the pieces! Know your worth. :-)

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